So, with the long weekend that is finally coming – what have you got set out? For citizens of the city who choose to remain the city, why not try something new – such as baking a master cake from Is-Caketory’s infamous founder (you can find it HERE) – or, why not try one of the city’s newest chill zone, MOJO!



Basically, I discovered this fresh little hub from my friend Edo, @paman_edo – who tweeted me to get a review on this place. Henceforth, this is my discovery. Oh, for those of you who wishes to savvy a new place, but have no clue on how they would shape up, tweet me at @ianeryanto0 – and I’ll get right down to it.
In terms of location, there won’t be any problem on finding this dining place – as it’s strategically located at the sidewalk of Senopati street. A parking attendant is also ready at all times to guide you with parking. The place is very small for my size – my best guess is they can take only 50-60 people when it’s fully booked. Yes, reservations are strongly recommended as this place is heavily packed nonstop. However, they managed to pull off a great intimate atmosphere – through the minimalist design, and well-organized seating charts.

IMG_1530IMG_1543The food prices here aren’t that expensive – ranging from IDR 15.000 up to IDR 125.000,-. The appetizers that I ordered above is the Korean Style Pork Belly Tacos – you can choose your tacos in a Korean Style (Short Ribs/Chicken/Pork Belly – which is sevred with Kim Chee, Cucumber Platter Pickles, and “KB” sauce.) or the Classic Style (Steak/Chicken/Chorizo  – with Pico De Gallo, Guasacaca, Jalapeno Relish, and Taco Sauce). I personally love the taco so much – I’m craving for them until this very second. In every bite, you can actually taste the pork belly and the sauces all blend up together. Swear – one portion won’t be enough! A MUST HAVE!

Chipotle Glazed Herb ChickenFor the main course, I ordered the Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken. It is a quarter Chicken served with Lime-Cilantro Rice, Glazed Carrots, and Char Scallions Vinaigrette. When I laid my eyes on it, I’m so skeptical that it will taste good – but, this dish managed to exceed my expectations to 110%. The chicken is cooked perfectly and the sauces compliments the dish smoothly. The little bits of the glazed carrots also spruced up my taste buds as I can’t stop eating this dish. And yes, don’t you worry, the rice is cooked perfectly – and it does not create that weird crunchy bites, or pull itself to be too “chewy”. It’s a great side dish than potatoes – which will ruin the overall dish.

IMG_1548My friend ordered their buritos – which can also come in a Korean/Classic style. This dish is the same as the tacos – but it’s complimented by a crispy and delicious chips. My suggestion is, if you have ordered their tacos, you can get another set of main course as it’s taste is no different. But if you want to replay the    heavenly sensation of the tacos, this dish will fulfil your craving perfectly.

Pan Roasted SnapperAnd for the last main dish on the table, my friend have their catch of the day, – Pescado Ala Veracruzana – a pan roasted snapper served with baby potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and mexican taco stew. 3 words, light, delicious, and a must try. The fish is cooked at its finest, and their taco stew elegantly added a subtle yet nice additional flavour to the dish.

ChurrosAnd last but not the least, do have their Churros as your dessert. You can taste the cinnamon at its best and these dish will simply leave your experience in awe. So without further adeu, let’s have a great weekend – and I will see you all soon!

Jl. Kertanegara No.70 – Jakarta Selatan
Reservations: +6221 700 70 529
*PS.Gentle reminder – the restaurant start to open its door at 18:00. 


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