Hello peeps. So for the past week I have been on the hunt for various restaurants in the big Durian. So for the next few days, let me share you some of the spots I have discovered. Oooh, it’s not fine dining – as I believe we all need some casual spots, once in a while (right? :P). So the first up is the newborn baby from one of Indonesia’s great F&B empire, Ismaya Group – Tokyo Belly. Located in Grand Indonesia, this new chill spot is located on spot of the recently closed, Mr.Curry. I haven’t found out exactly why it’s closed – but nevertheless, let’s welcome this new comer with a fat heart!

Tokyo BellyIn design terms, the place looks great – they torn down the display glass that Mr.Curry used – which create a more spacious feeling. Yes, it may not look as breathtaking as the other Ismaya’s baby – but for a casual spot, the place looks ready enough. Upon entering, I was greeted politely by the waiter – before being ushered to the sofa near the window. I was kind off shocked to see that the sofa of this new place in a bad condition. It’s dirty, and has some stains, which you don’t want to see, especially in a yellow-colored seats.

Interior Tokyo BellyThe menu is still new, as it is a soft-opening menu. They have an extensive menu, from various Nibbles (which are cure fun, as we haven’t see many of it in Japanese dining spots around the city), Soups, and Sushi Rolls. However, my cousin and I decided to try the Japanese Curry Rice – in which you can select your very own spiciness levels, and the Omurice (a Japanese flavoured rice wrapped in a silky egg omelette – topped with various yummy toppings and sauces). In terms of their service, Tokyo Belly has a good start (which I hope they can keep up when the place is packed with fellow foodnistas). The food, let’s see.

Omura RiceMy cousin’s Omurice arrived first with a tempting appearance, and a nice smell. The taste is nice, and very expected – with sweet flavours from the the egg – I’m not sure what sauce is used as the condiments. But it certainly adds the zest. My Beef Curry Rice arrived shortly with a really nice scent! The taste is the usual taste as any other Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, such as the Curry Rice in Sushi Tei. However, this curry is a little bit more creamy and is somehow able to blend with the beef. So that’s a good thing!

Japanese Beef Curry Rice

There’s not much difference on the drinks served on any other restaurants, except some cocktails (which I can’t try unfortunately – as I don’t want to get hammered on the midday). Perhaps you can try them, and let me know how it taste! As an overall, this place is an ok place. I do however expect more from Tokyo Belly – perhaps from adding some photos on the menu to tempt the guests more, and also some more Japanese feel – such as Japanese classical / group music, maybe? Be it as it may, let’s once again, give a warm welcome to the new sister of Ismaya Group!


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