One of the big pleasure about my job is I get to visit one of the city’s most hidden, to the well known places in town. And in this opportunity, during my visit to cover this place on the Jakarta City Guide, JKTGO – do take 2 minutes to take a look – promise, it’ll be worth your time – I get to visit Roastwoods at Kuningan Village.
Roastwood Jakarta ExteriorNow if you’re thinking that Kuningan Village is a big mall, think again, as it’s quiet to the contrary – it’s more like a mini garden set behind the huge Setiabudi Building. However, this kind of setting, gives this place a more beautiful, and intimate feel. The decor is very soothing – I arrived there sometime on 15:00 – during a weekday. So the place is not packed at all. But they say, it’s packed during the weekend. Roastwoods JakartaOne of the things that I can’t stop talking about is the huge mural of owl – hand-painted by an artist on a huge wall. The owners, who are also brothers – Jonathan & Chris took this owl as the Japanese believes of Owl on bringing a good luck – plus, Jonathan is really into Japanese culture.
Roastwoods Jakarta Roastwoods JakartaAfter getting some refreshment, and gentle pampering from its Owl Latte – and the Red Velvet Latte (be sure not to missed it, and make sure you get it warm. It gives a soothing comfort to your stomach), I was treated to a several delightful meal. Now the menu itself is mostly dominated by a selections of super delicious finger food which you can miss. Roastwoods JakartaThe first one I tried is the Do it Yourself Poopiah – it’s a poopiah which you can eat it with the homemade fillings they created – plus some chill, and also garlic, and egg. The amount of popiah served is quite many – so it’s definitely worth to have it. Plus, the homemade filling is very fresh, despite of its “you’re-gonna-get-full” look. Roastwoods JakartaThe second one is the Original Wings – it’s a crispy chicken wings. BUT Don’t you dare questioned this epic chicken wings. It’s super crispy – from the skin to the inside. There’s also a spicy wings which you can try. But for what it’s worth, this chicken wing is one of the owner’s favourite- and also the guest.
Skinny Potato Skin - Roastwoods JakartaAnd alas for the third finger food, I had the Skinny Potato Skin. Jonathan recommended this – and it’s a relief to finally eat something rather than french fries. It’s smooth, and doesn’t have that oily after taste. Plus, you can deep it in 3 sauce – sour sauce, bits of bacon, and also cheese.
We skipped the main course – and get immediately to the dessert. I must say i’ve been quite impressed on the servings – as it stay true to the value they uphold – that NO MSG are used at all. That’s why, you get to eat so many fried finger food without getting thirsty. Roastwoods JakartaThe dessert section hosts many beautiful and not to be missed selections. I had the Beaver Tail -its something that I wanted to try for quite a while – ever since my cousin start to snapped some shots of it at Canada. It’s not as big as the usual beaver tail. The Chef, Chris – who again, is also the owner, makes fresh dough every day. The Beaver Tail is beautifully make – and it’s very crispy. The people here at Roastwood is also very generous on giving the menu its condiments – you can taste, and even smell the flourishing caramel – as soon it hits the table. A dessert you can missed in Jakarta.Rocky Road Waffle - Roastwoods JakartaAnd for the last menu, the Rocky Road Waffle. One of the best dessert I ate so far! Despite it may look usual – the power lies within the peanut sauce which has been infused with chocolate. I swear, it’s like heaven! A MUST TRY, definitely! For what its worth, this place is definitely not to be missed – and considering the relatively small capacity, do make a reservation. See you on the next post – where I’ll be posting about the next hot patisserie in town!

Kuningan Village – Jl.Karbela Timur No.1 GF, South Jakarta 12920.
RSVP: +6221 529 031 95


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