So, Le Mieux – a new place in Galeries Lafayette Jakarta. This place is located at the men’s section of this luxury shopping store. The people behind J House, is the one behind this new dining place, and I had the pleasure to have a glimpse of it (thanks, Laksmi : ) ). I didn’t managed to eat so much – just an entree, and a dessert as I was pretty stuffed that noon. The overall place is just a simple, intimate dining spot at a corner – where you can make sure that a true privacy is what you can get here.
Le MieuxThere’s no special decor – but the wine shelf at the corner is quite lovely (of course, with a fine selection of beautiful wines). It’ll be best to come here around 16:00 as the sun can be quite nice, and you can have a nice chat over a glass of wine, or some refreshing cocktails.
Le Mieux Galeries Lafayette JakartMango CrepesAbove is the Mango Crepes that I had. Despite its creamy look, I must say that the Chef pulled it quite well. The mango sauce is all homemade, which is topped with a delicious taste of Vanilla ice cream. There are some cocktails presented also in the menu – and also a GIGANTIC BOTTLE OF WINE! So be sure to be the first to open it when you’re there. Overall, a nice place to relax, and have the privacy you’ve always dreamed of! Oh, and JKTGO is having a special giveaway on a free dining on this place. For more information, you can check out our official Instagram account JKTGO. See you all there! Cheerios!

For immediate reservations, you can simply call +62 21 5797 3463.


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