If i can pull out a red string on how one can be an expert, or big in a field – is that they all have managed to pass through the bad times. To be an expert, one must train hard – that’s not a question. And in this post, meet one of-the-next-rising-star that you can’t miss, Talita Setyadi.Talita Setyadi

About a year ago, I was browsing through a site and discovered about Talita’s Kitchen, and I was  immediately impressed by the beautiful cakes that she made – plus – considering the fact that I’m also a dessert people, makes it even more loveable. I never had a thought of meeting her – but thanks to Arnold – I was sitting down and eating one of her very creations! It’s funny how life turns out : ) Talita has just returned after her studies at Cordon Bleu in Paris. It’s quite funny to know that she first studied Jazz in New Zealand before heading off to the City of Love to master the art of baking. “I was very into jazz back then. But then on, one day, I stumbled upon a macaron – we didn’t have any patissiere in New Zealand. I simply can’t take my eyes off them  as it look so pretty and delicious. Then on, I looked up the recipes online and started making it myself. Turns out my friends loved it, plus – I got a really good response when I started selling my very own macaron. This is when I started to fell in love slowly with the world of baking.”
Talita SetyadiTalita mentioned that one of her strongest character is that she’s very determined. “Whenever I want to learn something, I have to make sure that I know that “something” really well – I must at least be an expert in that field. I’m pretty lucky to have a supporting parent that supports me wherever I go. Nevertheless, I always took their support as my strongest motivation to keep on being the best.”
On her blog, you can see the delicious cakes that she made – where you can also find some recipes and tips. These pictures are taken from her blog, btw.
Talita Setyadi
Then on, I asked her about the dessert scene practice in the nation itself as the dessert industry is growing rapidly. “I must say that it’s growing very well – I have met some of the best bakers here in the nation, and even started on working with some of them,” Talita answered. Talita SetyadiRegardless, Talita mentioned that she has a very different approach when she bakes. “We have to improvise a lot in the world of jazz music – and thankfully it got carried away until now. So, whenever I want to make something new, I usually see the usual recipe and then I twist most of it to create something new to the table.” In fact – this is one of her dreams, to create the next city’s most loveable cakes! Talita SetyadiAbove is the the Kouign-Amann – a special treat that Talita had baked for me – thanks again Talita : ) . You can’t find this cake anywhere in the nation – unless you baked it yourself. This cake is one of Talita’s favourite which comes from Brittany, France. It’s a combination between Croissant and Brioche. So when you eat it, you won’t taste the usual croissant dryness – but rather a sweet, and soft texture. Plus, Talita added a spark of caramel – which really brings the flavour altogether. And if you can see the detailed layers on top, it’s all handmade – as she can’t find the machine here yet. Overall, it’s crispy, taste, and beautiful.
Talita SetyadiLastly, Talita has also had been featured at the prestigious “So Good .. ” Magazine – along with her idols, Philippe Conticini and Frank Haasnoot, both of them are legendary pastry connoisseurs. “To be featured in that magazine is like a dream come true.”. Talita Setyadi“As an overall I think being a patissiere is a very challenging, and exciting thing as we need to combine, and evenly balance the flavour, shape ( architecture ), and also the presentation. For what it’s worth, I think she’s doing an epic job. And if you’re wondering about her most favourite cake: its’ Éclair – I think it’s simplicity, makes it easy for anyone to relate + it’s so addictive”. See you all on the next post and do visit


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