After a long post at Bali, lets head back on to Jakarta. And yes again, this post will be linked automatically to JKTGO’s blog – where I’m also serving as one of the content writers there. So be sure to pay it a visit. Especially if you’re a first time in Jakarta. Lots, and I mean lots! of places to go visit. So here’s my next post about Mojo at Senopati. I stopped by this place about a year ago when it first opened and I can still taste the vivid flavours of its dish – I remember I had churros & grilled chicken – you can see HERE on my old post. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta
This time, they had me and several great food bloggers in the city on a special preview of their next menu. And it was fantastic! The team at Mojo really brings the true flavour out from every dish – without making excessive presentation. What I can tell you is that I’ll definitely come for more and you all should too. So lets grab a look shall we? We started off with samplers (which is quite big – so YEAY!) Mojo Senopati JakartaFrom the three new appetisers: Classic Lengua Taco (Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Jalapeño Relish, Taco Sauce & Chipotle Aioli). This is my favourite appetisers where the the Beef Tongue (Lengua) is cooked perfectly that doesn’t leave any strong after taste and blends perfectly with the overall condiments. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

The other two dish are the Sweet Temptation & Korean Wings – chicken wings glazed in soy and honey, and the other half with gozuchang glazed, and added with a sprinkle of scallions. Perfect beer companion guys! And don’t forget about the nachos! Its definitely my favourite nachos I’ve tried I love on how the condiments, are mixed perfectly into the bowl. No more plain nachos!Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaHeading up to the main course we have Chipotle – Pears Braised Short Ribs, 180Gr Braised Beef short ribs served with olive-tomato rice, creamed corn and a special MOJO Verde.Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

Mojo Fish & Chips – a tasty breaded john Dory, pineapple coriander salsa with a strawberry jalapeño cream sauce, and not to be forgotten – fries! Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaFor you who wants something more different, taste the unique – Fried Chicken & Waffle. It’s served with maple butter syrup. Mojo Senopati JakartaThere’s also a Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken, Beef Tongue Fried Rice, and last but not the least, the Pork Belly Confit Burrito Bowl – seriously, what else can you ask for?!Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati Jakarta

Don’t forget the dessert which I officially recommend: these are definitely one of the tastiest desserts I’ve had in the city! They are: Waffle with Red Velvet Ice Cream and also my personal personal favourite: Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It’s based with an incredible thick crunch, and NO! Those are not whip cream – that is pure peanut butter cream. Mojo Senopati Jakarta Mojo Senopati JakartaMojo Senopati JakartaOh dear, I just droll again as I’m writing. Anyways, go visit them – and I’m definitely sure you’ll go nuts. Have fun and thanks again Rizky and the overall MOJO team for having us.



So after a long wait – here it is my post on Soleil at The Mulia Bali. I remembered I was half past dead – because of the sun ( don’t get me wrong, I love the sun – but the sun was way too “happy” to see me on that day.) but thanks for it sunny! After a full tour of the Mulia (thank you Mika and Diana) J -we head back to one of the many restaurants in the resort, which is Soleil. At a glance, the Soleil is the rendition of Mulia Jakarta’s Orient8. It was a chic, and classy looking restaurant – and most importantly cool (re: the temperature). We met Adhi there – which is the Director of Communication at the hotel.
Soleil BaliSoleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali
Our luncheon is filled with many colorful dishes – which is way too pretty, and all sticking with Mulia’s virtue – pure attention to details.  Plus, with a gorgeous view of the pool and the ocean, I can’t imagine on how ones’ dinner can be perfected during the sunset – of course, with a bottle of wine. I thank you again for the pleasant (well, delicious as a matter of fact) meal, The Mulia Bali – and yes, you should definitely put this place, and resort on your itinerary!


Okay this is it – I’ve postponed this post for far too long! Here it is, life at The Mulia. Before our trip ended at W Retreat, Adi, Mika & Diana (from Mulia Bali) invited Hans + me to this new establishment. Thanks so much guys : )Now I have been eye-ing this gem for far too long – and my expectation, is way high (even beyond your wildest imagination). So without further adieu, let’s see Mulia Bali!

The Mulia Bali ReviewIMG_1037
The hotel & resort is divided into 3: The Mulia Resort, The Villas, and The Mulia. Each of these establishments have their own location. The resort clearly has an easier access to the restaurants & bar at the hotel – however, if you’re staying here, you can’t march to see the villas & The Mulia (which is the highest level of stay – where you can get in room jacuzzi, to even a free flow wine and drinks by the bar every evening!).

