The Woobar has always a little piece of me. From the moment I visited it about 2 years ago, it had me at hello. With a somehow spacious – but not too spacious place, this place has definitely filled itself more than before.
Woo Bar BaliWoo Bar BaliWith many sofas, and bean bag chairs lying around, Woobar is definitely a great chill place to be. And if you’ve seen Hans’ blog , you’d definitely recognized Aini, our gracious host that took us under her wings during our short trip to Bali. Aini, me miss you! Woo Bar BaliSo after a quick stroll around W, and after a quick jump at the shower, we head on to WooBar for a sunset chill zone. The place has two floors – one where its at the outdoor, facing the ocean and the whole garden/swimming pool of W – and also the floor below is where all the weekend party is hosted. Woo Bar Bali Woo Bar Bali Woo Bar BaliBesides the great bean bags, I love on how Woo Bar has this cool concept – that you can drink in whatever you are wearing. In Jakarta, it’s a lil hard to find a good place to drink – without having to put up maximum effort to dress up nicely. So, to be in a chill place, I must say, it feels good.Woo Bar BaliNow! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you must have known that I love to drink (occasionally – NOT the heavy drinker – like I need a drink every 2 minutes). And I must say, after Otel Lobby, Woo Bar (in fact, W Retreat Bali) hosts the best cocktails creation ever! I’m always excited when it comes on trying new cocktails. Yudi Hendarsyah is the head bartender at WooBar Bali – and he definitely hosts a great, great, excellent many fine creations! The cocktails are very easy to drink, and it will pamper you by bringing your “high” level slowly – this is my exact of kind of cocktails. Slowly but deadly : P. Okay, to name some of the cocktails that all of you must try is first, the Mandarin Sour.Mandarin Sour Woo Bar It has the perfect orange flavour with chewy texture on the foam. If you don’t like your cocktail to have that strong alcohol sense, this is definitely for you.Woo Bar BaliThe W 2 Tini – is created especially during the hotel’s 2nd anniversary and its super delicious. It’s sweet, (a lil feminime) – but has that good kick for a great start of the night, or day : P . Woo Bar BaliAnd don’t you forget the Strawberry Champagne, and W Lemon Tea (which is their own rendition of Long Island Ice Tea). My personal favourite is Strawberry Champagne, which is Aini’s recommendation and the W 2 Tini – or perhaps, I love them all! Woo Bar BaliAnd regarding the service, don’t worry, the service is excellent here! More cocktails creation and the highlight of my trip here – which is lunch with Dallas Cuddy will be on my next post. Word of advise is to come here at 5 PM – watch the sunset and chill all night long . So stay tuned and I promise! It will be up soon. See you soon and cheers to the good life!Woo Bar Bali


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