The Keraton – a magnicificent, and lavish residential tower, and hotel in the middle of Jakarta. I never had the chance to come inside – but the team from Keraton recently invited me to have a taste of their exclusive Godiva High Tea. As I’m also a chocolate person, I said YES! : ) (Many thanks to Eka for inviting me here. I had a lot of fun). Now, let’s see what can you get here.
keraton lounge 2The Godiva High Tea is hosted everyday (yes- including Saturday & Sunday) from 15:00-18:00 – and it’s hosted at the Keraton Lounge at the Lobby Level. This lounge is the answers for you all who’s searching for a true luxury in privacy. The lounge are not very big in terms of spaces – however, it’s simple, and artistic decor, has made a beautiful setting – which will make you sit there for hours!
A large table is set in the middle – which artistically display various snacks for the customer of Keraton. You can have nuts, marshmallow, and also dried mango (do have their nuts, and dried mango. It’s heavenly – and be sure to miss out on their cookies. I can’t stop eating them).
indonesian traditional high teaWe have 4 high tea sets infront of us – which is the Traditional Indonesian High Tea, which is priced for IDR 150.000++ per set. This high tea set is perfect for a great nibble – in terms of-you-want-to-eat-heavy-food, but-you-don’t-want-to-eat -so-much-food. On top you can find Indonesian treats such as Putri Salju cookies, which is continued by some traditional Indonesian cakes in the middle – before the big treat at the bottom such as stuffed tofu (Tahu Isi), and Risol (Fried Cake with Vegetables) with traditional Indonesian peanut jam. I would recommend to start at the top, the bottom, and finish the plate with the middle to cleanse your mouth.
luxury high tea godiva set keraton loungeMoving on to the Godiva High Tea, the Keraton Lounge offers 4 package of High Tea – Tutty Fruity Set, Nutty Set, Fragrance Set, and at the top, you can see the Luxury High Tea set — which is all set at IDR 250.000++ per set. The first plate of this set consists of homemade scones – 2 are plain, and 2 of them are chocolate scones. All of them are baked to perfectly as it is very soft – while managed to maintain a great twist of crispy bites on the outer layer.
jam keraton high teaPlus, you can eat them with 4 different jams, which are – strawberry, apricot, lemon curd, and whip cream jams. I’d recommend you to try all. : )
IMG_2973The second plate is filled with Poached Chicken Breast, peanuts, basil, flour wrap; Black caviar on blinis; Strawberry, mango, cream cheese cabbage roll; Poached shrimp, avocado tropical; Brie Caramelized Pears, honey in multigrain bread. All the second plates in all the High Tea set have the exact same dish – which is so good. I enjoyed the Black caviar on blinis, where you can taste the richness, and crunchy bites of caviar in your mouth.
luxury high tea set godiva keraton loungeAnd on the last plate, be expected to enjoy the mighty explosion of Hot Chocolate – which is based with Godiva chocolates, Truffle Fruit Coco Pepite AmandeTruffe Amande au Miel Truffe Tarte TatinSerti Macadamia, and Moelleux Caramel Fraboise . You might think that the amount is little. But you’ll be surprised on how stuffed you can be afterwards.
tutty fruity go diva high tea keraton loungeThis one right up here is Tutty Fruity Set – as the name speaks for itself, this set is for you who loves a fruit scented-and flavoured chocolate. At the first plate, you can find Tropical Fruit Smoothie which is mixed with Godiva Chocolate Sauce – you can have a taste of a refreshing mango, orange, and other tropical fruits into one. And of course, the chocolate sauce, adds up as a perfect compliment.
Godiva high tea set keraton loungeAt the last plate, you can find the Truffle Fruit FamboiseTruffle Fruit Fraise, Moelleux Caramel Framboise and the delicious Chocolate Truffle Strawberries. By the time I’m eating this, I recommend myself to have one high tea set for myself. The chocolates are too good to be shared amongst others : P
nutty high tea setThe Nutty High Tea Set  – is started with hot Godiva chocolate, complimented by nut dust. Again, this hot chocolate is too good to be missed. So if you’re having  trouble to decide between this set, or the tutty fruity for the tropical fruit smoothies — I would say have them both!
godiva chocolateI’m sorry for the slightly dark photo. But this is what you can find at the third plate — Moelleux Caramel Pecan, Truffle Exotique, Serti Macadamia, Truffle Amande au Miel, Biscotti, Truffle Cappucino, and Pepite Amande. I’m a serious nut freak when it comes to chocolate. So I enjoyed this set a lot.
fragrance go diva high teaThis baby up here is what you can find at the third plate of the Fragrance High Tea. I found that this high tea set the most unique as both the Godiva Mint Chocolate Frappe and Rose Chocolate Mousse in Shooter Glass has a very gentle touch of rose fragrance — which makes it more pleasant to drink. Plus, I think it acts as a neutralizer in case you got overwhelmed by the chocolate taste. For this particular set, the first plate is filled with its delicious scones — again, which you can take with its tantalizing jams.
In conclusion, the Godiva High Tea is a very-very pleasant experience to try — ladies, you’ll definitely love it. For me, with the quiet, and private ambience of Keraton Lounge, I can say that I have finally found a perfect escapade at Plaza Indonesia. In terms of menu, if I have to pick, I’ll pick both the luxury set — because of its scones, and the nutty set — for the chunky chocolate bites!
So I hope this post can make up for my loss for the past 2 weeks — and for the next posts, I’ll be talking about the other side of food — which is a token of my appreciation to you all, and also to celebrate Lyon + Mia’s first anniversary! Oh, and do sign up at my newest start-up JKTGO — at www.jktgo.com. We’ll be launching very very soon. It’s a city guide to find the best places in Jakarta : ) See you all there!

Keraton at The Plaza
Jl.MH.Thamrin Kav.15, Central Jakarta 10350, Indonesia.
RSVP: +6221 5068 0000


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