Okay this is it – I’ve postponed this post for far too long! Here it is, life at The Mulia. Before our trip ended at W Retreat, Adi, Mika & Diana (from Mulia Bali) invited Hans + me to this new establishment. Thanks so much guys : )Now I have been eye-ing this gem for far too long – and my expectation, is way high (even beyond your wildest imagination). So without further adieu, let’s see Mulia Bali!

The Mulia Bali ReviewIMG_1037
The hotel & resort is divided into 3: The Mulia Resort, The Villas, and The Mulia. Each of these establishments have their own location. The resort clearly has an easier access to the restaurants & bar at the hotel – however, if you’re staying here, you can’t march to see the villas & The Mulia (which is the highest level of stay – where you can get in room jacuzzi, to even a free flow wine and drinks by the bar every evening!).

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

If you’re staying at the Villas, you basically have access to everywhere you want! The Villas, on the other hand is very serene, and has that intense amount of privacy. With its high walled building, the villa at Mulia is my ideal of stay-away-from-me-as-I-need-me-some-privacy! But don’t worry, a 24 hour car is ready to take you wherever you are in the hotel area. The lobby of the resort is super posh and spacious – with a direct, and immediate view to the ocean. I swear, it’s grand and prestige at its finest. It’s a low season when I got there, but the check in line is super long! So, this place must be heavily packed. The amount of detail that the team here at Mulia Bali has managed to matched the Jakarta hotel. Detail yet grand to be exact – the chandelier represents a dragon, which is the ancient Chinese of good fortune – and you can find flowers everywhere!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

The restaurant itself has the same rendition of the Mulia Jakarta hotel – The Cafe, Edogin, and a new addition of Soleil (which is quite similar with Orient8) – and ZJ Bar (sister of CJ Bar). Everything here is decorated and pull off stunningly – I would say that their extreme high ceiling adds the amount of fine prestige and grandeur feeling to the hotel.They also have a chocolate cake with many, many beautiful dessert. So be sure not to drop by when you’re hungry!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali ReviewThe Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review

And not to forget, my favourite and insightful part of the tour is the tour to the spa. The Spa at Mulia is located quite far (so you’ll be needing a buggy car to get there). With a concept of getting back to nature, this Spa is constructed in a way that you can’t find any air conditioning (except in the room) – as it wishes to allow maximum level of light, and air. The Spa manager enrich us with the insight that the more sun you get, the happier you’ll be – so yeay for us! You can also find a hydrotherapy pool with an open air feel. The spa is also equipped with, my favourite- the ice room, which makes this sauna, one of the saunas in the world to implement it. The idea of this room is for immediate cell regeneration. Cells are said to burst the “bad cells” after a long sauna/ heat. Here on, after a massive heat, cells can intake “good” energy to be placed back to the body. It’s also embellished with an LED to balance the mood, and aura within each person.

The Mulia Bali ReviewWe stopped by last at The Mulia – the highest level of the resort, where you can find this grand statue (you can also find these statues at the resort – but the way to differentiate them is to the object these people are carring. The Mulia will depict a woman with grains, and carrying a small basket on top – where the Mulia resort is a man , holding a tray in front of him). Again, if you’re staying at The Mulia, you can get a free flow wine in the afternoon, alongwith an in-room jacuzzi). So, would you stay here, I know I definitely will! Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be showing what we have in Soleil. Cheers!

The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review The Mulia Bali Review


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