Seriously, it has been ages that I wanted to try E&O. And today, is finally the day! I did my day-scouting trip with my parents – who are seriously judgmental about the food they ate. I just passed their test on “recommending a good restaurant” Potato Head Garage. Now, as I recalled on their fondness towards Thai & Vietnam cuisine, it’s time for another test. So, do both of them, and me – loves what Chef Will has to offer?
E&O Jakarta E&O JakartaI have been writing 2 years about Will Meyrick. Stunned about his many applause from various foodnistas, you can imagine the expectation I have for his cuisine. Place wise – loving every single bit of it. We came here around 16:00 – so its very relaxing, and the sun is fantastic. A recommended time to stop by.
School PrawnThai Fish Cake I started with 2 appetizers – oh by the way, most of the dishes are ordered by my folks – so if you’re thinking on bringing your parents, you can choose these menus  perhaps to make sure they enjoyed every bit of it. Yes, I broke the spoiler – my parents loved it! The appetizers are School of Prawn and Thai Fish Cake.
I personally love them – though it may look odd, and flavourless, it definitely doesn’t taste that way. As any other foodies described Chef Will’s cooking – strong in flavour. But! He managed to blend them in perfection.
Hainamese Chicken Rice Pho BoMy sister, and my dad – ordered a personal dish: Hainamese Chicken Rice, which can be found on the restaurant’s lunch menu – and Pho Bo – diddo, on the lunch menu. I didn’t managed to taste the Chicken Rice – but my sister doesn’t complained a single bit – so she’s definitely enjoying it (she’s not a big judger in food : P ) – and the Pho Bo is delicious. I loved on how the place could bring up the best in the soup by bringing in the flavour with lots, and lots of garnish.
Crispy Fish 3 FlavourMeanwhile, my brother, myself and my mom – ordered the above major dishes that you can’t missed! The Cripsy Fish 3 Flavour – very very strong in flavour, but seriously delicious! The amount of crispness that the fish posses is perfect. Grilled ChickenGrilled Chicken – I was a lil’ skeptical about the dish – but hey, it’s super nice. I must say, it’s the best grilled chicken, I’ve tasted in the city! Crispy Pork BellyAnd lastly, the Crispy  Pork Belly! THIS IS SO EPIC! As a true enthusiasts for pork belly, I love on how Chef Will can dice it up in perfect sizes, and managed to build a strong sense of crispiness on every part of the meat! I would definitely come back!
Durian Pannacota BlogLast but not the least, we end the meal by sharing a portion of its heavenly Durian Pana Cotta – if you ate way too much, you can split this dessert with your friends, or significant other – as it’s quite big. And my sis took this pic : P – my mom & dad’s true compliment to Chef Will is how they managed to taste a different feel on every dish – as most restaurants mostly generate an identical taste to most of its dish. My kudos to Chef Will, thanks for living up to my expectation : ) – will definitely come back!
Tom YumOh, and I ordered a drink which is called the Tom Yum – it doesn’t taste the way Tom Yum is. But, it gives you a little spicy taste to cleanse your mouth – and a nice kick on the head before a good night sleep/ or a nap.
So there you have it folks! Be sure to make your way to E&O. Cheerios!


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