So tell me, if you’re in Bordeaux, how will you distinguish your wine with over 10,000 Chateaus (winery) there?

Hello! It’s been a while since I haven’t talked about a profile in the food industry – so, here it goes again. Around a month ago, I was invited to the Bordeaux Rendezvous event – an event where 26 finest Chateaus of Bordeaux travel all the way to Asia to showcase their wine. In case you’ve missed the post, you can see it HERE. Now, in that event, I had the chance to have a long conversation with Madame Celine Vilaras Forbet, owner of Chateau Chasse Spleen, and Chateau De Camensac. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to take a quick photo of her. But you can check it at the website HERE.

Chateau Chasse SpleenLyon+Mia (L+M): So, tell us a little bit about your Chateaus.
Madame Celine (MC): Well, our family is heavily involved in the wine business. My grandfather, Jacques Merlaut bought Chateau Chasse Spleen in the year of 1976. It was then passed on to my mother, my sister, and me at the year of 2000.

I’m currently handling it with my husband. We can be considered as one of the largest estate in Bordeaux – with over 100 hectares. Chateau Camensac, on the other hand was purchased by myself, and my uncle in 2005. It was very huge on the 60s – which presents itself as a massive potential. However, by the time we purchased, it was not as big in the 60s. But, we are proud to say that we are slowly recovering it’s form.
L+M: Well, do you take any studies on wine?
MC: No, I was actually taking an architecture and landscape study as my major. But I had a deep connection to the wine industry.

L+M: What year will you say is your best vintage?
MC: We had a very fantastic wine in 2010. It was indeed a blessing to all the Chateaus in Bordeaux where the condition is perfect for the harvest. The wine harvested has a perfect balance among it’s acidity, alcohol, and tannin.

L+M: What do you think makes Chasse Spleen, different than the other wines?
MC: I think that Chateau Chasse Spleen has a very unique characteristics in its taste – it’s very smooth. I even conducted several blind taste among many person, and they can still identify which one is Chasse Spleen.

L+M: Would you say that is the reason on how Chasse Spleen can differentiate itself among the other 10,000 wineries?
MC: Yes, you can say so. I would put it in a way – that Chasse Spleen has its very own taste that can’t be copied. They have a certain smoothness that can be easily identified. Aside that, I can say that we have a very excellent team which can adapt with the harsh weather, and control a fine production of quality. I think these are the ways that how a wine can distinguish itself from others. Chasse Spleen itself is also easily identified by the French due to its meaning – Remove Sadness.

L+M: What other factors would you want to have in your Chateaus?
MC: If I can choose – what I would want are beautiful weathers, and also the soils. Soil determines the quality of your grapes – which eventually shape the characteristics of your wine. The vines that we planted, and also the varieties that we have also shape up an excellent wine.

L+M: What do you think about the wine market in Asia?
MC: Hong Kong is very mature in the wine market – the people there clearly knows the in-and-out of the wine world. Singapore is also maturing perfectly – they have an increasing society of wine lovers. Indonesia is also increasing steadily as I can see that people here are trying to understand the wine perfectly – before drinking it. Which I think is important. Thailand, Japan and Korea are also the other Asian countries that are growing.

L+M: What’s your hope for your Chateaus?
MC: For both Chateaus, I wanted to improve their distribution across the world. For Camensac I wish to create a more fine personality to make it more distinguishable among the wine market.

L+M: Last question, what are the words would you use to describe your wine.
MC: Hmm.. for Chasse Spleen, I would say it’s feminine, and masculine at the same time. Charming, Structured, and Elegant.
For Chateau de Camensac, I would say Silky, Fruity, and Elegant. It also has more texture – which makes it fun to discover.

Now perhaps, you too, would like to taste these fine creations? I know I will taste it all over again! Thanks again to Madame Celine Vilaras, and my dear friend, Haseena Bharata for setting up the interview. Should you wish to purchase these wines, simply call Haseena Bharata (+62 816 959500). Good day to you all! Cheers.


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