So I decided to postponed my Mulia Bali findings – and decided to post what the newest Plaza Indonesia’s hit. So Immigrant has been closed for a major renovation – and on the 9th of April it started its soft opening. So, since it’s a holiday, I decided to take a quick lunch with my baby bro. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaIt was quiet a stunning renovation where the place has been shifted completely – it takes a more casual approach –where it rebrands itself with the name, dining Room. The club will be placed at the back of the restaurant – it hasn’t opened yet – but the PR, Kesih and Monty said it will open probably after Lebaran.
Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaSo the place is quiet similar with Garcon – and Union – with a mid 1920’s setting. With big spacious windows, the place is a very relaxing place to go on a mid-day for some daylight. Plus, its comfortable. There’s not many menu available yet – but at least they have the basic: steak, pastas, chicken and dessert.Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaI had the Gnocchi Con Piccione – a potato gnocchi with Italian – corn fed pigeon stew served with black truffle & parmesan shavings. Yes, it’s pigeon – I thought it was beef considering the thick texture. But, alas it’s a nice surprise. I was hoping to get a chunkier gnocchi – but the sauce is great. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaFor the drinks, I wish to order a Virgin Apple Mojito – but he ended up ordering me a NON-Virgin mojito. Alcohol on a sunny day? Well, I’ll take it. This is one of the strongest mojitos I’ve tasted. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room JakartaMy favourite is still at Potato Head Garage – but this one is sure stronger! My brother ordered the Fish N’Chips – it’s cooked perfectly and my brother said it’s quiet usual. Immigrant Dining Room JakartaKesih & Monty comped us with a great dessert – The Melting Chocolate and also some drinks (thank you so much for a great service) – the service is very fast here, and very friendly. I’m guessing it’ll be a quiet a full house for the net week – so be sure to book your place in advance.Immigrant Dining Room JakartaImmigrant Dining Room Jakarta

RSVP: 389 382 57



  1. I find the decor to be rather uninspiring. The floor is from Garcon, the chairs and tables from Loewy/Union, and the bar is from Union. The only slightly interesting eye catcher might be the black brick walls, although there is a very eerie industrial feel to it and the off-maroon cushions that seem to be somewhat innovative but would just NOT stand out during a dimly-lit tasting session.

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