I hope you all had enjoyed the previous post. Talita is definitely one of the best Chefs you can expect to wait. In this post however, I’ll be talking about one of the newest (not a lot of people about it – except if you’ve visited JKTGO for the past week). Espiga is a semi fine dining place that you’ll be able to find at the CEO (Cilandak Executive Office) at Simatupang area. Despite the remote locations, Espiga is definitely at least ONCE of your time.

Espiga JakartaIndeed the best time to go there is during Saturday night – where you can take the Antasari flyover and landed on Cilandak area. It’s very convenient and no jam at all. After entering the building, the lift will take you to the 17th floor – which is the highest floor on that tower. Yes, you can see a majestic view of the Simatupang area. Even though it’s not as bright as Altitude, or Skye, this place has its own charm – i think its the interior that pulls it off together.Espiga JakartaOh, before I go on, I’d like to thank Riz for having me. He’s also the owner of Tapas Movida – which got awarded as the Best Spanish Restaurant in Jakarta. You can see it HERE. So let’s get to what you should have here.
ScallopI’ll be showing you a lot of photos. So have fun! We had a lot of dish during that night. For the appetizer – first, we have above, the Seared Scallops with Cumin and Cauliflower Puré, with a Sweet Curry Sauce. It’s absolutely divine. One of the best things that I like from Espiga is they somehow managed to combine all different flavours into one. Like, who on earth will put scallop with a curry? But, what I can tell you is that – this place is one of the tastiest meal I’ve had in this year. So let’s move on, shall we? : ) Espiga JakartaThe second appetizer is the Smoked Salmon, Beetroot Salsa and Wasabi Mayonnaise. Now, i’m not a big fan of beet root as I can’t quite digest the flavour itself. But boy does this dish brings it well. The beetroot is cut to tiny pieces, which is garnished with some coriander leaves. The salmon is also very fresh which taste delicious – as the wasabi is perfectly put in a small amount – Which doesn’t destroy the taste of the food. Last two appetizers are my personal favourite: Espiga JakartaThe Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Waldorf Salad. It’s crispy, it’s delicous and has a very rich taste. We literally finished the plate within the first few minutes. BEST Carpaccio in the city. Period.Tuna Belly with Foie GrasAnd lastly, boy I can still taste this last dish – Seared Tuna Belly and Foie Gras with Miso Caramel. What a unique creation isn’t it? And as you can see below the foie gras is rice! Yes, rice! Combined with foie gras? Two of my most favourite food has combined into one. Definitely recommended and a must have when you’re here! Hendricks Gin & TonicNow during your intermission to the main course, you must have its cocktail – Hendrick Gin & Tonic. Now this is not your usual Gin & Tonic. What Espiga do is that they put quite a lot of sliced cucumber into your drinks that neutralize the strong taste of Gin – and substitute it with a fresher and tastier flavour. Don’t worry, the alcohol percentage is the same. Now, let’s head on to the main course.
Espiga JakartaNow if you’re wondering how much to eat here. It’s relatively affordable for a semi fine dining place. The price starts at IDR 75,000 – to IDR 495,000. But the meal ranges between IDR 100,000 – IDR 250,000. The above dish is he Galician Octopus and Crisp Pork Belly is the next one that we have! The Pork Belly is definitely nice – however, I wish it can be just  a lil’bit crispier.However, with the white bean purée, this dish is very well made.Espiga JakartaThe next thing that we have is the Tagine Spiced Lamb Cutlets Grilled with Roast Peach and Couscous. I love the couscous! It’s very soft to eat and very flavourful. The lamb is also beautifully cooked – and don’t worry, you won’t smell the usual strong aroma. Espiga JakartaThen on, we have the Sea Bass and Scallops. My friend Angel and Riady loved it so much – for me, I’m not really a fish person. But, this fish is complemented with scallops, and basil oil which gives another unique flavour to the dish. So if you’re a seafood lover, this dish is definitely for you.Espiga JakartaMy personal and all of our favourite dish is the Pan Roasted Duck Breast. This dish simply blows me away. Served with Orange and Pomegranate Salad, this dish really set a high standard of how salad should be. : P  – I rarely hear my friend Riady praise a food so well. But he mentioned on how much he enjoyed the food in Espiga over 3-4 times. So yeay! I really love on how fresh this dish is made. So it really brings out the best of the crispiness of the salad and also the duck. If you’re wondering about the price, its IDR 175,000  : ) Espiga Jakarta Espiga JakartaWe do have dessert but I forgot to write the names down. But I hope the photos above can make up for it! If you’re confused, I’ll have the first one (the one that has creme-brulee top layer) compared to the other one – if you’re a chocolate people, you know where to go. The overall service is impeccable, and if you ask me, i’ll definitely come back! This is for sure. And alas, this is my journey to Espiga. Hope you guys had fun, and don’t forget to have an advance reservation as this place has a limited seating. Oh, and if you’re wondering, Espiga is actually the names of the stars of Virgo – which has a position, right above this very building. Thats how the name comes out. I’ll see you all soon and if you wish to get more information on the best restaurants in Jakarta, be sure to check my startup, JKTGO (

Espiga Jakarta
The CEO, Cilandak Executive Office. Jl.TB Simatupang 18C. Lt 17-18, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
RSVP: +6221 298 688 66


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