There can be many great options to open the new year. Despite I have many awesome moments, a dinner invitation to the 125th birthday of Glenfiddich certainly adds up to more amazing things-to-do-to-open-the-new-year. A great thanks to Mas Abe & Hans for recommending me to be a part of this special journey. The event itself took place at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Presidential Suite. Yes, it was divine. With the whole room, filled with bright red roses, and Glennfidich, over 50 guests were invited to this special moment. The event started out with an introduction on the world of Glenfiddich from Marcus Low (Marketing Services Manager of Southeast Asia & Third Party Markets) – on the left, and Matthew Ferguson- Stewart as the Regional Brand Ambassador – which shared a great insights into the world of this renowned drink. Glenfiddich Dinner JakartaNow I’m not a whisky person – but when it comes to learning new things, I’m definitely up for it. Teaming up for the nights dinner was the AFC  – Asian Food Channel. I took the liberty to stroll upon the suite and swiftly make my way into the main hall. It’s simply one of the most beautiful venues in Jakarta that I’ve seen. Glenfiddich 125th Dinner JakartaWith a glass exterior, this main hall is turned into a grand dining room – which beauty, words can’t describe. Big seats, big tables, and big roses ? I’m perfectly assured that tonight will be a great night.
Glenfiddich 125th Dinner JakartaThe 12 years old Glenfiddich became the official opening drink – where we had the chance to try the 15 years old, 18 years old, and 21 years old, with a special menu – created for this lovely event. As any wine, the older these drinks age, the more mature, and yes, the more complex they are. We started off a bit late than expected – but I got myself some good company from Olly Sungkar, Ellyna Tjohnardi (author of culinary bonanza) and also James Weston.
Glenfiddich 125th Dinner JakartaThe dinner was simply blissful with the melodious tunes of a harpist – playing a subtle version of many of today’s modern hit. Presented upon us was a wooden board – which will hold 4 drinks, the 12, 15, 18, and 21 years old whisky – each paired with an exclusively designed food. Glenfiddich 12th Dinner JakartaIt can be extremely tricky when it comes to designing a whisky dinner – especially for a complex drink as Glenfiddich. I thought the food itself will be designed alcohol-free. Something sweet & sour perhaps to balance it out. But boy oh boy  – like fire with fire, the meal was prepared with a subtle infusion of this special drink.
Glenfiddich 125th Dinner JakartaThe dish was exquisite – each with its very own uniqueness. I must say that Glenfiddich is slightly harder to drink than my encounter with Tesseron.  It’s an extremely complex drink – where one need to have a taste for detail on each sip. Glenfiddich 125th Dinner JakartaAs an overall, it’s a fine drink that every gentlemen – and also fine ladies should drink. Another special moment is when a bidding is held to help the victim of Haiyan typhoon. Glenfiddich has been working closely with Oxfam on this special project – where the top 5 bidder will get an exclusive bottle – not to mention limited! Glenfiddich 25! Glenfiddich 125th Dinner JakartaI can’t be more thankful to be a part of this special journey. So perhaps you should now run down to the nearest shop and grab your very own Glenfiddich. PS. Try the 12 years old – it’s my personal favourite – and will suit beautifully for the newbies entering the whisky territory. Oh and photos are the courtesy of Glenfiddich & Cognito. : )


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