Hello Foodnistas,

Allow me to introduce myself, Ian Eryanto Wongso. Welcome to my food blog, Lyon + Mia. For starters, this blog is not about promotion to the gorgeous city of Lyon, nor any other hotels, resorts, or any other things you can possibly imagine. This blog is purely intended as a sharing portal for the good things I encountered.

The name? Well sounds odd doesn’t it? Well, it’s a little twisty to get the name – I tried BITE ME, but  unfortunately it’s taken. Then on, I came across to one of 2012’s best food blog, Lottie and Doof , which gives me the inspiration to come up with this name, Lyon + Mia.

Why Lyon + Mia? Well, 2 years ago, I started my job in a local luxury magazine, High End, and was assigned to cover a story on Mandarin Oriental Jakarta’s first Michelin Chef event, which was Chef Fabien Lefebvre (thanks for the invitation, Endamia Karina (MIA)). Having no clue on the food industry, I conducted many research and finally pull it off (thanks to my great editor, Denverino Dante, for the constant guide). Then on, I have been continuously invited to have a taste of many other talented Michelin Chef creations in this dashing hotel. Then on, I started to post these stories, well, and many other stories, to my previous blog, Russian Duck  – which haven’t been updated in quite a long time, but I’m currently working to get it back on.

Russian Duck is technically a lifestyle blog – but people have been taking it as a food blog. Hence, I decided to create a new blog! And, after several weeks of name-soul-searching, I wanted to take the courtesy of Lyon (a French restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Jakarta), and Mia, who invited, and introduce me to explore the thrilling ride of culinary world. So, I do hope all of you enjoy this blog, and please feel free to comment, or e-mail me at, should you guys have any cool culinary events!

*After High End Magazine, I travelled my way to Indonesia Tatler, and become a Project Coordinator, at a branding & franchising consultancy company, A.S Louken. Now, I’m managing my blog – and taking the hike on becoming a full entrepreneur. Oh! And all of my profile photos are taken by my talented cousin, Frederikus Elvinto – where he established his very own photography service. Feel free to browse through his profile!


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