Hello guys – I have to post this post real quick with all the hype. I promise that I’ll be posting the lunch at Soleil Bali soon. This is about my recent trip to Kampung Tempo Dulu. And, from this post onwards, all of Jakarta related food post will be automatically posted at jktgo.com/blog also 🙂 – have fun! Jakarta Fashion & Food festival has been happening for a long time – and I haven’t been to any of their festival. But, guess its my time to see it this year. Femina Magazine just gave me IDR 300,000 voucher to splurge on myself for this festival. After a while on who-am-I-going-to-take-soul-searching, turns out that the entire (well, almost) food blogger of the city is going there too! We stop by at 15:00 on sunny Tuesday (which is yesterday- the holiday). I was a lil worried that the traffic will be chaotic. Thankfully, it wasn’t! However, be sure to wear extra thin shirt, and short pants – you don’t want to do the same mistake like I did- a polo shirt, jeans and shoes.
Kampung Tempo Dulu JakartaKampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta Kampung Tempo Dulu Jakarta

It was a very exciting event with lots of street foods from across the nation – and most of them are priced at an affordable price (starting from as low as IDR 5,000 – to 45,000). You can find martabak, serabi, shaved ice – sate (lots of them), es durian, nasi goreng and many more. Inside, you can also see the wine & cheese festival – there’s a lot of wine. As a wine lover, I must say it’s worth a shot to go here, especially if you’re looking for wines from third world countries (don’t worry, you can also see the wines from France, and Italy). So the question is, is it worth it? I would say, despite the heat, and crowd, this is one of the events you should go to. Besides, what could go wrong when you reminisce with your childhood feast? This event last till June 1st at La Piazza. Have fun!



Okay this is it – I’ve postponed this post for far too long! Here it is, life at The Mulia. Before our trip ended at W Retreat, Adi, Mika & Diana (from Mulia Bali) invited Hans + me to this new establishment. Thanks so much guys : )Now I have been eye-ing this gem for far too long – and my expectation, is way high (even beyond your wildest imagination). So without further adieu, let’s see Mulia Bali!

The Mulia Bali ReviewIMG_1037
The hotel & resort is divided into 3: The Mulia Resort, The Villas, and The Mulia. Each of these establishments have their own location. The resort clearly has an easier access to the restaurants & bar at the hotel – however, if you’re staying here, you can’t march to see the villas & The Mulia (which is the highest level of stay – where you can get in room jacuzzi, to even a free flow wine and drinks by the bar every evening!).

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

If you’re staying at the Villas, you basically have access to everywhere you want! The Villas, on the other hand is very serene, and has that intense amount of privacy. With its high walled building, the villa at Mulia is my ideal of stay-away-from-me-as-I-need-me-some-privacy! But don’t worry, a 24 hour car is ready to take you wherever you are in the hotel area. The lobby of the resort is super posh and spacious – with a direct, and immediate view to the ocean. I swear, it’s grand and prestige at its finest. It’s a low season when I got there, but the check in line is super long! So, this place must be heavily packed. The amount of detail that the team here at Mulia Bali has managed to matched the Jakarta hotel. Detail yet grand to be exact – the chandelier represents a dragon, which is the ancient Chinese of good fortune – and you can find flowers everywhere!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

The restaurant itself has the same rendition of the Mulia Jakarta hotel – The Cafe, Edogin, and a new addition of Soleil (which is quite similar with Orient8) – and ZJ Bar (sister of CJ Bar). Everything here is decorated and pull off stunningly – I would say that their extreme high ceiling adds the amount of fine prestige and grandeur feeling to the hotel.They also have a chocolate cake with many, many beautiful dessert. So be sure not to drop by when you’re hungry!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali ReviewThe Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

And not to forget, my favourite and insightful part of the tour is the tour to the spa. The Spa at Mulia is located quite far (so you’ll be needing a buggy car to get there). With a concept of getting back to nature, this Spa is constructed in a way that you can’t find any air conditioning (except in the room) – as it wishes to allow maximum level of light, and air. The Spa manager enrich us with the insight that the more sun you get, the happier you’ll be – so yeay for us! You can also find a hydrotherapy pool with an open air feel. The spa is also equipped with, my favourite- the ice room, which makes this sauna, one of the saunas in the world to implement it. The idea of this room is for immediate cell regeneration. Cells are said to burst the “bad cells” after a long sauna/ heat. Here on, after a massive heat, cells can intake “good” energy to be placed back to the body. It’s also embellished with an LED to balance the mood, and aura within each person.

