So after a long wait – here it is my post on Soleil at The Mulia Bali. I remembered I was half past dead – because of the sun ( don’t get me wrong, I love the sun – but the sun was way too “happy” to see me on that day.) but thanks for it sunny! After a full tour of the Mulia (thank you Mika and Diana) J -we head back to one of the many restaurants in the resort, which is Soleil. At a glance, the Soleil is the rendition of Mulia Jakarta’s Orient8. It was a chic, and classy looking restaurant – and most importantly cool (re: the temperature). We met Adhi there – which is the Director of Communication at the hotel.
Soleil BaliSoleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali Soleil Bali
Our luncheon is filled with many colorful dishes – which is way too pretty, and all sticking with Mulia’s virtue – pure attention to details.  Plus, with a gorgeous view of the pool and the ocean, I can’t imagine on how ones’ dinner can be perfected during the sunset – of course, with a bottle of wine. I thank you again for the pleasant (well, delicious as a matter of fact) meal, The Mulia Bali – and yes, you should definitely put this place, and resort on your itinerary!



Hello! Hello! So this post will end my beautiful encounters on the exotic landscape of W Retreat Bali. This time, we have a thrilling dinner with Director of the retreat himself, Richard Miller. The man always has a generous smile since our first encounters – and I have personally stumbled across many reviews, praising the man’s finest work during his entire journey. Now the menu that we had is called the “Testing Menu”. I swear, I had the menu on my blackberry – but somehow it got washed away. This menu comprises of Chef Richard’s finest dish – placed into a marvelous degustation dinner.

W Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali
Fire had me at hello when I saw it. The overall décor is inspired by a traditional approach of the Balinese culture – with its black and white cloth seen across different places of the dining places. The magical chandelier is imported directly from Turkey – representing the element of Fire itself. Below is a circular table representing the enchanting and magical dance of Kecak.

W Retreat Bali Enough with the talk – let’s get down to what you can have shall we? First of all. Don’t forget the many delicious cocktails you can have here. I forgot what Hans and Catherine ordered (but Catherine’s cocktail had bacon on top of it. Serious.) Mine is called Liquid of Fire!!! I just love saying that : ) – it’ has a perfect spicy flavour within it. Which is what I just need!

W Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali The first dish is egg covered with different herbs – as I can recall, one of them is covered with exotic Egyptian herbs – and the other is covered with sorts of chili powder. Its small sizes also makes this perfect – as big eggs usually makes you a little bit nauseous. I’m a lil blank on the name – but I’ll try and get the names for you as soon as possible – but perhaps their photos can be in any help.
W Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali

For me, Chef Richard food has a very enriching experience – same like Dallas Cuddy, Chef Richard wishes to bring out as many experience within each dish – as many as possible. For example, this next dish here is his very very very very – famous Foie Gras Chawan Mushi. W Retreat BaliI remember this menu names very well as I have been trying to taste it. It’s super super excellent. Personally I don’t like chawan mushi that much considering its bland taste after a while you eat it. However, with a perfectly blend foie gras, everything just got so much better. Be sure not to share this dish (it’ll be a total loss if you only had half bowl for yourself).

Lastly his dessert. Simply one of the most beautiful dessert I’ve encountered. I have met this sort of dessert sphere during my Tesseron dinner at Amuz – which you can read HERE.

W Retreat Bali However, instead of a hollow sphere – Chef Richard, gives us many treats – including a popper candy – you know! Where you can get that zillion pops of candies exploding in your month? No idea – well, guess you have to take it yourself. Chef Richard, thank you so much! W Retreat BaliNevertheless, I just wanted to say thank you to Hans, and Aini and W Retreat Bali for the entire trip – it’s simply one of the best trip I’ve had in my life. And I can’t wait to get back to this island, and resort soon. I hope you’ve had an amazing time – and stay tuned as I’ll give you a sneak peek of what you can find in Mulia Bali – as we had a quick lunch and tour there. Enjoy the sun! Cheers.


The Classixx version of Lizstomania was playing when we enter our room, and I was asure that the next 3 days will be super fantastic. Hello! Yup, this is my series of blogpost when Lyon+Mia hit bali.W BaliFirst things first, super uber thanks to Stanislaus Hans for bringing me along on this trip (I can’t thank you enough )- and W Retreat & Spa Bali for being a gracious host! You are simply the best! So over the next few posts, I’ll be showcasing you the WOW life at the W – from having drinks at Woo Bar, a fine lunch at Starfish Bloo, a mind blowing dinner at Fire – including what we had on an exlcusive luncheon with Dallas Cuddy (which is the main highlight of the event). IMG_0134 copyW BaliIts been a while since I went to Bali – and I fell in love with W when I stepped into Woo Bar. I have always promised myself that I’d stay at least a night. And here I am (Thank you God! You sure work in mysterious ways). W Bali W BaliThe W arranged a super stylish BMW X5 to pick us up – its been one of may favourite cars in the world – where we got a great pack of refreshing tools inside – from water, refreshing towel and candies. It’s surely a great start! IMG_0163 copyW BaliThe one thing I noticed about the W is an amazing touch to every details – be it on the moment we checked in by giving a refreshing towel in cute ways, whimsical copywriting on every amenities IMG_0195 copy IMG_0191 copyIncluding toying with your senses of sound by playing its Symmetry Music collection (which is an exclusive album produced by W). IMG_0212 copyIf you don’t have it, I heavily suggest for you to get one! I have been playing the music over and over again for the past week).IMG_0183 copyIMG_0203 copyWe got the Spectacular Ocean Facing Retreat – the bed is super comfy with big sheets ( I love big sheets) since it adds up the comfy feeling – with a huge L couch on the other side of the room + not to mention, our very own balcony, overseeing the main backyard of this hotel, and yes, the ocean. IMG_0208 copyNot to mention, we also had a bathtub, rain shower + where you can pop the roof open – don’t worry, no one will see you) to get a special feeling to your shower. IMG_0188 copyW placed many gifts to us – one of them is cute treats that are placed at our coffee table – this jelly beans , with a note that you can tell a person by the way they are eating jelly beans. True? : P Perhaps. IMG_0217 copyAnywho, I won’t say much. And I hope the photos (I’m trying to ante up my photo skills – which is  part of my resolution hehe ) can share you the beauty of this place – and stay tuned for my next post, which is a sumptuous lunch at Starfish Bloo! See you soon : )