Beneath the giant bushes of Jakarta’s skyscrapers, Intercontinental Mid Plaza Jakarta recently re-launched one of its in-house restaurant Rasa, after a major, major change. I was recently invited with a bunch of bloggers in the city, along with the media people to the dinner (thanks Catrina, for the invite!). But before we move on, let me just say sorry again for leaving you all too long – things are going at fast speed at JKTGO, my startup which will be launched this coming September (do sign up on – and the second apology goes to the photo that I can’t post on today’s blog – my phone died, along with the fact I forgot to bring my camera. But however, I got you all some nice pics, courtesy of Rasa – which I think will cheer you up!
Rasa InteriorFirst of all, the restaurant is simply amazing. Despite its relatively smaller place than the other buffet establishment you see in town, this place managed to pull off a charming, intimate, and also homey look with its colour tone, and high ceiling. Another kudos is on how they put almost most off their platter in the center – because it may be a little bit frustrating to go around circles around the restaurant, to find the perfect food (we all have been there : P ). Another great thing you can expect in this restaurant is they have a BBQ menu – which is however, served outdoors – which is kinda nice, to get away from the air conditioned room, even though it’s just for a couple minutes. At  the BBQ stand, you’ll see all of the ingredients on the table, which you’ll see – are very fresh. And you can choose which one you want.
Rasa 2First off, as I’m dying for soup, I had the Potato Soup – which may look the same as a creamy mushroom soup. The overall texture is nice, it’s not too thick as any other creamy soup, and it has a soft taste. It’s very sweet (which is good for me) but most of the others find it too sweet, so if you’re not too fond of sweet stuff, you can at least grab a bit – it’s a buffet anyways. : )
Then on, I started my platter (this is the main platter edition) with the Japanese section – they serve fresh cut sashimi, and also some sushi. I enjoyed the sashimi better as it’s fresh and cut directly in front of me. The sushi’s not bad – but I do hope that they will serve different kind of sushi once in a while – especially in a buffet. Aside from making a great standout compared to the other buffet, it could perhaps lead to a more innovative competition among the buffet scene in Jakarta. Ps. Don’t forget the Crab Stick in this section. It’s divine.
Rasa duck tacosThe Indian dish was my second round. This section is not in the center, it’s near the open kitchen so you can see how all the Roti Canai are freshly made. You’ll find many small condiments, served in the usual Indian bowl. It seems a little bit crowdy to me – but however, once I smell the perfect aroma of the dish, those scenery bothers me no more. Now, as a true Indian food lover, I must say that the Indian food here is lovely! The Chicken Tikka is simply perfect, it has a perfect spiciness level, and also the canai bread, along with the Lamb Curry is too sweet to be missed! Be sure not to miss it people!
Last but not least, despite my harsh cold that night (everyone’s having a cold these days, right? ), I simply can’t miss the dessert bar. There’s a lot of dessert that you can find here, from traditional Indonesian cakes, waffles, many many delicious cakes, and ice creams. Oh, don’t forget to dip strawberries into the delicious chocolate fountain! One of my interesting finding here is the Pandan Cake which is quite tasty as it has a very nice aroma, and quite a cute, soft texture.
Triple chocolate brownieI also had the pleasure to meet Executive Chef Gary Palm, which oversees all of the food in the establishment. He definitely recommend you all to taste the Rasa Duck Tacos, Lontong Kari Ayam, Sanma with garlic bulbs, red chilli and corriander, BBQ Wagyu Beef, and the Warm Triple Chocolate Brownie. Well then, I do hope that this post can help you guys move along the city. In the next posts, I’ll be sharing you about The Godiva High Tea at Keraton Lounge, and a special insights on the other purpose of food – in which I promise, I have my own photos : ) Cheerios!

Intercontinental Mid Plaza Jakarta
+6221 251 0888 


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