The Mulia Bali ReviewWe stopped by last at The Mulia – the highest level of the resort, where you can find this grand statue (you can also find these statues at the resort – but the way to differentiate them is to the object these people are carring. The Mulia will depict a woman with grains, and carrying a small basket on top – where the Mulia resort is a man , holding a tray in front of him). Again, if you’re staying at The Mulia, you can get a free flow wine in the afternoon, alongwith an in-room jacuzzi). So, would you stay here, I know I definitely will! Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be showing what we have in Soleil. Cheers!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review


So I decided to postponed my Mulia Bali findings – and decided to post what the newest Plaza Indonesia’s hit. So Immigrant has been closed for a major renovation – and on the 9th of April it started its soft opening. So, since it’s a holiday, I decided to take a quick lunch with my baby bro. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaIt was quiet a stunning renovation where the place has been shifted completely – it takes a more casual approach –where it rebrands itself with the name, dining Room. The club will be placed at the back of the restaurant – it hasn’t opened yet – but the PR, Kesih and Monty said it will open probably after Lebaran.
Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaSo the place is quiet similar with Garcon – and Union – with a mid 1920’s setting. With big spacious windows, the place is a very relaxing place to go on a mid-day for some daylight. Plus, its comfortable. There’s not many menu available yet – but at least they have the basic: steak, pastas, chicken and dessert.Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaI had the Gnocchi Con Piccione – a potato gnocchi with Italian – corn fed pigeon stew served with black truffle & parmesan shavings. Yes, it’s pigeon – I thought it was beef considering the thick texture. But, alas it’s a nice surprise. I was hoping to get a chunkier gnocchi – but the sauce is great. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaFor the drinks, I wish to order a Virgin Apple Mojito – but he ended up ordering me a NON-Virgin mojito. Alcohol on a sunny day? Well, I’ll take it. This is one of the strongest mojitos I’ve tasted. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaMy favourite is still at Potato Head Garage – but this one is sure stronger! My brother ordered the Fish N’Chips – it’s cooked perfectly and my brother said it’s quiet usual. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaKesih & Monty comped us with a great dessert – The Melting Chocolate and also some drinks (thank you so much for a great service) – the service is very fast here, and very friendly. I’m guessing it’ll be a quiet a full house for the net week – so be sure to book your place in advance.Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room Jakarta

RSVP: 389 382 57


The Woobar has always a little piece of me. From the moment I visited it about 2 years ago, it had me at hello. With a somehow spacious – but not too spacious place, this place has definitely filled itself more than before.
Woo Bar BaliWoo Bar BaliWith many sofas, and bean bag chairs lying around, Woobar is definitely a great chill place to be. And if you’ve seen Hans’ blog , you’d definitely recognized Aini, our gracious host that took us under her wings during our short trip to Bali. Aini, me miss you! Woo Bar BaliSo after a quick stroll around W, and after a quick jump at the shower, we head on to WooBar for a sunset chill zone. The place has two floors – one where its at the outdoor, facing the ocean and the whole garden/swimming pool of W – and also the floor below is where all the weekend party is hosted. Woo Bar Bali Woo Bar Bali Woo Bar BaliBesides the great bean bags, I love on how Woo Bar has this cool concept – that you can drink in whatever you are wearing. In Jakarta, it’s a lil hard to find a good place to drink – without having to put up maximum effort to dress up nicely. So, to be in a chill place, I must say, it feels good.Woo Bar BaliNow! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you must have known that I love to drink (occasionally – NOT the heavy drinker – like I need a drink every 2 minutes). And I must say, after Otel Lobby, Woo Bar (in fact, W Retreat Bali) hosts the best cocktails creation ever! I’m always excited when it comes on trying new cocktails. Yudi Hendarsyah is the head bartender at WooBar Bali – and he definitely hosts a great, great, excellent many fine creations! The cocktails are very easy to drink, and it will pamper you by bringing your “high” level slowly – this is my exact of kind of cocktails. Slowly but deadly : P. Okay, to name some of the cocktails that all of you must try is first, the Mandarin Sour.Mandarin Sour Woo Bar It has the perfect orange flavour with chewy texture on the foam. If you don’t like your cocktail to have that strong alcohol sense, this is definitely for you.Woo Bar BaliThe W 2 Tini – is created especially during the hotel’s 2nd anniversary and its super delicious. It’s sweet, (a lil feminime) – but has that good kick for a great start of the night, or day : P . Woo Bar BaliAnd don’t you forget the Strawberry Champagne, and W Lemon Tea (which is their own rendition of Long Island Ice Tea). My personal favourite is Strawberry Champagne, which is Aini’s recommendation and the W 2 Tini – or perhaps, I love them all! Woo Bar BaliAnd regarding the service, don’t worry, the service is excellent here! More cocktails creation and the highlight of my trip here – which is lunch with Dallas Cuddy will be on my next post. Word of advise is to come here at 5 PM – watch the sunset and chill all night long . So stay tuned and I promise! It will be up soon. See you soon and cheers to the good life!Woo Bar Bali


