After a long post at Bali, lets head back on to Jakarta. And yes again, this post will be linked automatically to JKTGO’s blog – where I’m also serving as one of the content writers there. So be sure to pay it a visit. Especially if you’re a first time in Jakarta. Lots, and I mean lots! of places to go visit. So here’s my next post about Mojo at Senopati. I stopped by this place about a year ago when it first opened and I can still taste the vivid flavours of its dish – I remember I had churros & grilled chicken – you can see HERE on my old post. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta
This time, they had me and several great food bloggers in the city on a special preview of their next menu. And it was fantastic! The team at Mojo really brings the true flavour out from every dish – without making excessive presentation. What I can tell you is that I’ll definitely come for more and you all should too. So lets grab a look shall we? We started off with samplers (which is quite big – so YEAY!) Mojo Senopati JakartaFrom the three new appetisers: Classic Lengua Taco (Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Jalapeño Relish, Taco Sauce & Chipotle Aioli). This is my favourite appetisers where the the Beef Tongue (Lengua) is cooked perfectly that doesn’t leave any strong after taste and blends perfectly with the overall condiments. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

The other two dish are the Sweet Temptation & Korean Wings – chicken wings glazed in soy and honey, and the other half with gozuchang glazed, and added with a sprinkle of scallions. Perfect beer companion guys! And don’t forget about the nachos! Its definitely my favourite nachos I’ve tried I love on how the condiments, are mixed perfectly into the bowl. No more plain nachos!Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaHeading up to the main course we have Chipotle – Pears Braised Short Ribs, 180Gr Braised Beef short ribs served with olive-tomato rice, creamed corn and a special MOJO Verde.Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

Mojo Fish & Chips – a tasty breaded john Dory, pineapple coriander salsa with a strawberry jalapeño cream sauce, and not to be forgotten – fries! Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaFor you who wants something more different, taste the unique – Fried Chicken & Waffle. It’s served with maple butter syrup. Mojo Senopati JakartaThere’s also a Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken, Beef Tongue Fried Rice, and last but not the least, the Pork Belly Confit Burrito Bowl – seriously, what else can you ask for?!Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

Don’t forget the dessert which I officially recommend: these are definitely one of the tastiest desserts I’ve had in the city! They are: Waffle with Red Velvet Ice Cream and also my personal personal favourite: Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It’s based with an incredible thick crunch, and NO! Those are not whip cream – that is pure peanut butter cream. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaMojo Senopati JakartaOh dear, I just droll again as I’m writing. Anyways, go visit them – and I’m definitely sure you’ll go nuts. Have fun and thanks again Rizky and the overall MOJO team for having us.



Arnold Poernomo has been a rising legend since his debut at Master Chef Indonesia. Having to known him before his epic stardom, I’m please to know that Arnold is definitely still the same humble man – who has that massive appetite of perfection. For the past few weeks, I’ve bet some of you have seen the Instagram post about @realfoodconcept. And with this post, I’m pleased to share with you what it’s all about.
Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept is about creating a new community in Indonesia. A food community to be exact. Since the past few years, Indonesian archipelago has been blown away by massive exposure on the f&b industry – some restaurants become instant hit within days – and lots of underground Chefs remain viral within weeks. Nevertheless, food is all about the quality – not quantity. When it comes to defining food – it’s not about that perfect ambience, nor the perfect service. It’s about the taste within each palate you taste – to return the basic esscence of food: is the real definition, and true vision of the Real Food Concept. With this pop-up dinner project, Arnold wishes to team up with the many great talents that haven’t been known for their exemplary creations. And in this first episode: Ocean, Arnold teams up with Angelia Stasia, and pattiserie, Talita Setyadi – which have been featured on my blog – Meeting Talita.
Real Food Concept JakartaIt was a Friday night when I headed out to 1/15 Coffee at the cramped – Gandaria area. Arrived there late – but thankfully just in time for the first course. The whole coffee shop has been lit up by whimsical décor table setting of many boats, corals – and also fish nets. Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaDim lightning certainly adds up the ante for a memorable night that I’m bound to have. Within the corals –you can find the amuse bouche sitting in front of you – camouflaging itself with the texture of the corals. Before we ramble on further more, this blog serves as the sneak peek of this dinner – where you can also join this dinner for one night only – 17th May. However, there’s only 40 seats for the dinner. So you want to get yourself updated by following its official Instagram account @realfoodconcept
Real Food Concept Jakarta

“I’m a seafood guy” that’s what Arnold said. This best explains on opening the debut project of Real Food Concept – with the chapter: Ocean. Taking this into account, the Japanese has been known to take seafood to its best level – inspiring Arnold to present his dinner palate with a hint of Japanese touch – from Yuzu sauce. Here’s what Arnold presents (I’ve decided to hide all the menu associated – to give you guys the bang on the dinner – don’t wanna spoil all the fun).

Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept Jakarta

One thing that I noticed is that if you can see the detail that Arnold put is simply crazy. I went to the kitchen, and its only about 3×5! From soft texture, to perfect aroma – everything is presented at its finest. I’m not sugarcoating anything here. It’s just nice to know that someone that has been selected as the Masterchef judges – stand tall.

Angela’s approach on ocean – takes a slight detour but in an impressive way. Taking meat into her palate, the fine woman turns her oceanic views into throwing things from squid ink – which are infused within her dish. Angela has a very bold flavour in terms of her dish – but managed to present it in a very feminime, yet light way. So better watch out for a deadly bang. Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaThis hidden talented woman has worked in a number of top ranked restaurants all around the world – from Ledbury in London, to Quay in Sydney. She also established her own caterging business Marylebone Fine Foods, specializing in fine French Cuisine.
Real Food Concept Jakarta
The dinner has managed to been a ball of fun – where the wine has been accompanied by a newcomer in the Indonesian industry, Sababay. Based in Bali, this fine wine is started by a woman entrepreneur who has deep passion for this angelic liquid. Their moscato’ is THE BEST moscato I have ever tasted. Period. When you expect a regular Moscato – this fine drink will give you way so much more. And perhaps this is why it won the Silver Award in Sparkling Wine Category at Wine & Spirit Awards at Singapore.

Last but not least, enter Talita. Talita had captured many pattiseries lover attention around the world with her truly eye pleasing – yet delicious creations. You can discover her creation at her blog HERE . Talita admits the struggle that she had to go when it comes on creating an Ocean themed dessert. “It took 2 of us to calm her down!.” Said Angela while laughing! However, boy did she presents her dessert flawlessly. Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaI must say that the dessert part took me by surprise – that I find so many unique twist into what every ingredients can do to one another. From “nori” to baked pumpkin – from dulse seaweed to canary nut crumble – and to charcoal brioche & squid ink! Hands down – one of the best dessert experience you’re bound to have.

With an eye to detail, you can noticed that all the tiny small things are suited to the themed, Ocean – from its flawless table setting, and small installations on the table – from the dishes, to even the menu covers presented. If you also noticed – keep an eye on the change of color that the menu has – where the dinner started in a colorful tone, and ended on a dark level, resembling the ocean’s color, colorful on top, yet goes darker as you hit the bottom. of the seabed. And the question comes back to this – did I enjoyed it – yes –yes – yes absolutely yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Would I come back for more? It can set any date on my calendar. The public event will be set on May 17th – stay on track by following its Instagram – @realfoodconcept and psst. JKTGO is hosting something special for this dinner as well. So stay tuned.

PS.Arnold mentioned that anyone, and he means anyone can join this revolutionary moment. So if you think you have what it takes? Then show him what you’ve got and let yourself be heard!

High Tea at Shangri-La

I know I should wait for a few days for another post. But this simply can’t wait : ) – I’m very blessed to be invited to another Christmas event at Shangrila Jakarta. A personal thanks to Joris, for having me, and Ellyna for introducing us both : ) All 3 of us gathered at the Lobby Lounge of Shangri-La.Shangrila JakartaNow, this lobby lounge always has a special place in my heart. For years I’ve been coming here to just relax and take a break from the city. From its grand décor, and high ceiling, everything just feels right here. And here we are at 15:00 on a cloudy Friday, we take a high tea buffet. Shangrila JakartaFor IRD 250,000 you can enjoy a scrumptious high tea buffet where you can also get tea/coffee with 2 times serving. What I love about the high tea buffet here is that it’s in a form of buffet – where you can snatch everything. However, the hotel plans to change the form of the high tea into a plating system. So be sure to enjoy it, while you can. Shangrila JakartaI have a smoked salmon on my first plate, which is beautifully made. With thin marinated sauce, this salmon generates something very addictive! The salmon and sushi are also very fresh. Shangrila JakartaSome assorted nuts, dried fruits, and cheese are also present. So if you’re a cheese lover, be sure not to miss out. Shangrila JakartaYou can also find a roast beef sandwich with mustard & Cornichons on Cumin Paguette, and many other finger sandwiches. Shangrila JakartaAs this is a Christmas theme high tea, the cakes and dessert sections have been tailored to in suit with this holiday season. In my favorite word of the month, all of these are magical. Shangrila JakartaAnd last but not least, a big thank you for Shangri-La for giving me a huge Christmas hamper! I love it – be sure to get it on a special Santa house on the lobby! Shangrila JakartaI think this will be my last post this year. For a marvelous 2013, I thank God, and you all for the continuous support towards Lyon+Mia. I’ll see you all in 2014! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas at Mandarin

