Logo foodpandaHaving to have stay home alone for quite some time, I decided to do a post on food delivery. The story started when a couple of nights ago, I was home alone, when my family left for a quick holiday. Even though it’s fun – when it comes to finding food, it’s no fun at all. Delivery is always a piece of cake – but it seems the delivery universe had banished me from their kingdom – leaving me wandering in desperate hunger – either the hotline is out of service, or it take endless waiting for the food to arrive. But then, I discover this somewhat new delivery website called Foodpanda from a friend of mine. I’m pretty sure some of you knows these site – but if you guys didn’t know – it’ll be so fun to try this for your next delivery service.
This site is extremely easy to use (they even have the app) to enable easier usage for those of you who are continuously on-the-go. So basically, the website has narrow the restaurants whom are available for the delivery on your area (this means, you are spared by the tedious long call of wondering whether your food can be delivered to your area or no). They also have the delivery time specified – along with the minimum purchase info, delivery fee, and estimated delivery time. I tried the delivery from Rawon Nguling – (try see what they offer HERE) a newly heard rawon place for me. Thankfully, everything went smooth and swift. (My camera is brought by my brother so I’ll spare you guys from the horrible quality my blackberry has brought upon me.) But, be sure to have the logo above on the site you’re opening – incase a spammer with a same name has appeared.
Honestly, I love this site very much! But I wish they can have more listing on their place for better selections in the future. However, for what it’s worth, this site is highly recommended. Happy delivery guys!



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