After a long post at Bali, lets head back on to Jakarta. And yes again, this post will be linked automatically to JKTGO’s blog – where I’m also serving as one of the content writers there. So be sure to pay it a visit. Especially if you’re a first time in Jakarta. Lots, and I mean lots! of places to go visit. So here’s my next post about Mojo at Senopati. I stopped by this place about a year ago when it first opened and I can still taste the vivid flavours of its dish – I remember I had churros & grilled chicken – you can see HERE on my old post. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta
This time, they had me and several great food bloggers in the city on a special preview of their next menu. And it was fantastic! The team at Mojo really brings the true flavour out from every dish – without making excessive presentation. What I can tell you is that I’ll definitely come for more and you all should too. So lets grab a look shall we? We started off with samplers (which is quite big – so YEAY!) Mojo Senopati JakartaFrom the three new appetisers: Classic Lengua Taco (Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Jalapeño Relish, Taco Sauce & Chipotle Aioli). This is my favourite appetisers where the the Beef Tongue (Lengua) is cooked perfectly that doesn’t leave any strong after taste and blends perfectly with the overall condiments. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

The other two dish are the Sweet Temptation & Korean Wings – chicken wings glazed in soy and honey, and the other half with gozuchang glazed, and added with a sprinkle of scallions. Perfect beer companion guys! And don’t forget about the nachos! Its definitely my favourite nachos I’ve tried I love on how the condiments, are mixed perfectly into the bowl. No more plain nachos!Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaHeading up to the main course we have Chipotle – Pears Braised Short Ribs, 180Gr Braised Beef short ribs served with olive-tomato rice, creamed corn and a special MOJO Verde.Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

Mojo Fish & Chips – a tasty breaded john Dory, pineapple coriander salsa with a strawberry jalapeño cream sauce, and not to be forgotten – fries! Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaFor you who wants something more different, taste the unique – Fried Chicken & Waffle. It’s served with maple butter syrup. Mojo Senopati JakartaThere’s also a Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken, Beef Tongue Fried Rice, and last but not the least, the Pork Belly Confit Burrito Bowl – seriously, what else can you ask for?!Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

Don’t forget the dessert which I officially recommend: these are definitely one of the tastiest desserts I’ve had in the city! They are: Waffle with Red Velvet Ice Cream and also my personal personal favourite: Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It’s based with an incredible thick crunch, and NO! Those are not whip cream – that is pure peanut butter cream. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaMojo Senopati JakartaOh dear, I just droll again as I’m writing. Anyways, go visit them – and I’m definitely sure you’ll go nuts. Have fun and thanks again Rizky and the overall MOJO team for having us.



Okay – I’m not the typical guy who’ll spend 2 hours on the road to just eat something new. But once I heard that there’s a Padang-Japanese cuisine, I make it myself to make a rare exception. It was a clear Saturday when I head out to Pondok Indah Mall 2 to tried Suntiang, which was opened by a young man – who’s family ran quite a number of Padang food franchises across the city. The man had always wanted to tried something new – to explore more (since his families are all from Padang). Japanese food has always been one of the city’s most beloved treats (I mean, who on earth don’t like sushi, or sashimi, or katsu, right? ) – so, Reza decided to give it a try. Suntiang is taken from an Indonesian word, Sunting (mempersunting, or to marry) – which on this case, a marriage between Japanese & Padang cuisine. Now let’s get to the main dish shall we ? (Oh, and all of these photos are the courtesy of Suntiang as my cameras are not working well that day.).
Suntiang JakartaA couple of the main dish you should try is the Rendang Roll and Lidah Cabe Hijau dan Asem Pedas. Rendang has always been a part of my to-eat-for-list. This Rendang is particularly made by the original recipe of Reza’s grandma – which makes it has a truly authentic, homey and excellent flavour. Suntiang JakartaLidah Cabe Hijau on the other hand is a rather dish that’s quite unique. It’s excellent delicacy, and rich tenderness of the meat makes a great a base for this dish. Enriched by the homemade green chili (cabe hijau) and asem pedas, makes this dish – a MUST TRY. It’s definitely my favourite dish for that particular lunch.
Suntiang JakartaThe other dish that everyone on the lunch loves is the Edamame Balado, Edamame Beans flourished with Balado terasi (one of Indonesian chili type). This terasi is also a personal homemade recipe of the owner. It’s surprisingly very sweet in flavour – but I wish it could be more spicy. One of the personal highlights that I love of eating here is the homemade flavour of each dish – where you don’t feel like leaving home. Here’s some of the other dishes you can also try at this place.Suntiang Jakarta Suntiang Jakarta Alas, this new joint is always heavily packed so be sure you get yourself some advanced reservation– and they’ll be heading out to open its second branch, very berry soon! So now, go get yourself married with these dishes!

