I have been waiting for quite some time to try Mamacita at Senayan City. And last night, I’ve finally made it. So let’s see some of the treats they have for you.
ExteriorInteriorMamacita, The Wine Kitchen, has long been one of the main destinations of the Crystal Lagoon district at Senayan City Mall. Decor wise, I have to say it’s quite appealing, and you will get homey after you sat for 15 minutes. It’s a nice place to catch up with your buddies. When I came, it was during a live music session. The band is quite nice, singing many accoustic covers of the popular songs – and yes, they do take request of your favourite song. However, the music may be quite loud if you stay indoor. So if you want to have a serious talk, best to dine at the outdoor section of the restaurant.
IMG_2521There were 4 of us in the table. So here’s what my friends and I ordered. Above is the Mamacita Cordon Bleu – which comprises of tender chicken breast, smoked turkey bacon, mozarella, greens and djon mustard. The dish looks extremely appetising but my friend said it was so-so. However it’s still worth a try for cordon bleu lovers-as you know how food can be so subjective.
IMG_2526 copyThe Aglio Olio Angel with Hair Seared Prawn is the next menu. However, since my friend are nota huge fond of prawn-she substitute the order with chicken meat. It looks again, appetising. My friend said it was okay – she doesn’t say it’s bad. But again, it wouldn’t hurt to try.
IMG_2530Now this dish right here is super fresh! By the time the waiter placed this dish, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, the fresh, thick tomato aroma is so good – that you want to order this dish more and more. He said the bread it’s good – but he also mentioned that he would love it better if he can have more bread to eat it with the sauces. Note: ask for more bread from the waiter.
Burger No 1The Burger No 1 is my order of the night. It’s been a while since I had a burger. This burger is quite big – which suits the price of IDR 99k. It consist of 200gr US Burger which is topped with caramelized onions, on crusted mediterranean bread. There’s also pickle on the side. I find it a little strong – perhaps they can substitute the burger with some olives within the burger. It was ok- 5/10 from me. But as an overall, I do believe that this place has a huge potential to increase their overall quality. Yes, I would come again to try other dish – if that’s what you’re wondering. : )
IMG_2539 copyOne of the things that I also like about this place is they have different promotions day by day – which is a little hard to find in any other restaurants in the city. The promotion that we had yesterday was 6 shots of tequila/vodka for IDR 180k++ – which is relatively cheap for a place like Mamacita. So, be sure to see the promotions list first before ordering. And they do have wine – but it’s too bad that they didn’t serve the wine menu along with the food order (cause it’s after all a wine kitchen- so I would assume that). However, Mamacita still promises a good treat for you all in the Senayan City mall. Hope you guys had fun! Cheers.

Senayan City, Lower Ground Unit 52, Crystal Lagoon
+6221 72781477


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