The Mandarin Oriental Jakarta will always has a special place in my heart. For this Christmas, I got a chance to be invited on an intimate Christmas high tea. Finally, I get to meet Mia – which is one of the names of this blog – read more about it HERE again : ) Edited 7It was a total glam, and very dazzling Christmas place at the Mandarin. Upon your entry to the lobby, you can see a fuschia –themed Christmas tree (it was designed by the hotel’s General Manager himself, Mark Bradford). By the way, do take a picture with this tree as you can get a chance to win a two nights stay at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta’s Presidential SUITE!
Mandarin Oriental JakartaWe sat down at Cinnamon, the hotel’s buffet place. The team of the hotel is busy preparing a Christmas décor to celebrate this magical month. On this opportunity, Mia introduced us to the Christmas product from the hotel – and yes, that includes the special CRONUTS they made for Christmas! Wohoo. Mandarin Oriental JakartaWe started out with this 2 beautiful log cake. Log cake has been known as the Christmas’ must have cake to cast away bad energy. Mandarin Oriental JakartaThe first log cake was based with raspberry and the other one is based with chocolate. I personally find the raspberry log cake more delicious – perhaps I’m heavily stuffed with the chocolate feel (where you can find chunks of nuts within).Mandarin Oriental JakartaAfter the log cake, I finally get to see the special Christmas Cronuts. Everyone has been talking about cronuts since it’s first appearance in Jakarta by this hotel. However, I never had the chance to taste them until today. Mandarin Oriental JakartaThe Christmas cronuts edition is priced at IDR 50,000- where an early phone call must be made prior your pick up. Mia said, the hotel wants to maintain a fresh cronut feel for every guests. I love the texture of this cronuts – it’s crispy, not too big, nor too small, making it a perfect bite for everyone. Mandarin Oriental JakartaI want to thank you also to Mia, and the whole Mandarin Oriental Jakarta team for giving me 6 box of Crounts (IT’S A CHRISTMAS BLESSING!!!) I love you guys 😀 Well, be sure not to miss the many surprises you can find at this hotel. Don’t miss out on the next post as I’ll be revealing what you can find during this month at another best hotels in the city. Cheerios.


