After a series of lets-go-out-to-the-restaurant series, let’s fine something that is currently happening on the other side – dining in. Yes, dining in may seem a little off, but, thats not the case when you have this gentleman on your very own home. So the story goes like this, I just had a private dinner which is helped by a friend of mine, the gentleman we’re talking about, Ray Janson. Ray is the founder of a private dining service, Verjus, which has been one of the city’s talked about service.

Ray JansonRay has always been about the cooks! He told me that he started learning how to cook at my grandma’s home kitchen. “She owned a small catering service in my neighbourhood. For as long as I can remember, I was always in the kitchen, helping to clean vegetable, asking tons of questions about spices, and every single dish that they cook.”. Ray then went to study cooking and pastries at the ‘Le Cordon Bleu’, which opens his eyes and revealed his passion for the gastronomy world. Ray said, “I simply fell in love with it.” He then gained his experience by working on some of the acclaimed establishments, such as L’atellier de Joel Robuchon’ (Paris), D’café  Hotel Mulia Senayan (Jakarta), and Quay (Sydney).

Even though his dream is to open a fine dining restaurants (which I’m sure he will), Ray has take his first step by introducing his new breakthrough in the private dining service through Verjus. When I asked Ray about this name, Ray told me, “Verjus is an acidic juice made from pressing unripe grape and crab – apple. Its original name, Verjuice came from combining French words: Vert (Green), and Jus (Juice). As per why I choose the name Verjus? Well, I just thought it was a cool name.

Ray Janson in ActionWell, for those of you who are interested, Verjus offered a very good price of IDR 750,000 per person. It includes 5 to 6 courses from entrée to desserts. In addition, they will also serve you coffee or tea with petit fours at the end of the meal. It doesn’t matter what your occasion is. Verjus has been catering to various events, from private parties, business gatherings, and to your very romantic dinners. You can view all their past events, and menus – on their facebook page HERE or you can see their details at @VerjusPD and Instagram on Verjusdining. Ray and his team will also accept custom-made menus if you guys have any special theme, favourite dishes, and also for those of you who have any allergies.

027 Verjus Menu

And very soon, they’ll be opening their production kitchen, private dining school and a small cooking school (YEY!) in West Jakarta. So better watch their steps – especially bloggers, as they’ll be looking for you guys out there. Lastly, I woud like to say thank you to Ray, all the staff of Verjus, cooks, waiters, everyone, who deserve the credits for having me recently (sorry folks, can’t share the photos as it is my private dinner 😛 All the photos here are the courtesy of Verjus). But, I do hope you all can have an amazing experience with Verjus like I do.



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