Okay – I’m not the typical guy who’ll spend 2 hours on the road to just eat something new. But once I heard that there’s a Padang-Japanese cuisine, I make it myself to make a rare exception. It was a clear Saturday when I head out to Pondok Indah Mall 2 to tried Suntiang, which was opened by a young man – who’s family ran quite a number of Padang food franchises across the city. The man had always wanted to tried something new – to explore more (since his families are all from Padang). Japanese food has always been one of the city’s most beloved treats (I mean, who on earth don’t like sushi, or sashimi, or katsu, right? ) – so, Reza decided to give it a try. Suntiang is taken from an Indonesian word, Sunting (mempersunting, or to marry) – which on this case, a marriage between Japanese & Padang cuisine. Now let’s get to the main dish shall we ? (Oh, and all of these photos are the courtesy of Suntiang as my cameras are not working well that day.).
Suntiang JakartaA couple of the main dish you should try is the Rendang Roll and Lidah Cabe Hijau dan Asem Pedas. Rendang has always been a part of my to-eat-for-list. This Rendang is particularly made by the original recipe of Reza’s grandma – which makes it has a truly authentic, homey and excellent flavour. Suntiang JakartaLidah Cabe Hijau on the other hand is a rather dish that’s quite unique. It’s excellent delicacy, and rich tenderness of the meat makes a great a base for this dish. Enriched by the homemade green chili (cabe hijau) and asem pedas, makes this dish – a MUST TRY. It’s definitely my favourite dish for that particular lunch.
Suntiang JakartaThe other dish that everyone on the lunch loves is the Edamame Balado, Edamame Beans flourished with Balado terasi (one of Indonesian chili type). This terasi is also a personal homemade recipe of the owner. It’s surprisingly very sweet in flavour – but I wish it could be more spicy. One of the personal highlights that I love of eating here is the homemade flavour of each dish – where you don’t feel like leaving home. Here’s some of the other dishes you can also try at this place.Suntiang Jakarta Suntiang Jakarta Alas, this new joint is always heavily packed so be sure you get yourself some advanced reservation– and they’ll be heading out to open its second branch, very berry soon! So now, go get yourself married with these dishes!

Suntiang Pondok Indah Mall 2
+6221 759 205 29


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