Wilshire. Ah, what a place. I’ve been curious about this place ever since it opened. However, faith hasn’t brought me here. Then on, I met Hanna, one of the lovely owner of the place on a casual evening (thanks again Hanna for your kind hospitality). Edited 3It was a sunny day when I came here – around 14:00. The sky is bright – but not too bright. I only saw the places’ photo from other sites (of course, JKTGO is where i look on : P ) – but I wouldn’t expect that it will look that beautiful.Edited 7The clear glass brings a classic, and posh look to this place. Dominated in earthly tone, Wilshire is definitely a classy place for a great chill session. I then sat on with Hanna, Hans (you’d know him from his famous blog, eatandtreats) and another owner, Cla Lisca (thanks also for the great treat). Portobello FriesThe Portobello Fries opens the meal. The tartar sauce makes a great companion for this fried meal. Plus, it’s chunky size and crisp bites makes it perfect for a great light appetizer. We had several dish for the main course, so let’s go one by one. Foie Gras SushiFirst come is the Foie Gras Sushi. As always, whenever a foie gras come to the table, I lost my breath (for a second, promise :P). This is my second encounter with foie gras sushi – the first one is in Espiga. How does it taste? Beautiful! The foie gras is in its proportionate size, and blends well together with the rice. I would definitely order this again. Jumbo Lump Crab CakeThe Jumbo Lump Crab Cake comes next on our table. I never had a chance to try crabcake – though I always caught them in the movies. What I love about this crabcake is you can taste the rich crab meat – even though its already battered – you know on how a crab meats dissolve with the dish and you can’t taste them afterwards, right? Trust me, that’s not the case for this one. If you’re looking for a not so heavy main course, this will suit you well. Garlic NoodleThe Garlic Noodle! One of my favourites in this table. Despite its’ relatively dry look – be sure not to doubt its taste.  Hanna & Cla Lisca mentioned it’s a lil dry – perhaps we left it for quite a while, while grabbing some other meal. But hey, it still taste great. I find it as a great substitute for the endless pasta menu. And, the dry-ness of the noodle adds the meal’s crisp level. There’s one more meal – but before that, let me share you the drink. Sheila's CarnivalHans ordered the Sheila Carnival (Hanna mentioned it’s unique look has made it the famous mocktail among the female guests). I didn’t really taste it, but the cotton candy sure makes that drink refreshing. Frozen Peach MargaritaAs for moi (since its Friday), Hanna offered the Frozen Peach Margarita. I’m not a big fan of margarita – but it never stopped me for trying every margarita until I found my favourite. So far, this one is on my top list. The peach blends well with the tequila – so you don’t have that strong-yukky-tequila aftertaste. A great great drink! Be sure not to skip it. Slow Cooked WagyuThe Slow Cooked 55 Degrees Wagyu is the last meal that come to the table – and I loved it to this very day. What you can find here is wagyu which has been chopped for you – complimented in a special sauce ( I forgot what it was – bubut it’s great). A special part of this menu is that the wagyu has been slowly cooked for over 24 hours. And yet, you can still see it has a pink part – in the middle. Plus, the mashed potato with the corn makes this dish more divine. I think I will order this, plus the foe gras sushi in my next meal : ) Wilshire JakartaAs an overall, I loved the ambience of Wilshire – it’s wooden interior makes everything so delightful and warm. Plus, the big glass window of this place makes it even more classy. Definitely a great place to escape from the city. Bianca Mosaic TilesBianca Mosaic TilesMoreover, the place is totally flourished by the acclaimed Bianca Mosaic tiles – Hanna’s mom ordered them. It’s really gorgeous. Before we end our lunch, Hanna introduced us to a special twist she made in the bar (btw, Hanna tests every drink made in Wilshire – plus, she even made the recipe for most of the drink). The rim that you’ll find in the margarita in Wilshire is sugar, not salt. Hanna wished to try something new. And boy does it work wonderfully. The waiter accidentally mixed the rimming on my margarita – so Hanna ordered a Wilshire-Style Tequila – yes, it’s a shot. Whopee!  Edited 14After a quick shot, I swear, you won’t make that horrendous look after you drink. In fact, the sugar brings up the sweetness of the tequila – making one can digest it more quickly. Will this increase your alcohol tolerance level? Ooo, I hope not. See you all on the next post – where a Christmas post is in order.Monkey ShoulderOOh thanks again Hanna & Cla Lisca for a glass of the Monkey Shoulder before I went home. Psst, for those looking for a sweet whisky, this is the one.

The Foundry at SCBD LOT 8. Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
+6221 514 010 18


