Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog again. In this very post, I will be bringing back the spotlight to the fine dining industry in Jakarta. And the special report for this edition is to honour Jakartan’s foodnistas honorable guest for the week, two-starred Michelin Chef, Olivier Bellin. I just had the honor of being invited by my good friends, (thanks Mia and Malinda) of Mandarin Oriental Jakarta to join a very special media luncheon – a preview before the official event takes place. Starting tomorrow until the 23rd of March, Chef Olivier will be placing his office in the renowned French restaurant, Lyon – at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta. And for those of you who have booked your place, here are some of the treats that you will savour.

MenuChudfroid of Cauliflower with Squid Ink and Parmesan Ice CreamThe first treat is the amuse bouche (it’s not in the menu), – Chudfroid of Cauliflower with Squid Ink and Parmesan Ice Cream. I’m not sure this will be in the menu tomorrow, as it’s a surprise treat from the Chef himself. But let’s hope it’ll be there. Our host, instructed us to eat the Cauliflower first, joined by the Parmesan Ice Cream and Squid Ink – to create the perfect blend of taste. If you eat it any other way around, it will taste different. Unique, isn’t it? As an amuse bouche, this dish is light – and splendid in presenting itself as the opening for the afternoon’s many luxurious treats.

Langoustines in Spinach Pasta Raviole, Fresh Granny Smith Apple and Foie Gras.

The second dish – which is the official appetizer is Langoustines (a succulent, white shellfish), presented in Spinach Pasta Raviole Fresh Granny Smith Apple and Foie Gras. What I like most on this dish is how Chef Olivier Bellin manages to create a wholesome level of richness in its taste – by using different ingredients – and you will see it in the other dish as well. The crunchy bite of the Langoustines is hidden beautifully inside the Spinach Pasta Raviole. Once combined with a touch of Foie Gras and Olive Oil & Basil (which creates the green-colored sauce), there’s no other word that simply describe this dish than – HEAVENLY! The additional bits of the Fresh Granny Smith Apple also acts smoothly as a neutraliser before moving on to the next dish.

Seared Atlantic Turbot Fillet with Seasonal Green Asparagus and Citrus Condiments.

The Seared Atlantic Turbot Fillet with Seasonal Green Asparagus and Citrus Condiments then comes as the third dish (in the menu, its the second dish – before being bumped down by the amuse bouche). Anyways, having a lot of experienced with seafood, Chef Olivier Bellin manages to prove his expertise with the splendid bits of this fish. One may argue that fish sometimes feel hollow, but this fish has a different texture in it, which need you to give some additional good chew. This dish is then complimented by a beautifully cooked set of asparagus, slice of Tome Cheese, and a luscious sauce made out of caramelized grapefruit and lemon confit.

Slab of Duck "Red Wine Gastric" Cooked Pear and Beets

Alas, comes the main dish – which is my favourite dish of the afternoon – the Slab of Duck, served with Red Wine Gastric and Cooked Pear and Beets. Should you have this selection on the menu, I highly recommend you all to have a taste of this delicious dish! One of the unique things in this dish is the texture of the duck – which is more chewy than usual – it feels like as I’m eating beef. However, it’s simply delicious! The red wine gastric (which is a made out of caramelized vinegar and sugar), along with the cooked pear (the white sauce on the left) sauce also manages to add richness of flavour to the duck. No other words to compliment dish – a simply must try!

12 Hours Baked Apple Gavotte Crepe Dentelle and Milk Ice Cream.The dessert came as a treat for all the audiences on the table. The 12 hours Baked Apple Gavotte Crepe Dentelle and Milk Ice Cream – which is served with a unique look from Almond covered with Caramelized, has managed (i think) to become everyone’s favourite photo object. The host showed us that you must carved your way down on the crepe before finding the abundant, and deliciously – baked apple at the bottom layer. With a blend of savvy milk ice cream – and whimsically made, almond in caramel, this dessert has manages to seal today’s afternoon with a smash.

If you haven’t booked your seats eat, be sure to book it fast at +62 (21) 2993 8888 or email The set menu for this event is available at  IDR 298,000++ for a contemporary business lunch, degustation menu for IDR 1,588,000++, or a Chef’s Table with a minimum of four people at IDR 2,588,000++. A special cooking demo will also be hosted at a price of IDR 788,000++FYI, all the seats for tomorrow has been sold out. So,get your seats fast. Happy eating, and I do hope you all have fun! See you all in the next post.


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