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

If you’re staying at the Villas, you basically have access to everywhere you want! The Villas, on the other hand is very serene, and has that intense amount of privacy. With its high walled building, the villa at Mulia is my ideal of stay-away-from-me-as-I-need-me-some-privacy! But don’t worry, a 24 hour car is ready to take you wherever you are in the hotel area. The lobby of the resort is super posh and spacious – with a direct, and immediate view to the ocean. I swear, it’s grand and prestige at its finest. It’s a low season when I got there, but the check in line is super long! So, this place must be heavily packed. The amount of detail that the team here at Mulia Bali has managed to matched the Jakarta hotel. Detail yet grand to be exact – the chandelier represents a dragon, which is the ancient Chinese of good fortune – and you can find flowers everywhere!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

The restaurant itself has the same rendition of the Mulia Jakarta hotel – The Cafe, Edogin, and a new addition of Soleil (which is quite similar with Orient8) – and ZJ Bar (sister of CJ Bar). Everything here is decorated and pull off stunningly – I would say that their extreme high ceiling adds the amount of fine prestige and grandeur feeling to the hotel.They also have a chocolate cake with many, many beautiful dessert. So be sure not to drop by when you’re hungry!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali ReviewThe Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

And not to forget, my favourite and insightful part of the tour is the tour to the spa. The Spa at Mulia is located quite far (so you’ll be needing a buggy car to get there). With a concept of getting back to nature, this Spa is constructed in a way that you can’t find any air conditioning (except in the room) – as it wishes to allow maximum level of light, and air. The Spa manager enrich us with the insight that the more sun you get, the happier you’ll be – so yeay for us! You can also find a hydrotherapy pool with an open air feel. The spa is also equipped with, my favourite- the ice room, which makes this sauna, one of the saunas in the world to implement it. The idea of this room is for immediate cell regeneration. Cells are said to burst the “bad cells” after a long sauna/ heat. Here on, after a massive heat, cells can intake “good” energy to be placed back to the body. It’s also embellished with an LED to balance the mood, and aura within each person.

The Mulia Bali ReviewWe stopped by last at The Mulia – the highest level of the resort, where you can find this grand statue (you can also find these statues at the resort – but the way to differentiate them is to the object these people are carring. The Mulia will depict a woman with grains, and carrying a small basket on top – where the Mulia resort is a man , holding a tray in front of him). Again, if you’re staying at The Mulia, you can get a free flow wine in the afternoon, alongwith an in-room jacuzzi). So, would you stay here, I know I definitely will! Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be showing what we have in Soleil. Cheers!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review


Arnold Poernomo has been a rising legend since his debut at Master Chef Indonesia. Having to known him before his epic stardom, I’m please to know that Arnold is definitely still the same humble man – who has that massive appetite of perfection. For the past few weeks, I’ve bet some of you have seen the Instagram post about @realfoodconcept. And with this post, I’m pleased to share with you what it’s all about.
Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept is about creating a new community in Indonesia. A food community to be exact. Since the past few years, Indonesian archipelago has been blown away by massive exposure on the f&b industry – some restaurants become instant hit within days – and lots of underground Chefs remain viral within weeks. Nevertheless, food is all about the quality – not quantity. When it comes to defining food – it’s not about that perfect ambience, nor the perfect service. It’s about the taste within each palate you taste – to return the basic esscence of food: is the real definition, and true vision of the Real Food Concept. With this pop-up dinner project, Arnold wishes to team up with the many great talents that haven’t been known for their exemplary creations. And in this first episode: Ocean, Arnold teams up with Angelia Stasia, and pattiserie, Talita Setyadi – which have been featured on my blog – Meeting Talita.
Real Food Concept JakartaIt was a Friday night when I headed out to 1/15 Coffee at the cramped – Gandaria area. Arrived there late – but thankfully just in time for the first course. The whole coffee shop has been lit up by whimsical décor table setting of many boats, corals – and also fish nets. Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaDim lightning certainly adds up the ante for a memorable night that I’m bound to have. Within the corals –you can find the amuse bouche sitting in front of you – camouflaging itself with the texture of the corals. Before we ramble on further more, this blog serves as the sneak peek of this dinner – where you can also join this dinner for one night only – 17th May. However, there’s only 40 seats for the dinner. So you want to get yourself updated by following its official Instagram account @realfoodconcept
Real Food Concept Jakarta

“I’m a seafood guy” that’s what Arnold said. This best explains on opening the debut project of Real Food Concept – with the chapter: Ocean. Taking this into account, the Japanese has been known to take seafood to its best level – inspiring Arnold to present his dinner palate with a hint of Japanese touch – from Yuzu sauce. Here’s what Arnold presents (I’ve decided to hide all the menu associated – to give you guys the bang on the dinner – don’t wanna spoil all the fun).

Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept Jakarta

One thing that I noticed is that if you can see the detail that Arnold put is simply crazy. I went to the kitchen, and its only about 3×5! From soft texture, to perfect aroma – everything is presented at its finest. I’m not sugarcoating anything here. It’s just nice to know that someone that has been selected as the Masterchef judges – stand tall.

Angela’s approach on ocean – takes a slight detour but in an impressive way. Taking meat into her palate, the fine woman turns her oceanic views into throwing things from squid ink – which are infused within her dish. Angela has a very bold flavour in terms of her dish – but managed to present it in a very feminime, yet light way. So better watch out for a deadly bang. Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaThis hidden talented woman has worked in a number of top ranked restaurants all around the world – from Ledbury in London, to Quay in Sydney. She also established her own caterging business Marylebone Fine Foods, specializing in fine French Cuisine.
Real Food Concept Jakarta
The dinner has managed to been a ball of fun – where the wine has been accompanied by a newcomer in the Indonesian industry, Sababay. Based in Bali, this fine wine is started by a woman entrepreneur who has deep passion for this angelic liquid. Their moscato’ is THE BEST moscato I have ever tasted. Period. When you expect a regular Moscato – this fine drink will give you way so much more. And perhaps this is why it won the Silver Award in Sparkling Wine Category at Wine & Spirit Awards at Singapore.

Last but not least, enter Talita. Talita had captured many pattiseries lover attention around the world with her truly eye pleasing – yet delicious creations. You can discover her creation at her blog HERE . Talita admits the struggle that she had to go when it comes on creating an Ocean themed dessert. “It took 2 of us to calm her down!.” Said Angela while laughing! However, boy did she presents her dessert flawlessly. Real Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaReal Food Concept JakartaI must say that the dessert part took me by surprise – that I find so many unique twist into what every ingredients can do to one another. From “nori” to baked pumpkin – from dulse seaweed to canary nut crumble – and to charcoal brioche & squid ink! Hands down – one of the best dessert experience you’re bound to have.

With an eye to detail, you can noticed that all the tiny small things are suited to the themed, Ocean – from its flawless table setting, and small installations on the table – from the dishes, to even the menu covers presented. If you also noticed – keep an eye on the change of color that the menu has – where the dinner started in a colorful tone, and ended on a dark level, resembling the ocean’s color, colorful on top, yet goes darker as you hit the bottom. of the seabed. And the question comes back to this – did I enjoyed it – yes –yes – yes absolutely yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Would I come back for more? It can set any date on my calendar. The public event will be set on May 17th – stay on track by following its Instagram – @realfoodconcept and psst. JKTGO is hosting something special for this dinner as well. So stay tuned.

PS.Arnold mentioned that anyone, and he means anyone can join this revolutionary moment. So if you think you have what it takes? Then show him what you’ve got and let yourself be heard!


So I decided to postponed my Mulia Bali findings – and decided to post what the newest Plaza Indonesia’s hit. So Immigrant has been closed for a major renovation – and on the 9th of April it started its soft opening. So, since it’s a holiday, I decided to take a quick lunch with my baby bro. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaIt was quiet a stunning renovation where the place has been shifted completely – it takes a more casual approach –where it rebrands itself with the name, dining Room. The club will be placed at the back of the restaurant – it hasn’t opened yet – but the PR, Kesih and Monty said it will open probably after Lebaran.
Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaSo the place is quiet similar with Garcon – and Union – with a mid 1920’s setting. With big spacious windows, the place is a very relaxing place to go on a mid-day for some daylight. Plus, its comfortable. There’s not many menu available yet – but at least they have the basic: steak, pastas, chicken and dessert.Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaI had the Gnocchi Con Piccione – a potato gnocchi with Italian – corn fed pigeon stew served with black truffle & parmesan shavings. Yes, it’s pigeon – I thought it was beef considering the thick texture. But, alas it’s a nice surprise. I was hoping to get a chunkier gnocchi – but the sauce is great. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaFor the drinks, I wish to order a Virgin Apple Mojito – but he ended up ordering me a NON-Virgin mojito. Alcohol on a sunny day? Well, I’ll take it. This is one of the strongest mojitos I’ve tasted. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaMy favourite is still at Potato Head Garage – but this one is sure stronger! My brother ordered the Fish N’Chips – it’s cooked perfectly and my brother said it’s quiet usual. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaKesih & Monty comped us with a great dessert – The Melting Chocolate and also some drinks (thank you so much for a great service) – the service is very fast here, and very friendly. I’m guessing it’ll be a quiet a full house for the net week – so be sure to book your place in advance.Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room Jakarta