I have no idea on how a Greek food taste like. So when I got an invite from the Keraton at The Plaza (thanks again Eka : ) ) – to have a bite during their special food event, I immediately say yes. EDited 9So Chef Themis Agnatos from The Romanos, an also member of The Luxury Collection Resort at Costa Navarino was flown in to the city to present an exceptional experience – to present a little piece of Greece at Bengawan. So what will you have? EDited 6EDITED 8Bengawan has a certain cham – I would say its very different from the rest of the buffet place you find in a hotel. It has a very beautiful moment of silence – it’s like when you’re there, despite the numerous people present, you can still find your way for a quiet meal. We sat down at a corner, where the light is dimmed at an intimate level – and make a way for an exceptional night. Dakos SaladWe are presented with several salads – which by the way, represents the real, and genuine flavour of Greece. The Dakos Salad is presented with Dakos bread, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, olives capers, caperberries, and oregano. You can bet that most of the dishes that you’ll taste has a strong presence of cheese. But not to worry, it’s simply heavenly! This salad has a very strong fresh taste where it gives a very refreshing taste for the opening. Dakos bread is a huge bread on the bottom. Its a traditional meze or light meal on the island of Crete. Greek SaladThe Greek Salad is also a refreshing taste. I find that the Greek Salad has a more strong sense of acidity compared to the Dakos salad. It’s still good. But, I would definitely go with the Dakos Salad more as somehow, the cheese managed to presents itself gracefully. Plus, the Dakos bread adds up the ante.
Greek Spreads SelectionNow, this Greek Spreads Selection is one of the killer snacks you must have! What you can find here is some spread from Fava Beans Puree, Tzatziki (Yoghurt, Vinegar & Garlic), Tyrokofteri (Feta Cheese, Yoghurt, Red Bell Pepper, Vinegar, and Olive Oil) and also Taramosalata (Fish Roe, Onion, Lemon, Olive Oil). Be sure to taste all of them as its all super good. I wouldn’t miss this again if this festival is coming in the future. Despite it’s odd look, believe you me, it’s a must have. Feta Cheese in Fyllo PastryThis is another dish that I strongly suggest – and it’s definitely my personal favourite – Feta Cheese in Fyllo Pastry. This dish has a unique balance of sour and sweet – where its bread is covered with honey and sesame, along with figs jam. It’s actually a hot appetizer. But if you have the appetizers that I have up there, I’ll bet you would be feeling a lil full right now. Garides SaganakiNow this Garides Saganaki -is another hot appetizer where it’s shrimp, sauteed with tomato sauce, onion, garlic, feta cheese (yes, so much feta cheese!), olive oil, parsley and basil. The thing I find interesting is that this dish doesn’t have a strong presence of alcohol as the Chef let us have a pure shot of Ouzo (the Greek Spirit used in this dish). It has 40% alcohol within. So as he can maintain a great additional taste with strong spirits, is a thumbs up! MousakaNow this Mousaka is the main course. It’s an oven baked potatoes, eggplant, combined with minced beef and béchamel sauce, and cheese. I don’t know if it’s me, but somehow my stomach can’t seemed to get enough of the meal (perhaps it’s the alcohol). I’m not too fond of this dish as I haven’t found something special – but it does have a unique taste, and combination that you should try at least once in your life. Chicken KontosvouvliThe Chicken Kontosvouvli is basically french fries, served with grilled chicken paprika powder, garlic, oregano, olive oil, and tzatziki. It’s like any normal chicken skewer – but the additional condiments sure make a great addition to your night. DessertAnd last! Yes, at last, we have the dessert. The dessert is also one of my favourite of the night! The platter hosts Galaktoboureko (the far right) : Fyllo pastry, semoling, eggs, milk, sugar, lemon, Ravani (the middle) : Semolina, eggs, flour, sugar, mastic, Walnut Cake (the far left) : Wallnuts, eggs, bread crumb, flour, sugar, clove cinnamon, presented with the syrup made of staranice, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, sugar. The Ravani is actually an interesting dessert as it has a very complex taste, and texture within a single bite. The Walnut Cake is very soft and nice. You can taste the big chunks of the walnut, which is always an extra bonus! And if you like the fyllo pastry with feta cheese appetizer, you’ll love the Galaktoboureko. For what it’s worth, this is one of the special event you don’t want to miss, seriously!

BTW, this food event will be over at 8th December 2013. So, be sure to try it! For immediate reservation, and information, call +6221 5068 0000



So, Le Mieux – a new place in Galeries Lafayette Jakarta. This place is located at the men’s section of this luxury shopping store. The people behind J House, is the one behind this new dining place, and I had the pleasure to have a glimpse of it (thanks, Laksmi : ) ). I didn’t managed to eat so much – just an entree, and a dessert as I was pretty stuffed that noon. The overall place is just a simple, intimate dining spot at a corner – where you can make sure that a true privacy is what you can get here.
Le MieuxThere’s no special decor – but the wine shelf at the corner is quite lovely (of course, with a fine selection of beautiful wines). It’ll be best to come here around 16:00 as the sun can be quite nice, and you can have a nice chat over a glass of wine, or some refreshing cocktails.
Le Mieux Galeries Lafayette JakartMango CrepesAbove is the Mango Crepes that I had. Despite its creamy look, I must say that the Chef pulled it quite well. The mango sauce is all homemade, which is topped with a delicious taste of Vanilla ice cream. There are some cocktails presented also in the menu – and also a GIGANTIC BOTTLE OF WINE! So be sure to be the first to open it when you’re there. Overall, a nice place to relax, and have the privacy you’ve always dreamed of! Oh, and JKTGO is having a special giveaway on a free dining on this place. For more information, you can check out our official Instagram account JKTGO. See you all there! Cheerios!

For immediate reservations, you can simply call +62 21 5797 3463.