I’m personally not a Cognac person – but when I got an invite from Haseena (thanks a lot dear : ) ) and Vinum, that Tesseron – the only Cognac that got a 100 points, from the—Robert Parker (the leading US wine critic) himself, I knew I have to go. The spot, chosen for this luncheon, is Amuz. I’ve also haven’t had the chance to go to Amuz. So this lunch is definitely a treat for me.
amuz tesseron
There’s quite a bunch of us on that afternoon. Celebrating this exclusive treat, we are being put on at the private room – which is simply beautiful. It’s definitely one of the best private rooms anyone in Jakarta.amuz private roomWe also had the pleasure to meet Henri Colcombet, General Director of the brand, where the man, together with Alfred & Gérard Tesseron, created the Tesseron Cognac Limited Partnership — and also, Melanie Tesseron, who’s the marketing director, and also the current heir to the brand — also dubbed as one of the 50 most powerful women in wine business.
tesseron jakartaIn the world of Cognac, it takes a great blend to create the best of the best. Tesseron Cognacs have a great complexity and depth, which are symbolised by the beautiful, round, finesse, and beautiful taste. The Cognacs that were served during the lunch are Lot No.76, Lot No.65, Lot No.53, and Lot No.29. The Tesseron wine has long been known to be on top of its market — where its consumers usually possess two mighty things: the desire for the best things in life, and the love of art.
tesseron jakartaAs any wine, the number of the Lot depicts which year the Cognac is processed — which means we are enjoying a 30 -84 years old drinks! And for the food itself, Chef Gilles has prepared his best, as usual. Do take note that yes, Cognac is fine for a perfect lunch.
pan seared duck liver foie grasThe first dish is the Pan-Seared Duck Liver Foie Gras which is served with Roquette & Butternut Risotto, and Sage-Scented Olive Oil. I have personally loved Foie Gras and this is definitely sublime! The size has managed to satisfy my deep hunger, and cravings for Foie Gras! The foie gras is also cooked to its perfection where it’s very crispy in its outer layer, and extremely soft within — where it also manages to blend well with the risotto. Beautiful dish! Definitely recommended – well, I would say, a must have!
grilled double cut wagyu beef sirloinThe Grilled Double Cut Wagyu Beef Sirloin, is the next dish on the table where its served with Pomme Dauphones, Pepper Sauce, and Flambéed with Tesseron Cognac. The beautiful part of this dish is the crunchiness of the beef itself. Perfectly cut, and cooked to perfection. The Tesseron Cognac also blends very smooth — adding a strong, yet subtle compliments to this dish.
white chocolate sphere amuz jakartaAnd last but not least, the Melting White Chocolate Sphere – comes as the dessert! This is definitely one of the best, and unique desserts that I’ve ate – where the staff will pour you the spiced hot chocolate, which is also blend with Frozen Parfait Chocolate. This chocolate, will later on melt the sphere, and immersed themselves perfectly with the chocolate. Eye pleaser – and also a must try! Everyone is simply amazed!
white chocolate sphere amuz jakartaThe pairing with Tesseron Cognac is definitely another fantastic addition to this luncheon. At this luncheon, I take a quick moment to ponder on how Cognac is usually served at clubs to get “high” quickly (we’ve all been there). However, if one take a quick moment just to realise the true beauty of it, one would definitely look this drink differently. The most notable feature when you’re drinking Tesseron is the absolute smoothness when you drink it – it’s not like any other Cognac when its hard to swallow.
tesseron jakartaThese drinks are very easy to drink, which later on creates a perfect sense of warmth in your body. The second feature is the color of this drink. When you take Cognac, what distinguish Tesseron is the gold glow in the drink – instead of reddish glow. So, now you can be an expert itself.
Henri also tell us that to serve a Cognac properly, one must open the bottle for 30 minute first. You then, do not swirl the drink – like wine, but rather swirl the glass slowly, then take a smell before drinking it. Fun fact: if you smell the drink before swirling it, it will have a very different smell. Within each lot, as it gets older, you too, can have a very different smell, and taste from one another.
tesseron lot no.29The Lot no.29 is definitely the best drink in this luncheon – where you can feel a true class spirit. This item is the rare jewel of Tesseron collection, where it only has a stock of 3500  bottle per year, not to mention, you can’t find it on the usual wine market. No advertisement is made also for this brand as the brand wishes to distribute the wine, based on its reputation among users. To quote Robert Parker on the taste of Lot no.29 – “Anything this smooth, silky, potent, and aromatic is truly great stuff. It is about ethereal cognac as anyone could ever hope to drink. 100 points”. With all these, perhaps a quick break will do you justice to see on how these drinks can bring you, to the next level. See you all on the next post! Cheers.

For more information on Tesseron, simply call Haseena Bharata at +62 816 959500 or Viola Tan (Vinum) at +65 9822 2253 or viola.tan@vinum.com.sg




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