Yes folks, the Arnold we are talking about in this article, is the Indonesian hottest Chef of the year (isn’t it right, ladies?), Arnold Poernomo. Few nights ago, I was invited to the The Nest Grill at downtown Kuningan, to join on his exclusive cooking class. There were 15 of us, and Arnold was joined with his colleague, and new upcoming Chef, Agnes Sendjaja (who deepens her culinary skills at New York City!)

During the live demo, Chef Arnold invited almost all of us to help him on preparing his dish, “Pigeon with Onion Puree, Gluwhein, and Jus Gras“. Overall, the class was presented flawlessly. Chef Arnold managed to interact with us – and showcase, yet taught us a comprehensive understanding on creating a perfect dish. FYI, Chef Arnold said that he’ll be conducting many of these cooking classes in the coming future. So, do keep a look out for it.

And in this post, with the courtesy of this talented Chef, here’s the recipe for “Pigeon with Onion Puree, Gluwhein, and Jus Gras“. Enjoy! And do share me/Chef Arnold himself, your very own creation. Have fun!

Onion Puree
- 3x Large Onions
- 10x Shallots
- 40 ml Ports (Red Wine)
- 100 ml Water
- 2 Tablespoon of Chicken Stocks (Powder)
Slowly cook the onions with oil until it have a brownish colour. Then, deglaze it with Port and reduced. Add chicken stocks and water and slowly cook until reduced. Blend in thermomix or blender until smooth and has the right consistency. Lastly, add hot water to dilute.

- 500 ml Cooking Red Wine
- 2x Star Anise
- 2x Cinnamon Stick
- 1 Orange Zest
- 1 Tablespoon of Sugar
Place everything in pot, and let it reduce until all spices infused.

Jus Gras
- 3x Pigeon Carcass
- 2x Carrots
- 2x Leeks
- 1 Sprig Thyme
- 1x Onions
- 60 ml Ports
- 300 ml water
Roast carcass until it has a golden brown appearance. sautéed with vegetables and deglaze it with Ports and add water – and reduced.

- Whole Bird
- Olive Oil
- Thyme
- Garlic
- 8 Spices
Debone Pigeon and reserved breast, confit wings and legs with olive oil, thyme, and garlic. Once confit, pan fried with breast and add the 8 spices. And after all these, you may have yourself, your very own, Master-Chef experience!