So after a long wait – here it is my post on Soleil at The Mulia Bali. I remembered I was half past dead – because of the sun ( don’t get me wrong, I love the sun – but the sun was way too “happy” to see me on that day.) but thanks for it sunny! After a full tour of the Mulia (thank you Mika and Diana) J -we head back to one of the many restaurants in the resort, which is Soleil. At a glance, the Soleil is the rendition of Mulia Jakarta’s Orient8. It was a chic, and classy looking restaurant – and most importantly cool (re: the temperature). We met Adhi there – which is the Director of Communication at the hotel.
Soleil BaliSoleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali
Our luncheon is filled with many colorful dishes – which is way too pretty, and all sticking with Mulia’s virtue – pure attention to details.  Plus, with a gorgeous view of the pool and the ocean, I can’t imagine on how ones’ dinner can be perfected during the sunset – of course, with a bottle of wine. I thank you again for the pleasant (well, delicious as a matter of fact) meal, The Mulia Bali – and yes, you should definitely put this place, and resort on your itinerary!



Now, this is the main highlight of my trip: the exclusive luncheon with Dallas Cuddy. Dallas Cuddy is a Melbourne-born Chef, and the driving force behind The Prime Society. The man started his humble begnnings at L’Espresso in Ballarat, where he then was apprenticed at The Point from 1998-2000, under renowned Chef Ian Curley – rising to the position of the Sous Chef in only 18 months. He then on was appointed as Head Chef of Beaumaris Pavilion, which was awarded one Chef Hat in its first year under Cuddy’s guidance. Dallas Cuddy The man’s biggest career twist was when he joined one Michelin-starred, Nobu on Park Lane – which alter his perspective about food. “ I learned a lot on how to appreciate food from Nobu – from how you appreciate the ingredients, and to show respect in everything that you cook.”, Dallas said. The two Michelin-starred Pied à Terre, Gordon Ramsay’s one Michelin-starred Pétrus, and John Torode’s Smiths of Smithfield, along with Botanical, Izakaya Den are the other establishment which horned the man’s sill before settling down at The Prime Society in Singapore as the head Chef. Dallas CuddyNow, enough with the intro, and let’s get down to business. The weather at Bali is sunny all along when we’re there – thank goodness, as many people said that it has been raining for several days. I was so happy that I get to meet a lot of great media friends on the island, including Runi – where we had been working together at High End Magazine. OOH! Accompanying Hans and Me, is the delightful Catherine Ling from Singapore’s renowned food blog, Camemberu.Dallas Cuddy The Salmon Custard with Black Bread, Citrus and Roe is our starter dish. This is a kind of pick it up dish where the base is a charcoaled flat bread – where it’s  complemented with salmon roe on the top. I have to admit that it’s a unique dish, but the bread was too charcoaled that I can’t taste the salmon (not until I ate the salmon roe). Perhaps it’s also because of my cold (yes, I have a sudden cold during this trip). This special lunch is also complemented with a special cocktail – created specially by W Head Mixologist, Yudi Hendarsyah (follow his instagram BARCONCEPT) where you can see many great, and unique cocktail creations! Dallas Cuddy He paired this meal with a Sherbet Mojito. Me love mojito – especially on a sunny 12 o’clock meal. Yudi splash our afternoon with a fresh melon sorbet + vodka! Simply superb.  I must again say, kudos to Yudi & the W team as Yudi spent his hours well creating a special cocktail for the cocktail pairing event! Bravo bravo bravo! Dallas Cuddy Scallops with Grilled Cucumber and Sea Urchin is up on the dish. Now, this dish is more flavorful and has that extra zest – the sauce, and perfectly cooked scallop is definitely an eye opener. Paired with this dish is the CO2 Bubble Margarita. Dallas Cuddy Yudi added little tricks into every bit of his drinks – where he complimented this cocktail with orange pearls –with blood orange. The man uses soda gun to pump CO2 into these bubbles – which creates a perfect POP when you bite it! Dallas Cuddy The Duck with Miso complemented with Chicken Liver is up next and it’s SIMPLY FANTASTIC! I swear, I can eat other’s meal as well. Literally! Thankfully at this moment, my cold has somehow relieved itself (perhaps thanks to the alcohol for terminating the germs : P ) This dish is the true definition of Dallas Cuddy! The dish’ main compliments are carrot – where the man presented this ingredient in 3 different forms : poached, and dehydrate – in puree form, and also made into a cracker form (creating that perfect crisp sensation). Dallas Cuddy And no that’s not foie gras – it’s chicken liver parfait. We had a good laugh on the table where everyone was stunned that it’s not foie gras. Well, some ideas for your next meal? : D. This dish is absolutely, absolutely delicious that