Alright for this post, as promised, I’ll be featuring a short video on one of the interesting cocktails I’ve encountered on Munchies Dine & Bar, click HERE , if you haven’t see what’s the new hangout spot is all about. This cocktail is called the Ootcha Matcha Tea – it has a green tea flavour – which are embedded with some cocktails (Yes, i’m drinking in a hot sunny afternoon – we both had a long day! -with my dear friend, Irien – thanks for being my video model, dear!). The menu is served with a whole bottle of the cocktails – which came along with 3 shot glasses , and yes we all love a little shot, eh?. An interesting addition to this menu is a bowl of green jelly which must be poured into the shot. Well you can add it after you drink it, but after several attempt, we’ve decided that the jelly is best to be put inside. For more information, please have a look on the video below.
*And FYI, I will be gone away in a week, so, i do apologise for another short absence. Hope this video can make up to it. PS. Click the link HERE FOR VIDEO.

Ootcha Matcha TeaOotcha Matcha Tea 2Ootcha Matcha Tea 3


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