RSVP: 389 382 57


Hello! Hello! So this post will end my beautiful encounters on the exotic landscape of W Retreat Bali. This time, we have a thrilling dinner with Director of the retreat himself, Richard Miller. The man always has a generous smile since our first encounters – and I have personally stumbled across many reviews, praising the man’s finest work during his entire journey. Now the menu that we had is called the “Testing Menu”. I swear, I had the menu on my blackberry – but somehow it got washed away. This menu comprises of Chef Richard’s finest dish – placed into a marvelous degustation dinner.

W Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali
Fire had me at hello when I saw it. The overall décor is inspired by a traditional approach of the Balinese culture – with its black and white cloth seen across different places of the dining places. The magical chandelier is imported directly from Turkey – representing the element of Fire itself. Below is a circular table representing the enchanting and magical dance of Kecak.

W Retreat Bali Enough with the talk – let’s get down to what you can have shall we? First of all. Don’t forget the many delicious cocktails you can have here. I forgot what Hans and Catherine ordered (but Catherine’s cocktail had bacon on top of it. Serious.) Mine is called Liquid of Fire!!! I just love saying that : ) – it’ has a perfect spicy flavour within it. Which is what I just need!

W Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali The first dish is egg covered with different herbs – as I can recall, one of them is covered with exotic Egyptian herbs – and the other is covered with sorts of chili powder. Its small sizes also makes this perfect – as big eggs usually makes you a little bit nauseous. I’m a lil blank on the name – but I’ll try and get the names for you as soon as possible – but perhaps their photos can be in any help.
W Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali

For me, Chef Richard food has a very enriching experience – same like Dallas Cuddy, Chef Richard wishes to bring out as many experience within each dish – as many as possible. For example, this next dish here is his very very very very – famous Foie Gras Chawan Mushi. W Retreat BaliI remember this menu names very well as I have been trying to taste it. It’s super super excellent. Personally I don’t like chawan mushi that much considering its bland taste after a while you eat it. However, with a perfectly blend foie gras, everything just got so much better. Be sure not to share this dish (it’ll be a total loss if you only had half bowl for yourself).

Lastly his dessert. Simply one of the most beautiful dessert I’ve encountered. I have met this sort of dessert sphere during my Tesseron dinner at Amuz – which you can read HERE.

W Retreat Bali However, instead of a hollow sphere – Chef Richard, gives us many treats – including a popper candy – you know! Where you can get that zillion pops of candies exploding in your month? No idea – well, guess you have to take it yourself. Chef Richard, thank you so much! W Retreat BaliNevertheless, I just wanted to say thank you to Hans, and Aini and W Retreat Bali for the entire trip – it’s simply one of the best trip I’ve had in my life. And I can’t wait to get back to this island, and resort soon. I hope you’ve had an amazing time – and stay tuned as I’ll give you a sneak peek of what you can find in Mulia Bali – as we had a quick lunch and tour there. Enjoy the sun! Cheers.


