Table SettingIt’s been a while, 21 days, since my last post. I apologize for the late posting as other works has been on my plate. Hence, I hope this post will make up for it. Today’s post will feature the story about my latest find in the restaurant that gave me this blog’s name, along with the person – whose name is on this blog – Yup, it’s at Lyon french restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, with my friend, Mia.
So, as the season of spring has slowly settled down in this metropolitan city, Lyon has been adding their menu with some colourful, and exciting dishes (FYI, it also comes to my knowledge that this place also change most of their menus every 3 months). So without further adieu, let’s see what we have in this page of the menu. Shall we?
Pan Fried Duck Foie gras from PerigordNow, in many of my last posts, you all might already have figured out that foie gras is one of my most favourite dish. And what I must say, this dish, the Pan Fried Duck Foie Gras from Perigord is the starters that you must try! It’s best that you have it alone – you can understand when you taste it yourself. The foie gras has been perfectly cooked – and it manages to leave out the awkward after taste which most of you have already encountered. As the side, this dish is served with caramelized prune and lemon zest, along with lemon jam stuffed dates, and dried fruit. A must have dish when you come to this place!
Wild Garoupa FilletThis colourful dish, Wild Garoupa Fillet with Rock Octopus and Squid, comes as Mia’s main course – which is presented beautifully, and artistically. This dish is served with chorizo, orzo pasta, squid ink jus, and espelette pepper. From the look of it, this dish will surely tempt you, don’t you think?
Farm Raised Lamb LoinCous CousAnd for my main dish, I ordered the Farm Raised Iberian Pork Lamb Loin and Chop. Call me exaggerating (as always) but I never exaggerate when it comes to good food. This lamb has been cooked perfectly. It doesn’t have that typical lamb smell, and the quality of the meat is perfect. Have i mentioned the perfect sauce that compliments the overall quality of the dish? Bottom line, if you want something heavy – but doesn’t create that stuffy after feel in your belly, this dish is the way to go. In addition, this dish is also served with couscous – which is made up of black onions, buttered spinach, and pineapple condiment – which open your taste buds to explore this sumptuous meal.
The MandarinYou might think that you should stop at the main course, but, don’t you dare miss these two heavenly dessert. If you like chocolate, and the melting sensation, The Mandarin will suit you perfectly. The crunchy praline with warm chocolate sauce – along with the chilly sensation of the ice cream will create a harmonious sensation in your feel. Side note: Enjoy this dessert slowly, and let yourself go!
Lemon Tart
And last but not the least, if you want something fresh to clear your taste buds after a heavy meal, I suggest the Lemon Tart – which gives a very instant, refreshing feel. This lemon tart is served with lemon mousseline, meringue and their tantalizing sorbet. What I love most is the crisp base, which is also complemented by the crispy bites of the small jelly served along at the top (can you see them?). So what will you have, if you ask me, “We’re all big eaters when we want to, so why not have ’em all?” I’ll see you all on the next post!

Lyon at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta
RSVP: +6221-29938888


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