Wilshire. Ah, what a place. I’ve been curious about this place ever since it opened. However, faith hasn’t brought me here. Then on, I met Hanna, one of the lovely owner of the place on a casual evening (thanks again Hanna for your kind hospitality). Edited 3It was a sunny day when I came here – around 14:00. The sky is bright – but not too bright. I only saw the places’ photo from other sites (of course, JKTGO is where i look on : P ) – but I wouldn’t expect that it will look that beautiful.Edited 7The clear glass brings a classic, and posh look to this place. Dominated in earthly tone, Wilshire is definitely a classy place for a great chill session. I then sat on with Hanna, Hans (you’d know him from his famous blog, eatandtreats) and another owner, Cla Lisca (thanks also for the great treat). Portobello FriesThe Portobello Fries opens the meal. The tartar sauce makes a great companion for this fried meal. Plus, it’s chunky size and crisp bites makes it perfect for a great light appetizer. We had several dish for the main course, so let’s go one by one. Foie Gras SushiFirst come is the Foie Gras Sushi. As always, whenever a foie gras come to the table, I lost my breath (for a second, promise :P). This is my second encounter with foie gras sushi – the first one is in Espiga. How does it taste? Beautiful! The foie gras is in its proportionate size, and blends well together with the rice. I would definitely order this again. Jumbo Lump Crab CakeThe Jumbo Lump Crab Cake comes next on our table. I never had a chance to try crabcake – though I always caught them in the movies. What I love about this crabcake is you can taste the rich crab meat – even though its already battered – you know on how a crab meats dissolve with the dish and you can’t taste them afterwards, right? Trust me, that’s not the case for this one. If you’re looking for a not so heavy main course, this will suit you well. Garlic NoodleThe Garlic Noodle! One of my favourites in this table. Despite its’ relatively dry look – be sure not to doubt its taste.  Hanna & Cla Lisca mentioned it’s a lil dry – perhaps we left it for quite a while, while grabbing some other meal. But hey, it still taste great. I find it as a great substitute for the endless pasta menu. And, the dry-ness of the noodle adds the meal’s crisp level. There’s one more meal – but before that, let me share you the drink. Sheila's CarnivalHans ordered the Sheila Carnival (Hanna mentioned it’s unique look has made it the famous mocktail among the female guests). I didn’t really taste it, but the cotton candy sure makes that drink refreshing. Frozen Peach MargaritaAs for moi (since its Friday), Hanna offered the Frozen Peach Margarita. I’m not a big fan of margarita – but it never stopped me for trying every margarita until I found my favourite. So far, this one is on my top list. The peach blends well with the tequila – so you don’t have that strong-yukky-tequila aftertaste. A great great drink! Be sure not to skip it. Slow Cooked WagyuThe Slow Cooked 55 Degrees Wagyu is the last meal that come to the table – and I loved it to this very day. What you can find here is wagyu which has been chopped for you – complimented in a special sauce ( I forgot what it was – bubut it’s great). A special part of this menu is that the wagyu has been slowly cooked for over 24 hours. And yet, you can still see it has a pink part – in the middle. Plus, the mashed potato with the corn makes this dish more divine. I think I will order this, plus the foe gras sushi in my next meal : ) Wilshire JakartaAs an overall, I loved the ambience of Wilshire – it’s wooden interior makes everything so delightful and warm. Plus, the big glass window of this place makes it even more classy. Definitely a great place to escape from the city. Bianca Mosaic TilesBianca Mosaic TilesMoreover, the place is totally flourished by the acclaimed Bianca Mosaic tiles – Hanna’s mom ordered them. It’s really gorgeous. Before we end our lunch, Hanna introduced us to a special twist she made in the bar (btw, Hanna tests every drink made in Wilshire – plus, she even made the recipe for most of the drink). The rim that you’ll find in the margarita in Wilshire is sugar, not salt. Hanna wished to try something new. And boy does it work wonderfully. The waiter accidentally mixed the rimming on my margarita – so Hanna ordered a Wilshire-Style Tequila – yes, it’s a shot. Whopee!  Edited 14After a quick shot, I swear, you won’t make that horrendous look after you drink. In fact, the sugar brings up the sweetness of the tequila – making one can digest it more quickly. Will this increase your alcohol tolerance level? Ooo, I hope not. See you all on the next post – where a Christmas post is in order.Monkey ShoulderOOh thanks again Hanna & Cla Lisca for a glass of the Monkey Shoulder before I went home. Psst, for those looking for a sweet whisky, this is the one.

The Foundry at SCBD LOT 8. Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
+6221 514 010 18


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