I have no idea on how a Greek food taste like. So when I got an invite from the Keraton at The Plaza (thanks again Eka : ) ) – to have a bite during their special food event, I immediately say yes. EDited 9So Chef Themis Agnatos from The Romanos, an also member of The Luxury Collection Resort at Costa Navarino was flown in to the city to present an exceptional experience – to present a little piece of Greece at Bengawan. So what will you have? EDited 6EDITED 8Bengawan has a certain cham – I would say its very different from the rest of the buffet place you find in a hotel. It has a very beautiful moment of silence – it’s like when you’re there, despite the numerous people present, you can still find your way for a quiet meal. We sat down at a corner, where the light is dimmed at an intimate level – and make a way for an exceptional night. Dakos SaladWe are presented with several salads – which by the way, represents the real, and genuine flavour of Greece. The Dakos Salad is presented with Dakos bread, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, olives capers, caperberries, and oregano. You can bet that most of the dishes that you’ll taste has a strong presence of cheese. But not to worry, it’s simply heavenly! This salad has a very strong fresh taste where it gives a very refreshing taste for the opening. Dakos bread is a huge bread on the bottom. Its a traditional meze or light meal on the island of Crete. Greek SaladThe Greek Salad is also a refreshing taste. I find that the Greek Salad has a more strong sense of acidity compared to the Dakos salad. It’s still good. But, I would definitely go with the Dakos Salad more as somehow, the cheese managed to presents itself gracefully. Plus, the Dakos bread adds up the ante.
Greek Spreads SelectionNow, this Greek Spreads Selection is one of the killer snacks you must have! What you can find here is some spread from Fava Beans Puree, Tzatziki (Yoghurt, Vinegar & Garlic), Tyrokofteri (Feta Cheese, Yoghurt, Red Bell Pepper, Vinegar, and Olive Oil) and also Taramosalata (Fish Roe, Onion, Lemon, Olive Oil). Be sure to taste all of them as its all super good. I wouldn’t miss this again if this festival is coming in the future. Despite it’s odd look, believe you me, it’s a must have. Feta Cheese in Fyllo PastryThis is another dish that I strongly suggest – and it’s definitely my personal favourite – Feta Cheese in Fyllo Pastry. This dish has a unique balance of sour and sweet – where its bread is covered with honey and sesame, along with figs jam. It’s actually a hot appetizer. But if you have the appetizers that I have up there, I’ll bet you would be feeling a lil full right now. Garides SaganakiNow this Garides Saganaki -is another hot appetizer where it’s shrimp, sauteed with tomato sauce, onion, garlic, feta cheese (yes, so much feta cheese!), olive oil, parsley and basil. The thing I find interesting is that this dish doesn’t have a strong presence of alcohol as the Chef let us have a pure shot of Ouzo (the Greek Spirit used in this dish). It has 40% alcohol within. So as he can maintain a great additional taste with strong spirits, is a thumbs up! MousakaNow this Mousaka is the main course. It’s an oven baked potatoes, eggplant, combined with minced beef and béchamel sauce, and cheese. I don’t know if it’s me, but somehow my stomach can’t seemed to get enough of the meal (perhaps it’s the alcohol). I’m not too fond of this dish as I haven’t found something special – but it does have a unique taste, and combination that you should try at least once in your life. Chicken KontosvouvliThe Chicken Kontosvouvli is basically french fries, served with grilled chicken paprika powder, garlic, oregano, olive oil, and tzatziki. It’s like any normal chicken skewer – but the additional condiments sure make a great addition to your night. DessertAnd last! Yes, at last, we have the dessert. The dessert is also one of my favourite of the night! The platter hosts Galaktoboureko (the far right) : Fyllo pastry, semoling, eggs, milk, sugar, lemon, Ravani (the middle) : Semolina, eggs, flour, sugar, mastic, Walnut Cake (the far left) : Wallnuts, eggs, bread crumb, flour, sugar, clove cinnamon, presented with the syrup made of staranice, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, sugar. The Ravani is actually an interesting dessert as it has a very complex taste, and texture within a single bite. The Walnut Cake is very soft and nice. You can taste the big chunks of the walnut, which is always an extra bonus! And if you like the fyllo pastry with feta cheese appetizer, you’ll love the Galaktoboureko. For what it’s worth, this is one of the special event you don’t want to miss, seriously!

BTW, this food event will be over at 8th December 2013. So, be sure to try it! For immediate reservation, and information, call +6221 5068 0000



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