For the past few days, I’ve been having this humongous appetite. And one of the most thing that I’m desperate to have is sandwich—which is ironic considering I’m not a huge fan of sandwich (perhaps I haven’t find the best one here in the city). Then on, Yo Panino, a new sandwich place in town has recently opened up at Plaza Indonesia (right across Playground).
Sandwich WrapIt’s opening soon at Kota Kasablanka, and other malls also – so stay tuned. So, let’s get to the point on what bad boys you can get here!
MenuThe queue system is like when you order a piece of subway – in which you order you choose your menu – they have quite an extensive menu in a whole lot of varieties. Psst. you’ll never see them elsewhere as this shop specially made them by themselves. I had two sandwiches here – but I’m dying to try the dessert sandwich, which is filled with strawberry, or apple & mapple butter. You can make your sandwich a combo!IMG_2656After then, you get to choose the bread which has 4 varieties (I had the multigrain— hands down! ONE OF THE BEST BREADS EVER! It’s so crispy!) – before you choose your topping. Another one that is also a recommended bread by my friend is the Turkish Pide – which has a soft texture, and nice aroma. IMG_2624What I love most about this place is that they prepared your sandwich right then, and there – where you can even see the cooks, preparing your sandwich, where you can then eat it, nice and warm. So, I had two menus, first is their Beef Rendang, followed by Angry Prawn.
IMG_2639Beef Rendang 
is actually a very nice menu to fill the gap of cliche sandwiches menu in town. It’s very juicy. However, I wish it had more spices to enhance the beef taste even more, and I do suggest that you guys didn’t take the topping. I think it will spoil the rendang juice as an overall. But hey, that’s just an opinion : )
IMG_2664The Angry Prawn, my second sandwich is also a nice try. What the cooks do is they deep fried the prawns, and insert it into the middle of the sandwich. I also had  the multigrain bread for this menu. It’s simply that good that I can’t let it go. Don’t worry about the size of the sandwich, it’s quite big. It’s just that they slice it in half when they serve it to make it easier for you to eat.
The sauce used in this sandwich is a little spicy than rendang sandwich, but hey, if you wanted to kick it more a little bit, the chilli sauce is right there on the middle. And be sure to use your hands when you eat it ; )
As an overall, Yo Panino is a great sandwich place for you to try. But be sure to get your seats first, as this place tends to get extremely packed during peak hours. Enjoy this sexy beast, folks!

Yo Panino
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th Floor


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