Hello hello! So, I do hope you folks are ready to talk more about food! This post is to talk about my latest finding in the city of Jakarta. Nevertheless, thanks again for those who have signed up on my latest startup, JKTGO – if you haven’t, sign up now HERE as you’ll be the first to see the best places in Jakarta, all in one place. It will be launched soon on September 2013. IMG_2713Now, as promised, I’d like to talk about J House – a wine house, and restaurant that is hidden under the big buildings of Jakarta at Jl.K.H Mas Mansyur – right behind Pavilion Apartment. After you pass Pavilion apartment, make a left – and go straight for 50 metres, until you see Daily Food Hall. J House, is right above this supermarket. It’s at your left. J HouseAs I walk in, I finally found my next wine destination. The place is embellished with nice wooden interiors, where you can see a pile of rack as you walk in, showcasing different wines (nevertheless, since its the month of Ramadhan, the wines are kept at the warehouse). What I love here is the specific instructions, and guide to pair your dish with the wines provided — making it easier to pair your own meal, with your very own choice of wine. It’s definitely one of a kind in the city. IMG_2714IMG_2719As I sat down and open the menu, you can also find that the menus have a guide on the wine pairing – where each dish has a pointer, on what wine is best to have. They have a wide range of Red, White, and Rose WIne, mostly from Australia. But fear not, as it’s not the common Australian wine brand that you usually find. And most of them, even all of them, have a heavenly taste! They’re like little drops of heaven. IMG_2728I ordered the Seared Salmon Salad – which is recommended by the PR. It’s truly, the tastiest salad I’ve ever tasted in the city! Flourished with bits of chunky salmon, this salad is mixed with mix mesclum, green beans — and what makes it special, a honey, wholegrain mustard, as it’s dressing. A must try dish! IMG_2731My friend ordered the Coq Au Vin – which is chicken, cooked in red wine, which are complemented with mushrooms, and served with creamy mashed potato. I find this dish very enjoyable as it’s very juicy, and the chicken is cooked to perfection — I tried it a little bit : P . However, I wish that dish can have a thicker sauce. I think it’ll bring the taste a little bit more. IMG_2733The Slow Braised Lamb Shank is my meal. The lamb is very tender and nice – I have no complaints. It’s a great portion for a main course, plus it has a great deal for the value of money. Now, the great thing about this dish is its pumpkin sweet potato mash! It’s absolutely refreshing — and it’s my first encounter with this fine complements. Be sure not to miss this. I have a red wine, which are recommended by the menu. The menu doesn’t specifically say which wine you’re having. Basically, they already pair the wine that goes really well with the dish. However, you can always feel free to choose the wine of your choice on the rack above, or ask the sommelier himself, which is a great help! Seriously, he didn’t fail me. Bravo! IMG_2735 My friend ordered the Creme Brulee, which are served with strawberry granita, and caramelized walnut. The creme brulee here is divine. Again, I tasted some myself : P. I can’t tell you how many times I ate a creme brulee that came up too soggy, ending up as a complete disappointment. But not this one. It’s extremely crispy as its top layer (which it should be). The strawberry granita is like a shaved ice – which are complemented with a dash of syrup. Not that I said it’s bad, in fact, it managed to balance the after taste of the dessert. But I’m sure, it could be much better.IMG_2742I tried the Vanilla Panna Cotta. It’s been a while since I had a pana cotta, and boy this dessert really managed to fulfil my cravings. With a dash of raspberry compote, this dessert is simply delicious. I love on how the pana cotta has a great taste of milk – and the overall texture is divine. As an overall, J House is definitely a great place to be, and I’ll definitely come back. Some additional wines you should try is Parker Favourite Son Chardonnay 2009 and Lestille 2010, which is a sweet red wine. It’s truly recommended. Drop by around 16:00, and feel the evening sun, and have a drink till late, as when you sat down, it seems like there’s anywhere to be.


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