Meet your newest dining place in Jakarta, Auroz! For years, Amuz has managed to thrill many food aficionados in Jakarta. Now, expanding their horizon, Amuz introduced their newest sister, Auroz. I had the pleasure to went there before the opening for the annual grand event, the Bordeaux Rendezvous – which is held by PT. Dwimitra Sukses Perkasa, and PT. Pantja Artha Niaga.
LuncheonAgain, my sincere thanks to Haseena for the invites. This event has been conducted yearly, which in this year, has been held at Singapore, Bangkok, Penang, before heading to Jakarta and the final closing at Bali. There were over 26 magnificent Chateaus from the region of Bordeaux, which bring their own splendid creations to thousands of wine lovers. To name them are Château Clerc Milan, Château d’Armailhac, Château Haut-Bages Liberal,  Château Lagrange, Château Beychevelle, Château Leoville Poyferre, Château Lafon Rochet, Château Brane Cantenac, Château Lascombes, Château Giscours, Château du Tertre, Château d’Issan, Château Ferriere, Château Canterle, Château de Camensac, Château Chasse Spleen, Château Poujeaux, Château Domaine de Chevalier, Château Haut Bailly, Château Carbonnieux, Château de Fieuzal, Château Guiraud, Château Coutet, Clos Fourtet, Château Dassault, Château Corbin. I also had the pleasure in meeting some of these wonderful Chateaus and tasted their wines, again, I thank you for your warm hospitality, and hope you all enjoyed Indonesia.
Main EntranceAuroz may seem a little bit hard for us to find – considering its location is situated on a new building – but don’t worry, I’ll attach a map at the bottom of this post. The main entrance consist of a single door – which has a bold writing of “AUROZ” on it. It has a very strong sense of elegance, posh, and also prestigious dining. Now, let’s see what’s inside, shall we.
Open KitchenMain TableInteriorThe restaurant started out with a big view on the open restaurant – where you can see Chef Gilles, the executive Chef of Auroz and Amuz, along with his team in live action. The interior has a very casual atmosphere – despite its elegant setting. I think the casual nuance is captured because of the bright natural lightning. The main dining room has a very elegant oval table, with one of the most unique chandeliers that I’ve seen. It also has several private rooms which can be used for your private dining. Overall, it’s a great setting for luncheon, and I think it’ll be even better during dinner time.
Table SettingDuring this luncheon, I had the pleasure to sit with some of the editors from Jakarta Post, and a few representatives from the Bordeaux – Stephen Carrier from Chateau FieuzalAdrien Bernard from Domaine de Chevalier, Lori from Chateau Leoville Poyferre, and Yann Monties from Chateau Haut Bailly. We had some good talks about each of their wine, and the process on how they can distinguish themselves from 10,000 Chateaus in the region of Bordeaux.
StartersThe starters is started by an Amuse Bouche – which is Light Creamed Paris Mushroom Cappucino with White Truffle Essence – i forgot to take a picture – but rest assured, the taste is beautiful and very smooth. Despite it’s soupy form, you can managed to taste the whole richness in a shot. On the photo above, Chef Gilles prepared us a rich selection of starters which is firstly (from left to right), the Escargot A La Provencale – Baked Escargot, which is by far, the best escargot I’ve taste since my last trip to Paris – simply beautiful, it’s smooth, rich, and also there’s quite a lot of escargot pieces there – which doubles the pleasure. On the middle is the Duck Foie Gras Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Baguette Bread – unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try this as I was busy talking to my friend (the wines made me so chatty) – but my friend told me its soft, have good texture, and simply delicious. And last but not least, we have the Viande de Grison – Thinly Sliced Dried Beef, and Fresh Melon Rock – this beef has a very close taste as a prosciutto – which is simply divine. However, the melon is quite big for me, perhaps we can add some thicker sliced dried beef, Chef? :9
LuncheonAt this point of time, we’ve also started to taste the different wines on the luncheon. The representatives have been distributed equally to different tables, to accompany the guests that have been designated to sat on. I’ve taken the big table, luckily, and managed to try the 4 wines which Stephen, Lori, Adrien, and Yann brought. I’ve also missed out to capture the bottles of these wines, so I do apologize – but I do hope that the next few words can capture the essence of these wines.
When I asked one of the representatives, Celine Villars-Foubet on a one-to-one interview (i’ll be posting this interview soon), considering the large number of Chateaus in the Bordeaux region (10,000 to be exact), how does each Chateau managed to distinguish themselves? Celine said that each vineyard, simply have different taste. I was a little skeptical by this reason – but the flavours managed to speak for themselves.
The Domaine De Chavelier is a very macho wine, if I may say. I personally love the aroma, it’s very strong, but in a very appealing kind of way. In terms of taste, it has a very powerful taste – which is also complemented by the thick texture (which conceals the holes on my taste buds). Moreover, another plus point by this wine is that it has a very smooth-spicy-like feeling that lingers around your mouth, which makes it more saucy. This estate is actually owned by the Bernard Family, a German in nationality, which has over 100,000 bottles in red wine production, and 15,000 bottles in white wine. Nevertheless, despite its low production in white wines, this estate is recognized as one of the greatest dry white wines in the world. 
