Well hello there! I hope you are ready for some wine action – cause the Bordeaux wines are back again in this post. I had the pleasure to be invited again by my great friend, Haseena Bharata, and Viana & Agnes from Grand Hyatt Jakarta on a casual dinner at one of Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s dining place, C’s
4 Bordeaux WinesThere were 4 wines from the 26 Chateaus that had made their stop at the city, which entertained the whole dinner —they were: Chateau Guiraud (yes, the sexy wine), Chateau Corbin, Chateau Haut Bages Liberal, and Chateau Carbonnieux. On this dinner, we also had the chance to see a unique side, the casual side, or as the Hyatt team called it, from C’s – where they will serve Gado-Gado along with wine, and some other unique dishes. So, let’s see what we had, shall we?
AppetizersWe started the dinner with a nice starter, the bread above is a plain bread – but it has that soft texture, so it doesn’t give you that “full” sensation. It sorts off as an aphrodisiac for the many great foods to come. The sauce, which is put as a combination is extremely good – though you may look it as if it’s hot, tomato sauce, it turns out to be the other way around. It’s simple, and refreshing, and better yet, it’s delightfully cold!
Amuse BouscheOur official amuse bouche comes up afterwards – aren’t they cute? Each of these sticks-which comprises of tuna, egg, and tomatoes, are all complemented with a mozarella cheese-which is spotted by the Hyatt team. Turns out, it’s from a local farmer, that had managed to grow these unbelievable cheese.Gado GadoYes, the second dish is in fact, Gado-Gado, one of Indonesia’s most authentic dish. Haseena & Viana mentioned that the menu is sort of a trying out session – to combine wine with local cuisine (which is, for Indonesians, a great thing, isn’t it?). I love the overall taste of this dish – i think what really brings out the whole dish is the peanut sauce, which is a little spicy – and extremely cold. They serve this dish in a very cold plate, hence, it brings out a refreshing taste to the overall dish, and the sauce as an overall. The Gado Gado is served with a white wine, 2010 Chateau Carbonnieux – which is quite heavy for me. Surprising, considering it’s still a relatively new vintage. But I do like the unique taste, that keeps you sipping for more. Hence, despite its heaviness, it makes a great opening to the whole table. This is actually an interesting pairing, to balance a light dish, with a slightly stronger wine. So, do try it out yourself!
SashimiThe second pairing is my most favourite pairing for the dinner – as I have never tried it out myself. But, I do recommend this type of pairing for everyone! It’s simply magnificent. Here we have, a fresh, juicy, plate of sashimi (I apologies for the picture’s over-bright quality).
Chateau GuiraudNow, the wine paired for this dish is no other than the sexy wine, 2010 Chateau Guiraud! Honestly speaking, this wine keeps haunting me since the Bordeaux Rendezvous—so I’m so excited to have this bad baby for the night. It’s a dessert wine, which taste sweet. I actually think it may be a little TOO sweet for some person. But, I urge you guys to try it as it has a nice fruity taste – which also has a nice after taste. The wine works wonder for this dish as it cleanse your mouth, with all the raw feeling of the sashimi. Plus, it creates a crispy sensation to the sashimi as I ate it along. Simply unique, and I’ll definitely try this on my own.
Lamb RavioliThe Lamb Ravioli, comes up as the third dish. Though it may seem small, this dish really stuffed the whole table for the night. Turns out, the lamb inside these raviolis are very stuffy, that the texture is very thick. I actually thought it was foie gras at first, since I kind of recognised a somehow, similar taste.  But, it was lamb after all. Kudos, to Chef Rolf Knecht, for this sumptuous creations.
Chateau HautThe wine chosen for this wine is the 2010 Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal, which is the under the same company as Chateau Durfort Vivens. This relatively young wine is also heavy, again, an irony for such a young age. But what can you say, when it’s a grand cru wine, it always taste magnificent. This wine is suitable for those who in favor of Cabernet Sauvignon – as it has that same after taste, and a medium texture.

Mix Grill PlatterNow, let’s take a look at this great feast! The Mixed Grilled Platter – definitely, the best, best, best dish of the night! The dish is filled with a juicy Australian ribs, chickens, and sausages. For this dish, I must say  – that from all the ribs I tasted in town. This ribs here, are definitely the winner! You will never find, a juicier ribs, and such succulent taste – as the whole sauce blends in perfectly with the meat. Simply simply magnificent! A MUST TRY!
Chateau CorbinNow, for a juicy ribs in this particular event, the wines from 2010 Chateau Corbin is the perfect combination. I like this wine better than Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal as it has a softer texture, and a sweeter aftertaste. I also love the balance as for me it has a more solid form, and it’s also accompanied with a nice aroma. However, if you’re not a fond of dessert wine, Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal, is the perfect wine for you.
Coconut Ice CreamAnd alas for dessert, I present to you, the Coconut Ice Cream. What makes this ice cream really special is the form of the ice cream  – which is not so much like shaved ice, and not so much as a cream ice- if you know what I mean. It has that solid balance, but not repulsive in another way. You know that sometimes, you can get brain freeze for having a bite off hard ice creams. And, the coconut ice cream here is surprisingly wonderful as I’m scared it will have an artificial coconut flavour, which I found in most ice cream.  but it doesn’t. Beautiful, and I’ll definitely have this when I come back, SOON! The wine pairing for this ice cream is again the sexy wine, Chateau Guiraud, which again stunned me for creating a perfect mix between sweet dish + sweet drinks. Definitely a must keep in your wine lockers at home.
And in conclusion, I would like to say thank you so much for the folks inviting me, Viana, Agnes and Haseena Bharata. Yes again, you can call her to order the wines that are here on the dinner at Haseena Bharata (+62 816 959500). See you soon peeps! And do stay tuned where I will upload a new restaurant that will shift Kamseng, the famous porridge from the spotlight. Cheerios!

C’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant – Grand Hyatt Jakarta
+6221-2992 1234



4 thoughts on “BORDEAUX & C’S

  1. Thank you so very much Ian , we had a great evening, delicious dishes of C’s , fantastic Pairing with the Bordeaux Rendez Veous Wines and most of all Great Superb companion 🙂 cheers

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