Continuing to Lyon+Mia’s adventure in Bali – here we go again. After a quick photo taking, a quick refreshing time, me and Hans are ready to go. We head out to Starfish Bloo, one of the dining places in W Retreat Retreat & Spa Bali. I have been checking Starfish Bloo from many magazines, and also online reviews – and I have been dying to go here. Starfish Bloo BaliIMG_0273 copyIt’s definitely a very refreshing sight – with a soothing sea view, and hint of fresh air (it’s definitely what I need after the stuffy sight at Jakarta). Don’t you worry about mosquitoes bite, as there’s a mosquito repellant with a very cute typography written all over it. So spray it, and enjoy a peaceful meal.Starfish Bloo BaliStarfish Bloo Bali
Interior wise, I love the high ceiling presence in the restaurant – and also you can find a nest-shaped seating table at each corner of the restaurant. Plus, the ceilings are covered with interesting installation resembling the ocean lives creatures. So, pay some extra attention to it. Starfish Bloo BaliOh, and if you want the bar table, Starfish Bloo has a very interesting table setting – where you can dine in front of the fishes of the aquarium.IMG_0245 copy Let’s get to the meal shall we? For a nice lunch, I ordered the recommended – the Hot Rock – where I have the Australian Marbled Beef – with tentsuyu, covered in sea salt, and hiyashi wakame. Starfish Bloo BaliI personally am not the type of person that will order steak, or grilled items on the restaurants as it’s extremely hard to find a new flavour for these type of items. But hey, wouldn’t hurt to get out from the comfort zone. And boy, did it pay off! The dish is extremely tasty. Starfish Bloo BaliThe meat is perfection –  and you can truly taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. So, what you do is take a piece and put it on the rock for 7 seconds before eating. Don’t you worry about the rock getting cold – as the waiter is at your full service and will ask you whether you want to change the hot rock (excellent service!). Starfish Bloo BaliAnother surprise is the fact that the sea salt didn’t dissolve much and still give me the crisp taste! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – a truly recommended dish.
Starfish Bloo BaliHans, on the other hand ordered the curry – Penang Curry of Slow Braised Wagyu Beef. He decided to try something new. I tried some and boy it’s delicious. I am a curry fan – and despite I love the thick curry texture in my mouth, this one – the creation of Chef Kevin – is slightly lighter and surprisingly tasty. A recommended item.
Starfish Bloo BaliFor what it’s worth, it’s another great encounter at W – so stay tuned as for the next episodes, I’ll share you my discovery at Woobar! Good day people : )


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