Suntiang Pondok Indah Mall 2
+6221 759 205 29


Elysee InteriorIn the midst battle of French fine dining place, a new haven for French cuisine lovers has finally come to the rescue. Situated at Ginger Li Kemang’s old spot, the new restaurant, Elysee, will take your taste buds to the next level – without leaving you penniless. I just got invited there by my good friend, Haseena (yes, the wine lady), Laura Hasjim, and Marsha Hasjim (owner of Elysee), and here’s what I found. Beforehand, I would like to apologize for the photo. I used up my iPhone instead of my usual camera, as I left my memory card at home. But I do hope that these images can give you all an insight on the food.French MartiniWe started off by trying some cocktails – and I mean lots of cocktails. The first one up is the Elysee French Martini. Despite its feminine name, you’ll find this drink surprisingly deadly. Based with peach vodka, raspberry liquer, red grape, and pineapple juice, this cocktail is the perfect drink after a productive day! Green SummerThe drink above, is called the Green Summer. FIlled with peach, vodka, melon liquer, honeydew melon juice, and kiwi syrup, this drink is not as strong as the french martini. However, this drink comes with its own little surprises – see the small bubbles? It pops when you take a bite of them. Hence, it creates that great crunchy sensation. Try asking to get more vodka on the side – perhaps it’ll charm your taste more. Last but not the least, we have the Nat’s Fizz. (I’m sorry, I got carried away on guessing the ingredients that I sip it all!) But it’s red in colour – this is one of the most unique cocktail that I have encountered in the city. Mixed with blended scotch whisky (yes, whisky!), home made strawberry mint, and soda, this drink is also worth trying – especially if you’re a big fan of Jack Daniels, and his other friends. Now for the food, here are some of the major dish that you should try!
Start off with Tea Smoked Salmon Corn Chowder. It’s a must try! I didn’t managed to get a photo cause its quiet hard to get a great soup photo. Anyway, the soup is cream based – but the best thing is that the texture is not too creamy, which you usually found on the ordinary mushroom soup. It has a perfect texture which doesn’t create a sticky after taste in your mouth. Plus, the soup is spruced up with some chill – creating a more subtle spicy taste. And you can find the corn is deliciously crispy – as Chef Patrick Farjas, Executive Chef of Elysee – puts it at the very end – to prevent the corn from getting mushy. A must try! EscargotMeanwhile, the dish above is the Escargot Baked in Bite Size Potato Burgundian Style. What’s interesting about this dish is the escargot is placed on top of a potato, which brings out the escargot taste perfectly. This is one of the city’s great escargot! Marinated SalmonThe Marinated Salmon in Lemon Juice, Shallot, X-Tra Virgin Olive Oil, Toast & Sweet Butter is my favourite dish of the night! Yes, the salmon is raw – but it’s marinated in lemon juice, to balance the taste of the salmon. And overall, the salmon is sliced up in thin proportion – making it easier to digest with bread and butter. We paired up this dish with some white wine. Ask for their wine menu – they stocked their bar pretty nice. I’ll definitely come back and have more! ScallopThen on, we have the Seared U.S Sea Scallops, Pistcahio Nut, Sauteed Fennel, Fork Mashed Potato & Cured Lemon. It was pretty hard for me to get a great view of the dish. But don’t you worry about the taste. The scallops is extremely chunky – and crispy. I do think that this dish may come as a little bit salty to anyone. So if you’re not a big fan of salty food, better ask the waiter to tell the Chef to ease up on the sauce. BeefWineLastly, we have the Grilled Marianated Beef Flank Steak, with Chimichurri Sauce. I was extremely stuffed when I had this dish. Thank goodness for all the wine to help us digest everything. What I like about all of the dish in Elysee is that they are well presented, with a generous proportion, and plenty sauce, as well condiments on every dish. I find this beef however a little flat in taste, but I think it has a major potential to be a great dish – as they use a very promising quality beef. Perhaps it’s my stuffiness that made me unable to digest this dish clearly. This dish is accompanied by accompanied by a great Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, called the Ventisquero!
Apple TartWait! Don’t you dare to walk out before you have their Apple Tart! It may look ordinary, but looks may be deceiving. Upon the first bite of this tart, you can literally feel the crispy sugar at the top, and plenty of apple fillings inside. Extremely rich in flavour!
New York CheesecakePlus, if you have more rooms for more dessert, you should have the New York Style Cheesecake. The crust is made with almond, and sugar dough – with is accompanied with plentiful of mascarpone cheese, egg, sugar, vanilla, cream cheese in the ingredients of the cheesecake. You may find this cheesecake a little bit sweet – which is a good thing, as many people use starch within this dish. Our dessert is accompanied with a fantastic dessert wine, make sure you ask the staff for recommended pair. It’s divine.As an overall, it’s the aim of the owners and the Chef to make a memorable French dining restaurant. And you’ll be suprised with the price they place at this haven. What I can say is it ranges from IDR 38.000 – IDR 135.000. Oh and don’t forget, you can grab some fine cheese, and homemade bread to go! It’s display upon your entry. As the ambience, it’s a great place to have a quiet dinner with your love ones – especially when it starts to rain. Truly, a memorable place.

