Before I start on this post, let me wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the snake brings you the extra ssssensation, thrill, happiness, prosperity, health, and whatever you are wishing right now!
In this post, on the very special session of ON THE RADAR – which will review the city’s dining hub’s performance, I will feature no other than one of the hottest spots in the buzzing district of Kuningan, Jakarta – Otel Lobby.
I happened to be in this spot to celebrate a birthday bash of a dear friend of mine. It’s not that crowded when I got in – considering it’s a Monday night. I was however, confused on where to park as there are no clear signs, nor security. Most of the patrons usually park on the area on Bluegrass, before walking across, or on the street in front of Otel Lobby. However, to put my car there, I needed to get a Valet service (which I don’t need to, considering the empty spots). Perhaps, this kind of hassle should be dismissed.
Anyway, since the party hasn’t started, a few friends of mine sat on the iconic bar of Otel Lobby, with Benjamin Browning in sight (Yes, Ladies, he is still smoking hot), and order my favourite drink, Herb n’Bourbon (it’s that good, seriously). I must say that this place is one of the best, or I would say, the best place to enjoy various cocktails. A friend of mine ordered Adlips (if I don’t spelled it wrong) which is very refreshing and cool, and one more drink that I can’t recalled the name – it’s something Indonesian (it’s the only drink name that sounds Indonesia, so you can’t missed it for sure)- it’s very nice for the gentleman, as it has a perfect blend of scotch. Oh and the smoke is actually an effect from my friend Steven, who thinks it will add the level of coolness. Which I think, did.

Adlips & Herb n'BourbonAs the party has started, there is a set menu that has been arranged which we can choose from. For the appetizer, they offered a Mushroom Soup or Sweet Corn Soup. Sorry I don’t have the photo as it’s relatively dark and I’m only geared up with my iPhone, and lightning from my friend (Thanks Irien)’s blackberry. I tasted my friends sweet corn soup and it’s quite nice – as expected. And it goes the same for my mushroom soup. The texture of the soup is not as creamy as I thought it would. Perhaps a slightly creamier soup will be better, with some bread crumbs as a complimentary dish.
The main course has 2 options: The Organic Beef Tenderloin, or the Australian Rib Eye. Both the course came out in a nice presentation and also taste. I must say that the steak here satisfy my appetite, after endless trials at various restaurants. The organic beef tenderloin has been cooked perfectly, with succulent addition of their potatoes on the side. Nevertheless, my Australian Rib Eye is way better than the organic tenderloin – as it has more juice, well size also does matter, and also perfect blend of the sauce – which is absorbed perfectly by the meat.

Organic Beef Tenderloin Australian Rib EyeLast but not the least, as desserts, you can have either a Red Velvet & Rainbow Cake, or a Toblerone Puff. Sorry for the low quality shot, as I was again not prepared. But I do hope it gives you a clear picture of the food you will be ordering. For the dessert, I’m a little bit disappointed as it didn’t perform as good as the main course. The Red Velvet & Rainbow Cake for instance, when I ate the Red Velvet alone, it has the perfect amount of sweetness – but it somehow vanishes as I chewed it in one or two bites, as I ate it along with the cream on the top layer. And the Rainbow Cake didn’t have enough taste to compliment itself. To add enough flavour, I must ate it with the ice cream given, which also didn’t generate much taste, unless you eat it with the peanut crumbs that is served.
The Toblerone Puff that my friend ordered comes in a very luscious presentation. However, as I tried it along, I noticed that there hasn’t been enough Toblerone chunks that were given to add the dish’s zest. And the chocolate cream which are given were also not able to add enough flavours to the dessert. So I do hope that the standard of the dessert could be improved much further.
But nevertheless, after on year of its establishment, I would say that Otel Lobby still has its charms, and the capability to be better than ever. Hope to see you all there, soon!

Red Velvet & Rainbow Cake

Toblerone Puff


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