The second wine that I tried, 2009 Chateau de Fieuzal. I was very fortunate to have Stephen, one of the winemakers,  sitting beside me to guide me on his heavenly drink. The wines that I’ve tasted is very pleasant – my take is that whether you’re fond of a strong/smooth wine, this wine will do you good. In terms of aroma wise, it’s has a medium aroma – but not fruity, not too oaky. So it’s just perfect. It also has a very balance taste – as it’s not too strong, nor too weak. It also doesn’t have a very thick texture, so the wine is presented in that perfect time. Stephen also added that they concentrate on having more Cabernet Sauvignon, and little merlot to create a subtle balance.
A unique thing in the wine process of Chateau de Fieuzal is the cement vats, and the stainless steel vats which they use in fermentation process to acquire a better feeling, and selection of the grapes (as the containers aren’t big in its sizes) – which leads to a better wine production.
Black Angus BeefFor the third course, Chef Gilles presented my ultimate favourite dish of the day, Certified Black Angus Beef Sirloin with Potato Galette, Baby Haricots Verts, Grandma Bacon & Mushroom Jus. This Black Angus is from Australia – which is simply divine. In terms of texture wise, it’s simply perfect. The Mushroom Jus also complement the dish more perfectly as it spruce up the whole flavor of the beef – not to mentioned the crispy feel from the fried potato galette as the base. And you can see some of the sea salt (if I’m not mistaken) – which I love so much as it creates that extra kick on your dish – especially on red meats.
Back to the wines, following the two wines I’ve tasted before, I now taste the  2008 Chateau Leoville Poyferre. In terms of keeping its vision, to have a perfect balance, great finesse, elegance, and remarkable aging potential, I must say that this wine has it all. It’s very strong at first, in terms of aroma. However, it has a thick texture (considering the high concentration of Cabernet Sauvignon) which I love, cause sometimes thin texture feels somewhat hollow in my tongue. It’s definitely a good wine to drink for all types of food. Unfortunately Lori and I sat quite far from each other, so I do hope to catch up with her soon, perhaps in Bordeaux.
Now, for the last wine, I had the 2005 Chateau Haut Bailly. When I asked Yann on how to describe this particular wine of his, he mentioned elegant, classic, and charming – which is indeed, true. The Chateau Haut Bailly had a very nice, light aroma. The texture is also very smooth – and has very nice somewhat sweet aftertaste. I think it’ll be suitable for a great opening for your  occasions, or perhaps, a seafood dish.
Apple Tart TatinAnd last but not least, we have the Apple Tart Tatin –  which is served with Cinnamon Ice Cream. I’m not exaggerating on this dessert – but from all the apple tart that I’ve managed to tried across the city, this Apple Tart is probably the best. It’s very impressive on how he can managed to put together so many layers of apples in those dessert – in which you can feel the layers, one at the time, from the moment of your first bite. This dessert is actually the closing part of today’s luncheon – however, a very nice surprise when Augustin Lacaille from Chateau Guiraud suddenly swoops in, and offered us his wine. Yes, please! Stephen said that the wine is the sexiest wine, and I can’t wait to try as Augustin slowly poured it. It’s a dessert wine by the way, and mamma mia,yes it is! This particular wine has been raved for its fruity and mineral flavours, and also, extreme freshness. Aroma wise, you can literally smell various fruits, which creates a nice aroma. Texture wise, it’s very smooth, yet creamy and rich at the same time – where you can feel the sweetness of the wine pour down your throat. Till this post is launched, I still can feel it, literally.
Chef GilesIn conclusion, I would like again to thank Haseena, PT. Dwimitra Sukses Perkasa, and PT. Pantja Artha Niaga for having me. Chef Gilles for the amazing food, Ms. Ida Ayu from Auroz for the great hospitality. I would also like to express my greetings to Aymar De Baillenx, from Chateau Beychevelle, Christophe Labenne from Chateau Poujeaux, Laurence Brun from Chateau Dassault, Frederic Ardouin from Chateau Giscours, and Chateau Du Tertre – it was great meeting you all, and hope I can see you soon. Celine Villaras from Chateau de Camensac and Chateau Chasse Spleen, and Lucase Leclercq from Chateau Lafon Rochet – for the macho wine! For more information on the wine, please call Haseena Bharata (+62 816 959500). I’ll see you all on my next post, which will feature my dining tales on another Jakarta’s newest dining gem, Salt Grill, at Altitude.

Gedung Menara Merdeka, Ground Floor,
Jl. Budi Kemuliaan 1 No.2, Jakarta 10110
Phone Number: 021 2957 3690


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