So, have you eat at Altitude? My best bet is most of you have heard where, and about Altitude (which is the hottest spot for Jakarta citizens). Situated in the 46th floor of the infamous The Plaza, Altitude host 3 different restaurants inside, Salt Grill, Enmaru, and Gaia. Enmaru has been receiving the hottest reviews from my friends so far – but, yet again, taste is all about perspective. This post is about the food that I found on Salt Grill – which is headed by Chef Luke Mangan. Altitude ViewI’ll show you only one photo of the view you can have, as I wanted you all to have that extra excitement if you haven’t been up here.In terms of service wise, I must say that this place is very hospitable and reliable. Place wise, it’s simply breathtaking. Dining with your loved ones, and see the city’s iconic skylight? What could be better! The food menu is pretty concise – so it’s very convenient to choose what to order – by having a very good number of selections.
OmeletteWe started the night with two appetizers – The Sydney Crab Omelette, which is served with enoki mushroom, and herb salad alongwith miso-mustard broth. As an overall, this appetizer doesn’t satisfy my taste buds – as I find it pretty plain. It was actually very simple, it doesn’t have that yummy Crab taste I was expecting I would prefer the other appetizer, the Pan Fried Potato Gnocchi.
Pan Fried GnocchiThis pan fried potato gnocchi is served with corn, asparagus, zucchini, parmesan, thyme, truffle verjuice dressing entree. Compared to the omelette, this dish has more flavor. The gnocchi is very nice and has that cute chewy feel. I think the corn also played an important role in this dish – by adding a sweet natural taste to spruce up my taste buds.
BeefWe (me and my friends) took some time to order the main course – but we decided to have the menus from the MAINS TO SHARE SECTION. I forgot to write down the name as my tummy has been rumbling. But, there are only 3 courses available that is available for the mains to share – and we ordered it all. So, you can’t miss anything. The menus were brought out together, which is very convenient, as you don’t need to be put on that exhausting hold for the next dish. For the beef, in terms of meat wise, they put on their very best meat, as its very tender, and has that perfect juice. However, it was a little plain for me, or perhaps the sauce for this dish is very light, and little in amount. So my best bet is it will make a better dish if it has more sauce as the condiments. All the main courses were served with mashed potato (which is simply too die for – I didn’t have the picture. But it’s a must try!), and also tomatoes with some herbs (which is super fresh. Perhaps, you can save your complimentary bread to eat it along with).
ChickenThe Chicken, is a better dish compared to the beef. Its cooked perfectly, and it has been fried with to its greatest form – as the chicken is very crispy. The onions, and other condiments also add to help the flavour – including the fresh sauce served at the side. Perhaps, we can make the chicken a lil’ bit bigger, Chef? :9
FishAnd for the last course, we have the fish – which is presented with stir try out crab meat, shitake mushrooms, and some edamame beans at the back. Aside from the fresh fish that was served, the plus point for this dish is the sweet flavours from the shitake mushroom – which is the perfect addition to the fish – for creating a strong but balance taste.
DessertAnd last but not the least, my favourite part of the dinner lies on the restaurant’s dessert. I forgot the exact name, but it has something related to “3” chocolates. On the far left is a chocolate mousse (which we thought was brownies). It’s very smooth and also soft in its taste – as most mousse tend to over-exposed their chocolate flavour. On the far right is a chocolate cake – I didn’t taste much on this cake – perhaps the mousse’s after taste can’t match the cake. However, the best part of this dessert lies on the middle, the heavenly melted chocolate cake. This molten cake is by far, the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted! The power lies in its very creamy chocolate filling, which simply fills your whole mouth with its powerful taste. Simply amazing.
Overall, I love the place and the food was relatively okay. It’s a very charming place up there, and there’s no better place to see the Jakarta skyline than this place. See you all there.
PS. Salt Grill has the best view among other place in Altitude.

ALTITUDE RSVP: 021 29922448.


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