HELLO 2014!

Hello there! It’s the year 2014! And yes, after a long time, I’m ready to blog again.
For the past 2 weeks, there’s a constant buzzing on my head that kept me asking over, and over again.
What are you going to do this year ? I can’t seemed to find the answer. Until just now.
For years, I have been given the blessing from the Almighty to see, experience, and meet many places, people, friends, and wonders that I myself can’t imagine for the past few years. These have given me the chance to write what I wish to accomplish in my life. And in this year of 2014, I make a promise myself to start checking my life-list one at a time.

And, this blog is one of it. I’ve been writing for the past one year. It haven’t enter my mind when I started this blog that blogging could be such a great big of a deal. 6 months ago, I met a blogger, Stanislaus Hans from eatandtreats. We’ve been hanging out till now – and I can’t be more than thankful to find such a positive young man. Hans has been blogging over the past year and I’ve seen on how his passion can move him to different directions. He’s one of the many men and fine individuals that had kept me pushing my limits  – over and over again. So, therefore I vow to check my list one at a time. And one of my goals is to make this blog – into its finest. If you’ve noticed, I have change the theme of the blog : )

So to you who are reading this, may you also have the will and determination to start living the WOW life.Because life is all about having the courage and going to the unknown.
Happy New Year!


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