18:00 at Emilie

disclaimer note: the author will discuss more great, great, great wines in the next two posts. wine lovers, and food aficionado, you’ve been warned.

Well hello, hello. I hope you all have been enjoying my last post on Chateau Fuisse Wine Pairing Dinner at Garcon. Today, I’ll be sharing another latest wine finds in our majestic city of Jakarta. My credits goes again to Haseena and the whole DSP team for having me again on another superb dinner. This time, the whole gang is heading to one of the city’s most loveable French dining place, Emilie.
After a 2 hour rain, as predicted, Jakarta became a complete traffic nightmare – the dinner unfortunately got postponed a couple hours. But however, as every cloud has a silver lining, some of us actually arrives early – and gets to sit down with Nicolas Potel, who’s wine, Maison Roche De Bellene – will be featured for the night’s dinner. We also had the privilege to sit down with Emilie’s owner, Mr.Agus Rahardja, and Executive Chef, Mikael Robin.
CanapeWe started the night with some rich canapes – to accompany us on the tasting of 6 different wines. The first canape are the bruschetta, or you can say, Cherry Tomato on Toast with Frisee and Fine Herbs. As the photo described, this bruschetta is presented beautifully. It also taste very fresh as the tomatoes create a mini-pop-explosion as you take its first bite. In this session, we also have started the wine tasting from Maison Roche de Belle from the region of Burgundy, France. I was very excited as I haven’t taste any wines from Burgundy.
1997 MeursaultSome of the first wines that we tasted were the white wine, 1997 Mersault (a Premier-Cru wine). Continuing my affair with  the white wines from Chateau Fuisse, this wine has a slightly different approach than Chateau Fuisse. This wine has a more soft texture, and it has more balance (considering the age, 1997). A little bit of a tidbits for the wine description, a Premier Cru is a French language wine terms, describing “First Growth”. For Burgundy wine (which is in this post’s case), the Premier Cru is classified as the second highest level, below the Grand Cru (which will be featured on my next post). This wine is also among the many list of Maison Roche de Belle’s collection series, which can be now find here in Indonesia.
BourgogneThe second wine that we tried is the 2010 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, this wine, is absolutely delicious! I literally can’t stop drinking this. I didn’t see their label when they pour me this heavenly drink – hence, I thought that this is the Grand Cru bottles that they served. Surprisingly, it’s one of the young wines from Maison Roche De Bellene. It doesn’t have much acid, and it has the perfect balance in terms of smell, flavours, and after taste. Simply marvellous. Here, you can also see that this bottle has a a unique packaging, where Nicolas bottled its detail on the back, to give the consumer an insights about each of the bottled wines. (Yes, now we can learn more easily). I also had the pleasure to meet Lee Chee Wee from Europvin (based in Singapore), which had successfully commenced the Maison Roche De Bellene in Singapore, the night before this dinner. Chee Wee said that he had to take quick action to secure the bottles of the wines served tonight, as it has been running out fast in Singapore – especially during the sales conducted during the dinner.
Finger SandwichAs the second canapé, some finger’s sandwiches are presented for us. The bread is so soft and light – I personally loved it as usually, when a bread is hard to digest, we cannot taste the the fillings (which is so important, obviously). Chef Robin manages to choose salmon as its first filling. This is an idea you could try, ladies and gents – it’s the perfect filling to enjoy fingers sandwiches – rather than the usual ham, spinach, and tomatoes.
Montagny Montagny BackThe 2010 Montagny Wine is our companion for this canape. This particular red wine is a little bit hard for me to assess, as my hand can stop holding the Bourgogne bottle. This Premier-Cru wine taste a little stronger than the Bourgogne, and it has a little bit after taste. So it doesn’t stay in your taste buds for too long.  Texture wise, I would say medium level – while the Bourgogne has much more solid/full texture.
Savigny Les BeaunesWe are also accompanied by the 2010 Savigny Les Beaune. Nose wise (from the smell), this wine has a slightly lighter aroma than the Montagny wine. Same as it’s taste, which has a slightly lighter feeling – but surprisingly, this wine has a  longer after taste than the Montagny. I personally like this wine for a cooling-off session, after a series of heavy. So, I think this wine could suit off for the ladies better, unless they like it a little heavy.
French PastryAlas for the final canape, we had a bunch of mini pastries by Chef Robin – I didn’t try them all. But, Mr. Agus manages to persuade me to at least, try their very best Canele (which is a must try, when you visit to Emilie). It’s soft, tasty and it has the perfect mini size – nothing could be better. I also had the chance to try their Choux pastry – which is filled with raspberry – simply fresh, and tasty. Overall, these pastries had done a brilliant performance as the perfect wine companion.

Vosne RomaneeAnd for the last two wines, first, we had the 2010 Vosne Romanee. In this moment, I don’t know if it’s because of the strong wines that I had before, or because of the too-much wine (which is not bad, at all), the 2010 Vosne Romanee has a light taste – as almost the same of the Savigny Les Beaune. In terms of the aroma, they still have the fruity taste – which is very nice to enjoy. However, in terms of texture, I would say they have a light texture (or lean, you can say). So its not hard to digest.
CortonAnd for the final wine, the 2010 Corton Les Marechaudes, serves as the perfect closing/ and opening for the dinner. We are in our last session, as the guests have started to arrive. This is the first Grand Cru (the best classification of wine in the Burgundy region. As a the top classified wine, this baby got it all – the perfect scent, aroma, and also after taste. I also love on how, it could fill my taste buds with it’s texture – as what Bourgogne did. Beautifully done.
So, this concludes the first session of my long, and enchanting night in Emilie – I will return more, with what Emilie and the long lines of excellent Gran Cru wines from Maison Roche de Bellene. And again, should you wish to purchase, or have any inquiries about these wines, you can simply call Haseena Bharata (+62 816 959500).


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