The Classixx version of Lizstomania was playing when we enter our room, and I was asure that the next 3 days will be super fantastic. Hello! Yup, this is my series of blogpost when Lyon+Mia hit bali.W BaliFirst things first, super uber thanks to Stanislaus Hans for bringing me along on this trip (I can’t thank you enough )- and W Retreat & Spa Bali for being a gracious host! You are simply the best! So over the next few posts, I’ll be showcasing you the WOW life at the W – from having drinks at Woo Bar, a fine lunch at Starfish Bloo, a mind blowing dinner at Fire – including what we had on an exlcusive luncheon with Dallas Cuddy (which is the main highlight of the event). IMG_0134 copyW BaliIts been a while since I went to Bali – and I fell in love with W when I stepped into Woo Bar. I have always promised myself that I’d stay at least a night. And here I am (Thank you God! You sure work in mysterious ways). W Bali W BaliThe W arranged a super stylish BMW X5 to pick us up – its been one of may favourite cars in the world – where we got a great pack of refreshing tools inside – from water, refreshing towel and candies. It’s surely a great start! IMG_0163 copyW BaliThe one thing I noticed about the W is an amazing touch to every details – be it on the moment we checked in by giving a refreshing towel in cute ways, whimsical copywriting on every amenities IMG_0195 copy IMG_0191 copyIncluding toying with your senses of sound by playing its Symmetry Music collection (which is an exclusive album produced by W). IMG_0212 copyIf you don’t have it, I heavily suggest for you to get one! I have been playing the music over and over again for the past week).IMG_0183 copyIMG_0203 copyWe got the Spectacular Ocean Facing Retreat – the bed is super comfy with big sheets ( I love big sheets) since it adds up the comfy feeling – with a huge L couch on the other side of the room + not to mention, our very own balcony, overseeing the main backyard of this hotel, and yes, the ocean. IMG_0208 copyNot to mention, we also had a bathtub, rain shower + where you can pop the roof open – don’t worry, no one will see you) to get a special feeling to your shower. IMG_0188 copyW placed many gifts to us – one of them is cute treats that are placed at our coffee table – this jelly beans , with a note that you can tell a person by the way they are eating jelly beans. True? : P Perhaps. IMG_0217 copyAnywho, I won’t say much. And I hope the photos (I’m trying to ante up my photo skills – which is  part of my resolution hehe ) can share you the beauty of this place – and stay tuned for my next post, which is a sumptuous lunch at Starfish Bloo! See you soon : )


Huize 7So I just had a quick stop at Huize Van Wely at The Papilion Kemang (thank you Patricia, for the invite) to taste its Wednesday Buffet – a new program that they are having. I hadn’t been in the building for quite some time (the last time, I stopped by at SHY). So I was quite excited as this building is one of my eye pleaser in downtown Kemang. Huize8Huize Van Wely has a very serene, and intimate ambience which is extremely pleasant. You can come here for a quick lunch-hideout and not be afraid of the rowdy noise. The decor and overall look of this place is also simply beautiful. It’s basically simplicity at its purest. Huize9 Huize 5This buffet is conducted every Wednesday at the price of IDR 250,000 nett from 11.30 AM – 03.00 PM at Huize Van Wely. For that price, you can have a sumptuous selections of Japanese/Western/Indonesian buffets. Do note that the buffet is shift per week – so this week could be Japanese, next week will be Western, and so on – hence, be sure to check first before you arrive.
I had the Western buffet! So yeay : ) Huize10Upon you arrive, you may find that the buffet table has a very limited selections. But not to be afraid, the quality is simply amazing. I had a quick Nicoise Salad before we hit the main course. Huize11The French Onion Soup is my starter after the salad. I was a little skeptical about it – considering the looks. But it doesn’t have that strong after taste. In fact, it was sweet, and has a little sour touch which creates a great overall taste. Huize14The Linguine Pasta is my second choice. It was a lil’ dry – but it was good enough for a pasta. I wish it could be more spicy though  : ) Huize13Now, the Beef Cheek is my super duper favourite! It’s juicy, it’s delicate and simply delicious. I can’t stop eating them. But, since I’m on a diet mode – I can’t eat that much X_X Huize15Don’t miss out on Chicken Kiev – it’s also a great main course that I’d definitely combined with their heavenly mashed potato. If i were you guys, i’ll double everything on Chicken Kiev and Beef Cheek! Huize 6Upon closing, you can also enjoy the many mini cakes that are beautifully showcased on a beautiful glass display on the side, with a warm cup of tea – I have Fleur De Geisha. Be sure to try it!Huize2 Huize7You can also have the many chocolates! But however, it’s not included on the buffet – so extra charges is needed. Rest assured, it’s worth it.

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