SO! We all do love a little supper don’t we? Street food is definitely the best place to find the best local treats. Besides, a little casual meal won’t kill nobody, right?So if you’re still thinking about what to eat, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY this new place at the buzzing district of Mangga Besar, YUNG HO!
Yung HoIf you’re coming from Hayam Wuruk road, after your entry to Mangga Besar, stay straight for around 150-200 metres, and park at the left inner street. This restaurant is at the left side. If you’re coming from the other way, this restaurant will be at your right side. So you gotta make a U-Turn in front of Heni’s bakery.
So if you’re still a big fan of Kamseng, you better get this baby as your new spot. Kamseng is 2012 – and 2013 is all about Yung Ho! Isn’t the name a little catchy?!
I was having supper with my baby brother and we had the pleasure to chat with the owner-who turns out to be a young man-he’s 25! Pretty young, eh? So anyways, this young man is always interested in food, and one of his biggest motivation in establishing his own restaurant is to create a much better dish than you can ever find in Mangga Besar, or better yet, the whole city. Now let’s see what you should have here!
Sapi Lada HitamThe place hosts several package menu. They also have porridge, ramen, and also several dim sum menu. Pretty nice to have all of these in one place right? However, I do recommend you all to have several ala-carte menu to share. Above is the Black Pepper Beef or the Sapi Lada Hitam. One of the many things I like about all of our dish in Yung Ho is the great aroma you get once the dish hits your table. This dish for instance has a very peppery scent-but not too much, which creates a longing appetite! The taste? It’s my most favourite dish of the night! The restaurant gives us a nice portion with nice chunky beef. The beef had also been cut perfectly in its size. Taste wise, the overall spices of the dish has managed to blend perfectly with this dish! You cannot simply miss this! However, do have a bowl of rice when you have this menu, it will be much more enjoyable!
Babi HongThe Babi Hong is also a must try. It’s one of their specialty! My baby brother loves this dish so much that he can’t stop eating it. What I like about this dish is, besides the great taste, and generous size of the dish, is that you won’t find the strong pork scent you usually found elsewhere. Hence, it’s easier to digest, and enjoy easily. If you’re having porridge, this dish will be a great companion to your dish as the sauce use for this dish has that perfect salty taste for your congee/porridge.
Hainam ChickenFor hainam rice lovers, this Hainam Chicken is by far, one of the best hainam chicken I had in town. You know how sometimes restaurant can get so stingy on giving the garnish on the chicken? Well, not Yung Ho. The owner told us that little condiments bugs him sometimes when he eat Hainam chicken elsewhere-as the garnish is what brings out the best quality in the dish. This chicken? Absolutely juicy, flavourful, and it has a very, very nice aroma! I’ll definitely have this again.
FIsh SoupIf you want some nice hot soup, do try their Fish Soup. It’s one of the restaurant’s best selling items. This soup has a very nice fresh taste, so it doesn’t create an eeky after-soup-feeling  on your mouth. The fish is also very soft, which is surprising because most fish on a fish soup tends to stiffens up because of the heat. It’s definitely delicious. Perhaps this restaurant can serve this soup in a bigger portion? I think it will be better when family/friends wants to have a nice soup to share.
Tonkotsu RamenYup, we didn’t stop there! For the last dish, me and my brother had their Tonkotsu Ramen. This item turns out to be one of the best selling ramen in the restaurant for the past few months. So we’re dying to try. I’m not too fond of ramen. But this ramen suits my taste buds perfectly – the soup does not have a very thick texture, which makes it easy to digest. Plus, you cannot feel a heavy mycin use like any other ramen in town. Oh, do ask the restaurant for more chasiew meat, it’s so tasty!
For what it’s worth, the owner and the restaurant definitely know what they’re doing. And you definitely won’t spend a fortune to enjoy these dishes. Hence, I do hope this post gives you an idea on what you can find at Yung Ho. I’ll definitely come back for more – and I do hope you guys have fun trying this. Until next post then, now go get your supper!


6 thoughts on “YUNG HO MADNESS!

  1. Sista, tadi aku makan di Yung Ho lho
    cuma sekarang porsi ramennya jadi kecil
    ga seenak pertama kali aku makan
    and guess what, di ramen yg aku pesen ada semutnya
    aku kaget lho, kok yung ho, kualitas makanannya jadi berkurang
    jadi mikir2 lagi kalau mau ke sana
    ramen yang ditukar pun, pas isinya udah mulai habis tinggal kuah
    ada semutnya juga, walaupun ga sebanyak di mangkuk pertama
    bener2 deh aku kecewa dengan ramen yung ho kali ini

      • Hello again sis ^^
        sista kenal sama yg punya yah?
        biasa suka ada kan di restonya
        sebenernya aku juga ga enak mw complain
        coz aku bukan tipe customer yg bawel
        tp, kali ini bener bad experience banget..
        semoga ke depannya bisa lebih bagus deh yung ho
        cuma untuk balik lagi aku think twice jadinya..

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