all my expectations was met instantly. Dallas Cuddy Dallas Cuddy Complimenting this meal is the W Cuba Libra. Yudi told us that he will add these drinks to the menu of Woo Bar – so be sure to get it! Or perhaps, asked him when you’re there? : ) This drink is very eye catching that it beats all the other unique cocktail forms I’ve met. For the base, Yudi use the Ronzacapa whiskey – where he compliments it with homemade cherry and cola. Dallas Cuddy Dallas Cuddy Last but not the least! For the dessert, is the Intense Pod Chocolate Pudding, Honeycomb, and Hibiscus Salt! So there’s a chocolate farm at Ubud where an Australian man,  Tobby Garitt created his very own chocolate farm. On the farm, you can have your own chocolate tour, make your own creation, or take an elephant ride. Find more info HERE – anyways, it’s truly a fine chocolate – and you can find it at every corner of W, including this dish.  I am scared that I’ll be too filled with the chocolate texture but not at all! Dallas presents this dessert in such a generous amount (thank you Chef!) that you get a perfect closure. The honeycomb clearly adds more taste to the dish that you can’t simply ignore. Dallas Cuddy Dallas Cuddy And for this dish, Yudi presents the Alexander Nitro which is based with Lychee, Vodka + Baileys. It’s truly a fine art and perfect cocktail. Beautiful, beautiful meal. Dallas Cuddy I must say that the meal is truly fantastic and it’s also great to have a quick chat with Dallas Cuddy himself. One of the riveting findings that I asked him was the three carrot texture into one. The man replied that he wants every guests to have constant awareness to the meal. “Sometimes people to get dull in the middle of the meal – this is why I create as many form from a dish in the just enough proportion to keep their senses awake during the meal.  Dallas has always wanted to cook since he was little and his constant effort to create a great meal (which is also supported by his competitiveness nature from sport) is probably the main driving force behind his every unique dish. Dallas finised by saying, “It’s all the matter of touch, taste, temperature, and contemporary.” Be sure not to miss his next creation – especially for you all living in Singapore – at The Prime Society.


Continuing to Lyon+Mia’s adventure in Bali – here we go again. After a quick photo taking, a quick refreshing time, me and Hans are ready to go. We head out to Starfish Bloo, one of the dining places in W Retreat Retreat & Spa Bali. I have been checking Starfish Bloo from many magazines, and also online reviews – and I have been dying to go here. Starfish Bloo BaliIMG_0273 copyIt’s definitely a very refreshing sight – with a soothing sea view, and hint of fresh air (it’s definitely what I need after the stuffy sight at Jakarta). Don’t you worry about mosquitoes bite, as there’s a mosquito repellant with a very cute typography written all over it. So spray it, and enjoy a peaceful meal.Starfish Bloo BaliStarfish Bloo Bali
Interior wise, I love the high ceiling presence in the restaurant – and also you can find a nest-shaped seating table at each corner of the restaurant. Plus, the ceilings are covered with interesting installation resembling the ocean lives creatures. So, pay some extra attention to it. Starfish Bloo BaliOh, and if you want the bar table, Starfish Bloo has a very interesting table setting – where you can dine in front of the fishes of the aquarium.IMG_0245 copy Let’s get to the meal shall we? For a nice lunch, I ordered the recommended – the Hot Rock – where I have the Australian Marbled Beef – with tentsuyu, covered in sea salt, and hiyashi wakame. Starfish Bloo BaliI personally am not the type of person that will order steak, or grilled items on the restaurants as it’s extremely hard to find a new flavour for these type of items. But hey, wouldn’t hurt to get out from the comfort zone. And boy, did it pay off! The dish is extremely tasty. Starfish Bloo BaliThe meat is perfection –  and you can truly taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. So, what you do is take a piece and put it on the rock for 7 seconds before eating. Don’t you worry about the rock getting cold – as the waiter is at your full service and will ask you whether you want to change the hot rock (excellent service!). Starfish Bloo BaliAnother surprise is the fact that the sea salt didn’t dissolve much and still give me the crisp taste! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – a truly recommended dish.
Starfish Bloo BaliHans, on the other hand ordered the curry – Penang Curry of Slow Braised Wagyu Beef. He decided to try something new. I tried some and boy it’s delicious. I am a curry fan – and despite I love the thick curry texture in my mouth, this one – the creation of Chef Kevin – is slightly lighter and surprisingly tasty. A recommended item.
Starfish Bloo BaliFor what it’s worth, it’s another great encounter at W – so stay tuned as for the next episodes, I’ll share you my discovery at Woobar! Good day people : )