Huize 7So I just had a quick stop at Huize Van Wely at The Papilion Kemang (thank you Patricia, for the invite) to taste its Wednesday Buffet – a new program that they are having. I hadn’t been in the building for quite some time (the last time, I stopped by at SHY). So I was quite excited as this building is one of my eye pleaser in downtown Kemang. Huize8Huize Van Wely has a very serene, and intimate ambience which is extremely pleasant. You can come here for a quick lunch-hideout and not be afraid of the rowdy noise. The decor and overall look of this place is also simply beautiful. It’s basically simplicity at its purest. Huize9 Huize 5This buffet is conducted every Wednesday at the price of IDR 250,000 nett from 11.30 AM – 03.00 PM at Huize Van Wely. For that price, you can have a sumptuous selections of Japanese/Western/Indonesian buffets. Do note that the buffet is shift per week – so this week could be Japanese, next week will be Western, and so on – hence, be sure to check first before you arrive.
I had the Western buffet! So yeay : ) Huize10Upon you arrive, you may find that the buffet table has a very limited selections. But not to be afraid, the quality is simply amazing. I had a quick Nicoise Salad before we hit the main course. Huize11The French Onion Soup is my starter after the salad. I was a little skeptical about it – considering the looks. But it doesn’t have that strong after taste. In fact, it was sweet, and has a little sour touch which creates a great overall taste. Huize14The Linguine Pasta is my second choice. It was a lil’ dry – but it was good enough for a pasta. I wish it could be more spicy though  : ) Huize13Now, the Beef Cheek is my super duper favourite! It’s juicy, it’s delicate and simply delicious. I can’t stop eating them. But, since I’m on a diet mode – I can’t eat that much X_X Huize15Don’t miss out on Chicken Kiev – it’s also a great main course that I’d definitely combined with their heavenly mashed potato. If i were you guys, i’ll double everything on Chicken Kiev and Beef Cheek! Huize 6Upon closing, you can also enjoy the many mini cakes that are beautifully showcased on a beautiful glass display on the side, with a warm cup of tea – I have Fleur De Geisha. Be sure to try it!Huize2 Huize7You can also have the many chocolates! But however, it’s not included on the buffet – so extra charges is needed. Rest assured, it’s worth it.

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