Hello! Hello! So this post will end my beautiful encounters on the exotic landscape of W Retreat Bali. This time, we have a thrilling dinner with Director of the retreat himself, Richard Miller. The man always has a generous smile since our first encounters – and I have personally stumbled across many reviews, praising the man’s finest work during his entire journey. Now the menu that we had is called the “Testing Menu”. I swear, I had the menu on my blackberry – but somehow it got washed away. This menu comprises of Chef Richard’s finest dish – placed into a marvelous degustation dinner.

W Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali
Fire had me at hello when I saw it. The overall décor is inspired by a traditional approach of the Balinese culture – with its black and white cloth seen across different places of the dining places. The magical chandelier is imported directly from Turkey – representing the element of Fire itself. Below is a circular table representing the enchanting and magical dance of Kecak.

W Retreat Bali Enough with the talk – let’s get down to what you can have shall we? First of all. Don’t forget the many delicious cocktails you can have here. I forgot what Hans and Catherine ordered (but Catherine’s cocktail had bacon on top of it. Serious.) Mine is called Liquid of Fire!!! I just love saying that : ) – it’ has a perfect spicy flavour within it. Which is what I just need!

W Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali The first dish is egg covered with different herbs – as I can recall, one of them is covered with exotic Egyptian herbs – and the other is covered with sorts of chili powder. Its small sizes also makes this perfect – as big eggs usually makes you a little bit nauseous. I’m a lil blank on the name – but I’ll try and get the names for you as soon as possible – but perhaps their photos can be in any help.
W Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat BaliW Retreat Bali

For me, Chef Richard food has a very enriching experience – same like Dallas Cuddy, Chef Richard wishes to bring out as many experience within each dish – as many as possible. For example, this next dish here is his very very very very – famous Foie Gras Chawan Mushi. W Retreat BaliI remember this menu names very well as I have been trying to taste it. It’s super super excellent. Personally I don’t like chawan mushi that much considering its bland taste after a while you eat it. However, with a perfectly blend foie gras, everything just got so much better. Be sure not to share this dish (it’ll be a total loss if you only had half bowl for yourself).

Lastly his dessert. Simply one of the most beautiful dessert I’ve encountered. I have met this sort of dessert sphere during my Tesseron dinner at Amuz – which you can read HERE.

W Retreat Bali However, instead of a hollow sphere – Chef Richard, gives us many treats – including a popper candy – you know! Where you can get that zillion pops of candies exploding in your month? No idea – well, guess you have to take it yourself. Chef Richard, thank you so much! W Retreat BaliNevertheless, I just wanted to say thank you to Hans, and Aini and W Retreat Bali for the entire trip – it’s simply one of the best trip I’ve had in my life. And I can’t wait to get back to this island, and resort soon. I hope you’ve had an amazing time – and stay tuned as I’ll give you a sneak peek of what you can find in Mulia Bali – as we had a quick lunch and tour there. Enjoy the sun! Cheers.


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