So for years I have been dying to try Outback Steakhouse – and my chance is finally here. This time, I had the privilege to be invited by this infamous chain restaurant to join on their very special bloggers gathering. I haven’t meet other food bloggers and it’s great to know that most of them are males (surprisingly). We are invited to try out their newest, which is also the biggest outlet in Kuningan City. And here’s somethings that I ate, and I suggest you try.
BloggerGold Coast RitaI started my fine afternoon with their celebrated Gold Coast Margarita – I always have a no-strict rule on drinking lunch – especially on a weekend. Their margarita is beautiful and refreshing – although a little more kick on the mixture will be better. During this time, we are also comp with some appetisers such as the Aussie Cheese fries, the Crispy Fried mushrooms, and the Kookaburra Chicken wings. Their cheese fries is delish, you can look at the photos and know it immediately. The mushrooms have a very juicy texture – so you will have that sweet burst when you started your first bite (heavenly) – and for their Kookaburra Chicken Wings, you can eat it with the cool creamy blue cheese which is directly served along with.
IMG_1674 IMG_1675IMG_1677For the main courses, people has been dying to taste at their beautifully done ribs – which is of course, their specialty. And after tasting them, these succulent, and saucy baby back ribs will leave you yearning for more.
Baby Back RibsMeanwhile, I also ordered another steak which I heavily suggest – especially if you are a first timer to my new-favorite steak place – the Toowoomba Topped Fillet. This dish combines a certified Angus Beef – which is combined with sauteed shrimp and button mushrooms tossed in a tomato cream sauce and served over a seasoned and seared filet. Simply, a must try!
Black Pepper SteakToowoomba Topped FilletMeanwhile my sister on the other hand, have their Black Pepper steak. It’s a juicy beef served with ground black pepper and seared with Outback’s secret flavors. I personally like their Toowoomba much better. If you’re looking for a perfect dish to be shared, the black pepper steak will do you great. But if you’re starving, make sure you leave out the big-Toowoomba, just for you!

For informations, and reservations on Outback Kuningan City, simply call (+62 21) 30480505 – or log on to their website HERE


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