So another long weekend is coming – have you got anything to do? If not, why not try to set up your very own dessert masterpiece. A few days ago, my friend, Isaura Theonardy send a cake over for me to try – Pistachio Cream Brulee Dark Chocolate Varlhona in A Macaron Cake (a long name eh?). Isaura told me it’s her most expensive cake that she currently sells (you can check her creations on FB: Is-Caketory or through Instagram: iscaketory). And seeing that reason, I can’t wait to see why. 

Cake Box
DessertAnd Voila! Here’s the cake. After having enough of photo session and long-pause-gazing, a part of me find it hard to cut this cake open. But, I’m glad I did. I have to admit that I’m a cake guy – I love desserts, especially cakes! And, this one sure fill me up very nicely! Wrapped in a crispy macaron cake, the middle layer consist of luscious and abundant layer of Pistachio Creme Brûlée. The extra sensation also comes when you take a bite of the dessert altogether (top, middle and bottom layer) as the top and bottom layer generates a succulent crispy taste.  For dessert lovers, this treat is a must try! If you wanted to make it on your own, then this post comes as a luck for you – as Isaura is willing to share her recipe. So, grab your pen, and here it is:

Chocolate Mousse
– 5 egg yolks (100 g)
– 70 g sugar
– 200 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
– 400 ml cream, whipped

– apricots
– redcurrants
– chocolate spray gun
– dark chocolate
– ground pistachios

Pistachio Creme Brulee
– 200 ml cream
– 3 egg yolks (65 g)
– 45 g sugar
– 2 gelatin leaves
– 1/2 vanilla bean (pod)
– 32 g pistachio paste


Sifted powder sugar in a bowl, add ground almond (not sift). Whipped the egg white after it starts to raise. Put the caster sugar bit by bit until finish and get really stiffed. Then on, pour the dry ingredients half into the egg white, fold it with a spatula. Put the other half, fold it again – but don’t mix it too much. Put in the piping bad with 10 mm nozzle pastry tip. Alas, line a baking sheet and start t press the dough in spiral shape.

Chocolate Mousse
Put the egg yolk in a bowl whipped until the colour turns whiter and foamer. Cook 70 g sugar with 70 g water until 110 Celsius degrees. Pour the syrup into the egg yolk while turning the machine on fast – pour it bit by bit until finish, whipped for 2-3 mm. Then on, turn off the machine, put the chocolate button or slice the chocolate.  Let it rest for 2 minutes to let it elaborate with the egg. Afterwards, start the machine and whipped again, until it really blends.
In the other bowl, whip the whipped cream, fold it with the chocolate mixture in 3 times, cover it with plastic film and put it in the fridge 2 hours before using.
After the macaron dry out (means, when you touch it, there won’t be any trace of your finger), pre heat the oven 180 Celsius degrees for 10 minutes. Afterwards, put the tray on the oven for 15 minutes, turn the tray and if it turn yellow-golden in colour, lower the heat to 160 degrees for 5 minutes.

Trim the gelatin sheets in cold water.
Cream in the pan, scrap the vanilla pod put inside, egg yolk and caster sugar in the bowl, whisk it until it gets whiter in colour. Heat the cream – not to boil pour half into the egg yolk, whisk it, put it back again in the pan – whisk it while cooking it, so it won’t burn until 80 Celsius degrees. Turn off the heat, let it cool for a while. After it gets cooler, don’t put it in the fridge – instead, put the gelatin leaves, mix it well and add the pistachio taste.
For the finale, take cake board – put the macaron spiral up, pipe the chocolate mousse with a round 10 mm pastry nozzle all around for 3 layers. Put the cream brûlée in the middle, cover it with the second macaron pipe, and again, place the chocolate and the cream in the middle – decor it with the left over the macaron peach, strawberry and chopped pistachio.

A little bit tricky, isn’t it. But rest assured, this recipe shall do you wonder. FYI, Isaura has a degree of pastry from Le Cordon Bleu Paris – so if you are wondering to see this cake in its real form, give her a holla at her facebook page, HERE – or give her a call at +6281911100306. Happy Baking!



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