Elysee Restaurant & Wine Bar
Gedung Kemang 37 (Celebrity Fitness, Forme) – Jl. Kemang Raya 37.
RSVP: +6221 7179 1220


Following their raved performance at Plaza Indonesia, The Playground has recently opened up their newest outlet at the Street Gallery at Pondok Indah Mall. I had the opportunity to pay a visit to this new hub.
OpeningPlace wise – it literally has a same design as Plaza Indonesia. I didn’t take a photo as the place is a full house. It was 16:00 on a Saturday – so you can definitely imagine the crowds. I heard that the place managed to drew over 10,000 visitors during the opening month-most of them even queue up at 10.30- that’s 30 minutes before the opening time. A reservation in advance is automatically needed. So let’s see what they have ready for you all.  Enough with the talking – and let’s get to the good stuff.
Insanity RiceI started the first course with Insanity Fried Rice – Nasi Goreng Gila if you would prefer to call it. I had this before at Plaza Indonesia and it was so-so. But this one is surprisingly good! All of the spices managed to blend into one, and I do warn you – it’s really spicy. A good dish for nasi goreng lovers.
tatagettiMy friend ordered (there’s just 2 of us-but, don’t be surprise on how much that we ate!) the Sategetti. Appearance wise, i was extremely skeptical – I thought it will be like noodle cooked with soy sauce. But boy is this dish a good try. It’s very interesting in taste – it kind of remind me with the cold noodle at Korean restaurants. It has a slight spicy feel – but that’s the zest of this dish.
Taco somethingI don’t remember the exact name of this dish. I think it was Tortilla-Gasm. I was kinda stuffed up when I reached this dish. But hey, it’s weekend! So the taco is filled with many juicy meat. I personally find this dish interesting – as you can’t find this dish on Plaza Indonesia, if I’m not wrong. However, I was kinda bummed as I can’t find any onions, or extra condiments such as tomato or perhaps some cucumber inside- to add a cold sensation, as a refreshment along with the many chopped meats. There’s a slight condiments on the side, so I guess you can put it in by yourself. Ladies, split this dish into 2, as it’s quite big – unless you’re a big eater. : P
Autopsy 1
Obviously, a trip to the Playgorund won’t be completed without their legendary Autopsy Burger. I love the chips, i love the onions, i love the juicy meat. If you haven’t taste it, be sure to have it. However, be sure not to leave it too long as the burger will fall out.
autopsy 2And alas, I don’t mind whether it’s 4/5 at the evening. I’m having a cocktail. However, since the restaurants are filling out fast, we have to re-order our drinks, and re-confirm our meal with the attendants as the shortage runs out fast. So be sure to arrive early if you want to have the favourites. I wanted to try the Russian Roulette but the ingredients ran out. Hence, they recommended me the Hell No. So i was like Hell Yeah! Why Not?
Hell NO!After I looked at the menu, turns out, it was a flaming! But ah, who cares! It’s flaming at 16:00. You Only Live Once, anyways. I didn’t get a chance to take the burning glass as I have to sip it ASAP. : P
ConeFor those who love cocktails, this one CONE is a must try. The base of the cocktail is rum, mixed with many ice creams. A true delight, plus , it will not make you wasted. Unless, you can’t drink that much.  So anyways, this is it.  I hope you guys will have the same fun as I do. Have fun playing around! And OH! If you guys wanted to sit at the merry go round, or swing table, be ready to queue a long time. But for me, the usual chair will do.

RSVP +6221-29529729