Shall we have red or white wines? – just an ordinary question during dinner. What will you choose? For years, during personal observations, and conversations, over 95% individuals choose Red Wines as their evening companion. There can be many reasons on why a person chooses red – but after drawing the conclusions from all the responses I got, the reason on this particular phenomenon is mainly because, one haven’t taste the white wine yet, or chooses not to taste it. I personally dislike white wine because I kept stumbling into the wrong ones. Or perhaps we are blinded with stereotypes, that depicts Red wines are the color of good wines, and whites are not. However, after a one fine evening, I may have permanently shift my favor for the love of white wines.
MenuThe story begins when my dear friend Haseena Bharata, invited me over to join a very intimate wine pairing dinner at Garsonc, Plaza Senayan (thanks Haseena!). The wine that has been selected for this very special dinner (considering it’s the first wine dinner hosted in Garcon), is Chateau Fuisse – which is now available in the Indonesian market.
Chateau FuisseCanapesThe evening started with a very nice friendly conversation by the bar – accompanied by canapés and the first wine, NV Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc Brut. This wine has a strong taste as an opening, but it manages to blend itself well with every canapes served, hence, creating a harmonious combination. In this fine evening, I also had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Mr. Philip Tuinder, one of the many fine men involved in running Chateau De Fuisse (I hope you had a great time in Indonesia.)
Foie Gras de CanardGarcon’s Executive Chef, Camille Benedetto is running the kitchen for our excellent 5 course dinner. The first course is Foie Gras de Canard – which was served in terrine, baby spinach salad, balsamic-cranberry chutney. I personally love Foie Gras – and I thank Chef Camille for giving us a huge chunk on Foie Gras  as a starter. Another favourite part of my dish is the balsamic-cranberry chutney, which acts perfectly as a neutralizer from the strong Foie Gras taste. There are 2 wines served with this dish, 2010 Pouilly-Fuisse “tete de Cru” and 2010 Pouilly-Fuisse “Les Combettes”. The wines in Chateau Fuisse are grown in different types of soil, nevertheless – Philip stated that clay, and limestone, are two of the best soils to have. The Tete de Cru has more plain taste compared to the Les Combettes, which has more flavour, and also more sweet in their taste.
Barramundi De JavaThe Barramundi De Java comes as the second dish – which is personally my favourite dish for the evening. The fish is fried with such a good precision and timing – leaving the skin crisp, without drying the meat beneath. Chef Camille also added the dish with truffle oil, which adds the flavour of the fish. As the side dish, the Chef mixed emulsified potato, along with carbonara -which is topped with a layer of onion. I personally think this side-dish is very creative, and most importantly, tantalizing! The wines served for this dish is the 2010 Pouilly Fuisse “Vielles-Vignes” and 2010 Pouilly Fuisse “Les Brules”. These two wines are a little bit tricky as they almost have the same taste – however, after careful tasting, and discussion among the table, the Vielles-Vignes has a richer texture in their taste – leaving it enriching in flavour but, a little bit complicated to digest. Whereas the Les Brules taste much more light and easy to digest. But both of them has made a perfect companion for the fish. So, do bear in mind for these bad girls for your upcoming seafood dish.
Poitrine De Boeuf

As the third dish, we have Poitrine De Boeuf Cuite 72 Heures – which means Cooked Beef Brisket for 72 Hours. Does the taste count? You bet it is. This beef brisket managed to suit my expectation flawlessly. As you take a bite of this beef, you can feel that this beef is cooked to its finest form – until its very soft in texture. The granny-smith parmesan as the condiment on top sure raises the ante on this dish – not to mention, the mashed turnips on the side, along with tasty shiraz jus  as the sauce. For the wine, Chateau Fuisse 2010 Julienas “Le Conseillere” is chosen to accompany this dish. This wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon in the White Wines dictionary – the strong flavour and texture of the wine manages to blend in with the juicy texture of the beef. Simply a gorgeous pairing.
Strawberry ShortcakeLast WineLast but not least, we had the dessert – Strawberry Shortcake Garcon Style, which was accompanied by the last wine, Signature Vincent Morgon “Les Charmes” – it came as a surprise to me that the Les Charmes, which is quite strong is still chosen for a dessert. But it’s quite shocking that this wine manages to blend perfectly with this fine dessert. Lesson learned: a strong wine may comes with your dessert. If you’re wondering how good is the dessert? My ex-boss who’s not a big fond of this cake likes the cake (he said it’s good, right? -in case you’re reading :9 ) – so I hope that clearly express this dish.

Throughout this fun evening, I learned some lessons – that perfect food and wine sums up to a perfect evening, that friends will have fun together – and that, we must try new things once in a while. i.e. if I wasn’t invited and come to this dinner, I will missed a new love in my life – the wines of Chateau Fuisse.

For more informations regarding this wine, you can contact Haseena Bharata (+62 816 959500) or, you can drop by to the nearest DSP (PT.Dwimitra Sukses Perkasa) at Ratu Plaza, Dharmawangsa Square and Kota Kasablanka Square.



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