Now, this is the main highlight of my trip: the exclusive luncheon with Dallas Cuddy. Dallas Cuddy is a Melbourne-born Chef, and the driving force behind The Prime Society. The man started his humble begnnings at L’Espresso in Ballarat, where he then was apprenticed at The Point from 1998-2000, under renowned Chef Ian Curley – rising to the position of the Sous Chef in only 18 months. He then on was appointed as Head Chef of Beaumaris Pavilion, which was awarded one Chef Hat in its first year under Cuddy’s guidance. Dallas Cuddy The man’s biggest career twist was when he joined one Michelin-starred, Nobu on Park Lane – which alter his perspective about food. “ I learned a lot on how to appreciate food from Nobu – from how you appreciate the ingredients, and to show respect in everything that you cook.”, Dallas said. The two Michelin-starred Pied à Terre, Gordon Ramsay’s one Michelin-starred Pétrus, and John Torode’s Smiths of Smithfield, along with Botanical, Izakaya Den are the other establishment which horned the man’s sill before settling down at The Prime Society in Singapore as the head Chef. Dallas CuddyNow, enough with the intro, and let’s get down to business. The weather at Bali is sunny all along when we’re there – thank goodness, as many people said that it has been raining for several days. I was so happy that I get to meet a lot of great media friends on the island, including Runi – where we had been working together at High End Magazine. OOH! Accompanying Hans and Me, is the delightful Catherine Ling from Singapore’s renowned food blog, Camemberu.Dallas Cuddy The Salmon Custard with Black Bread, Citrus and Roe is our starter dish. This is a kind of pick it up dish where the base is a charcoaled flat bread – where it’s  complemented with salmon roe on the top. I have to admit that it’s a unique dish, but the bread was too charcoaled that I can’t taste the salmon (not until I ate the salmon roe). Perhaps it’s also because of my cold (yes, I have a sudden cold during this trip). This special lunch is also complemented with a special cocktail – created specially by W Head Mixologist, Yudi Hendarsyah (follow his instagram BARCONCEPT) where you can see many great, and unique cocktail creations! Dallas Cuddy He paired this meal with a Sherbet Mojito. Me love mojito – especially on a sunny 12 o’clock meal. Yudi splash our afternoon with a fresh melon sorbet + vodka! Simply superb.  I must again say, kudos to Yudi & the W team as Yudi spent his hours well creating a special cocktail for the cocktail pairing event! Bravo bravo bravo! Dallas Cuddy Scallops with Grilled Cucumber and Sea Urchin is up on the dish. Now, this dish is more flavorful and has that extra zest – the sauce, and perfectly cooked scallop is definitely an eye opener. Paired with this dish is the CO2 Bubble Margarita. Dallas Cuddy Yudi added little tricks into every bit of his drinks – where he complimented this cocktail with orange pearls –with blood orange. The man uses soda gun to pump CO2 into these bubbles – which creates a perfect POP when you bite it! Dallas Cuddy The Duck with Miso complemented with Chicken Liver is up next and it’s SIMPLY FANTASTIC! I swear, I can eat other’s meal as well. Literally! Thankfully at this moment, my cold has somehow relieved itself (perhaps thanks to the alcohol for terminating the germs : P ) This dish is the true definition of Dallas Cuddy! The dish’ main compliments are carrot – where the man presented this ingredient in 3 different forms : poached, and dehydrate – in puree form, and also made into a cracker form (creating that perfect crisp sensation). Dallas Cuddy And no that’s not foie gras – it’s chicken liver parfait. We had a good laugh on the table where everyone was stunned that it’s not foie gras. Well, some ideas for your next meal? : D. This dish is absolutely, absolutely delicious that all my expectations was met instantly. Dallas Cuddy Dallas Cuddy Complimenting this meal is the W Cuba Libra. Yudi told us that he will add these drinks to the menu of Woo Bar – so be sure to get it! Or perhaps, asked him when you’re there? : ) This drink is very eye catching that it beats all the other unique cocktail forms I’ve met. For the base, Yudi use the Ronzacapa whiskey – where he compliments it with homemade cherry and cola. Dallas Cuddy Dallas Cuddy Last but not the least! For the dessert, is the Intense Pod Chocolate Pudding, Honeycomb, and Hibiscus Salt! So there’s a chocolate farm at Ubud where an Australian man,  Tobby Garitt created his very own chocolate farm. On the farm, you can have your own chocolate tour, make your own creation, or take an elephant ride. Find more info HERE – anyways, it’s truly a fine chocolate – and you can find it at every corner of W, including this dish.  I am scared that I’ll be too filled with the chocolate texture but not at all! Dallas presents this dessert in such a generous amount (thank you Chef!) that you get a perfect closure. The honeycomb clearly adds more taste to the dish that you can’t simply ignore. Dallas Cuddy Dallas Cuddy And for this dish, Yudi presents the Alexander Nitro which is based with Lychee, Vodka + Baileys. It’s truly a fine art and perfect cocktail. Beautiful, beautiful meal. Dallas Cuddy I must say that the meal is truly fantastic and it’s also great to have a quick chat with Dallas Cuddy himself. One of the riveting findings that I asked him was the three carrot texture into one. The man replied that he wants every guests to have constant awareness to the meal. “Sometimes people to get dull in the middle of the meal – this is why I create as many form from a dish in the just enough proportion to keep their senses awake during the meal.  Dallas has always wanted to cook since he was little and his constant effort to create a great meal (which is also supported by his competitiveness nature from sport) is probably the main driving force behind his every unique dish. Dallas finised by saying, “It’s all the matter of touch, taste, temperature, and contemporary.” Be sure not to miss his next creation – especially for you all living in Singapore – at The Prime Society.