Following their raved performance at Plaza Indonesia, The Playground has recently opened up their newest outlet at the Street Gallery at Pondok Indah Mall. I had the opportunity to pay a visit to this new hub.
OpeningPlace wise – it literally has a same design as Plaza Indonesia. I didn’t take a photo as the place is a full house. It was 16:00 on a Saturday – so you can definitely imagine the crowds. I heard that the place managed to drew over 10,000 visitors during the opening month-most of them even queue up at 10.30- that’s 30 minutes before the opening time. A reservation in advance is automatically needed. So let’s see what they have ready for you all.  Enough with the talking – and let’s get to the good stuff.
Insanity RiceI started the first course with Insanity Fried Rice – Nasi Goreng Gila if you would prefer to call it. I had this before at Plaza Indonesia and it was so-so. But this one is surprisingly good! All of the spices managed to blend into one, and I do warn you – it’s really spicy. A good dish for nasi goreng lovers.
tatagettiMy friend ordered (there’s just 2 of us-but, don’t be surprise on how much that we ate!) the Sategetti. Appearance wise, i was extremely skeptical – I thought it will be like noodle cooked with soy sauce. But boy is this dish a good try. It’s very interesting in taste – it kind of remind me with the cold noodle at Korean restaurants. It has a slight spicy feel – but that’s the zest of this dish.
Taco somethingI don’t remember the exact name of this dish. I think it was Tortilla-Gasm. I was kinda stuffed up when I reached this dish. But hey, it’s weekend! So the taco is filled with many juicy meat. I personally find this dish interesting – as you can’t find this dish on Plaza Indonesia, if I’m not wrong. However, I was kinda bummed as I can’t find any onions, or extra condiments such as tomato or perhaps some cucumber inside- to add a cold sensation, as a refreshment along with the many chopped meats. There’s a slight condiments on the side, so I guess you can put it in by yourself. Ladies, split this dish into 2, as it’s quite big – unless you’re a big eater. : P
Autopsy 1
Obviously, a trip to the Playgorund won’t be completed without their legendary Autopsy Burger. I love the chips, i love the onions, i love the juicy meat. If you haven’t taste it, be sure to have it. However, be sure not to leave it too long as the burger will fall out.
autopsy 2And alas, I don’t mind whether it’s 4/5 at the evening. I’m having a cocktail. However, since the restaurants are filling out fast, we have to re-order our drinks, and re-confirm our meal with the attendants as the shortage runs out fast. So be sure to arrive early if you want to have the favourites. I wanted to try the Russian Roulette but the ingredients ran out. Hence, they recommended me the Hell No. So i was like Hell Yeah! Why Not?
Hell NO!After I looked at the menu, turns out, it was a flaming! But ah, who cares! It’s flaming at 16:00. You Only Live Once, anyways. I didn’t get a chance to take the burning glass as I have to sip it ASAP. : P
ConeFor those who love cocktails, this one CONE is a must try. The base of the cocktail is rum, mixed with many ice creams. A true delight, plus , it will not make you wasted. Unless, you can’t drink that much.  So anyways, this is it.  I hope you guys will have the same fun as I do. Have fun playing around! And OH! If you guys wanted to sit at the merry go round, or swing table, be ready to queue a long time. But for me, the usual chair will do.

RSVP +6221-29529729


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