For many people, the country of France means a lot of things – romance, sex, fashion, and many others. However, in this post – that will take you to one of France’s best creation, I have finally set my word on France – inspiration.
And yes hello! I know it’s been quite a while – and I do hope that this post manage to cope up with the long pause that has been happening in Lyon + Mia.


After “disappearing” from the Indonesian gastronome scene, I was invited to an exclusive media luncheon – hosted by the one and only, Haseena (a representative of PT.Pantja Artha Niaga – one of Indonesia’s official importer of beer, wine and spirits. Thanks dear!) Taking place in one of the city’s most “currently-talked-about” restaurant, Lyon at Mandarin Oriental, Haseena introduced us to the Jerome Heranval -the Director, and also a winemaker of the acclaimed Chateau Durfort Vivens wine.

Parmentier of Braised Duck with Red Onion in Tangy Sauce

The first menu that is served is Parmentier of Braised Duck with Red Onion in Tangy Sauce served with butternut mousseline, carrot and orange jus. For me the dish is quite unique – as interestingly, there’s that complete absence of the usual duck smell, which makes it easier for everybody to digest on. The duck has been cooked perfectly and the orange jus certainly adds a unique, and fresh flavour to the dish. If you see the menu, you can see that the Chateau Durfort Vivens is set for this very menu. However, there has been a slight change in the wine pair – and the chosen wine is the Les Pelerins de Lafon Rochet, Saint Estephe 2008. The texture is quite strong – which makes it a little hard to drink. But it has a nice aftertaste which compliments the meal perfectly (a perfect companion for a beef or chicken menus).

Les Pelerins Lafon RochetKing Prawns with Lentils RagoutChateau Durfort Vivens, Margaux 2007The second menu is King Prawns with Lentils Ragout – served with young potato, girolles mushrooms, onions, bacon and matelote sauce. The wine is more smooth than the first one – creating a perfect compliment for the king prawns. The prawn has been an absolute delight – which has a crunchy sensation at every bite. Complimenting this dish is the Chateau Durfort Vivens, Margaux 2007. The 2007 has been considered as one of the finest year – which has a smooth texture – adding just a subtle addition to the prawn. Definitely recommended for your seafood buffet companion.

Roast Australian Lamb Chops

The main – main course, is the Roast Australian Lamb Chops (this is my favourite dish of the day!). This dish is served with potato gnocchi and sauteed vegetables like a navarin with rosemary jus. The lamb has been perfectly cooked – hence it’s very tender – and again, like the Braised Duck dish, the Lyon team has perfectly hide the usual-lamb-smell in this dish. I personally like the chewy sensation by the potato gnocchi. I don’t know, i guess it’s just me. The wine that has been chosen is the Chateau Durfort Vivens – Margaux 2009, which is simply amazing! This wine has managed to get the most raving applaud from the table for it’s absolute perfection in it’s texture. It’s perfectly smooth. Jerome explained that 2009 is an amazing vintage which has more mature composition in it. The man added that the Margaux has been known to impress fellow wine lovers for it’s elegance, longness, and freshness.

Roasted Seasonal Fruits

And last but not the least, the Roasted Seasonal Fruits -which consist of roasted apple, banana and kiwi – served with blueberry sorbet, is presented for an ultimate dessert. If you go to Lyon – this is a must try. The fruits are roasted perfectly – giving a precise, and perfect amount of crisp, without losing the original taste of each fruits. FYI, all the menus in this post are available in Lyon. Not forgetting the wine, the Chateau Lafon Rochet, Saint Estephe 2008 comes as the dynamic pair to bring a subtle yet excellent companion for this dish.
Throughout the meal, I can’t help but wonder, what’s in the French’s thought when comes on creating a very artistic twist in everything they do – and in this case, generate.

I’ll be posting a 101-exlcusive on this legendary wine history. But, I do hope that this post served as a nice tips for fellow foodnistas, and wine lovers – who are looking for the next big thing.



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