Well, I do hope you enjoyed our wine chatter at the previous post. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about Bistronomy. Yup, this relatively new place is located at the edgy spot of Wolter Monginsidi – one of the fastest growing street in Jakarta in terms of its restaurant. Place wise, this place can somehow be a little confusing – especially for the first timer (Google Maps, strongly advised) – and there aren’t any clear signs that display their presence. I went there during the weekdays – so there weren’t many crowds flooding the restaurant – however, parking there is quite painful as you have to park at the streets nearby – thank goodness for the handy parking attendant.
BistronomyInteriorI must say that design wise, this place managed to bring a fresh vibe into the overly monotone – minimalist or industrial design in every city’s restaurant. I think it’s quite charming – and the place is extremely cozy for long talks and catching up – they do have that homey feel.
Interior2A slightly victorian – classic – decor is used to decorate the overall place. Their lamps can somehow be the iconic part of this place, as I think it’s the glue that holds this place’s design. And for smokers, you can’t smoke inside – but you can smoke at the terrace, which is also well equipped with cozy chairs and tables. But, of course, it’s much better to eat inside. Now, let’s talk about what food will you have here.
Spaghetti Spaghetti Marinara Penne Seafood RigateFood wise, the menu has the ordinary fusion menu that every new restaurant must comply. A lot of pastas, the ordinary chicken, burger and sandwiches. Above are some of the pastas that me and my friends have. I believe the top photo is the Spaghetti Aglio Olio, followed by Spaghetti Marinara or Bolognese (sorry, I didn’t write down the menu’s name) – and the last is my dish, Penne Rigate. As an overall, we are quite disappointed with the menus above as with the price charged – we can get a much better pasta at Pepenero, or Trattoria. Pasta wise, the texture is soft and smooth. However, they do can add more substance to make the sauce more memorable to the dish. As an overall, I wouldn’t recommend the pastas here.
ChickenA friend of mine have the chicken – again, I forgot the menu’s name – apologies for this inconvenience. Perhaps you can show the waitress the photo of this chicken if you feel like having it : ) . This chicken seems promising from its appearance – but my friend said there’s nothing special about it. But he does say, it’s a decent meal. Perhaps, this could be your options, or you would taste some of the burgers below.
Burger2 BurgerAlright, above are some of the burger and sandwiches that my friends have. One of them is Pork – but I forgot which one. As the overall meal, I would say, if I have to repeat my night over again, I would have the pork burger. I think it’s the most delectable meal of the night – and it does have that crunchy feel which is pretty nice. They also do have some wine served, but make sure you get the brands that you liked/ know.
Mango PuddingAnd at the very end, it’s the Mango Pudding that managed to set the whole night perfectly. Yes, this dessert is extremely yummy. What I love most about this pudding is the texture is just perfect – it’s not too soft nor too stiff for a pudding. And, it has a very thick mango flavour – not to mention their mango sauce as the topping. So, make sure you don’t miss this one out!
As an overall, Bistronomy managed to provide a nice place for chill out lovers. I would definitely come back for the venue. But, I would say that for a place this nice, the overall food quality does have the potential to be upgraded.
Have a nice weekend folks!

Bistronomy Jakarta
Jalan Ciranjang (Cinuru 1 No. 2)
Kebayoran Baru
RSVP: +6221-7096655



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